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In this section, I’ll explore queer identity and politics, as well as spotlighting my favorite queer creatives!

Plus Size Looks for LGBT Pride
    PRIDE MONTH IS ALMOST HEREEEEEEEE!!   In the past, I've usually attended, minimum, 3 pride weekends around the USA.  This year, I'm staying closer to home to work on my fashion collection, but I have so MANY THOUGHTS AND TIPS ON PUTTING TOGETHER OUTFITS FOR PRIDE. On Theme or No? The first thing you'll...
Acamp Logo
So, I wrote the first draft of this piece on my way back from A-Camp. I was thinking about the current state of indie media, and specifically AfterEllen shutting down, and Riese Barnard’s piece on Nylon what it’s like to run a media website for queer women. FAST FORWARD a few months,...
Plus Size boudoir Photoshoot
OKAY SO. Let’s talk boudoir & personal politics. A few months ago, an internet friend and now IRL friend, Suma Jane Dark, started posting about doing “Quick and Dirty Boudoir” photoshoots across the West Coast, as a way to launch her body positive and fat-positive boudoir studio. (NOTE: I use the word...

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