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In this section, I’ll explore queer identity and politics, as well as spotlighting my favorite queer creatives!

Ninka Pop - LGBT and Latina Owned Jewelry Brand with Statement Pieces
I first learned of Ninka Pop from a friend, and I became friends with the Ninka Pop founder, Sayra Lopez, seeing her bold and colorfully insane-yet-sane visuals she creates for her brand on Instagram. Fast forward through 2020, and I've partnered with Ninka Pop...
Shopping for Utah local products Grocery Store in Utah
I don't know about you, but going out and running errands is wayyyyy more stressful in 2020 than 2019. While a lot of brands have gone out of their way to email me (some, like 17 times I swear) about their pandemic measures, I've...
How to get diagnosed with ADHD
As a mental health blogger, my DMs on Instagram are often FULL of questions about anxiety, managing mental health and ADHD! And, while I'm not a doctor, I do enjoy sharing my experience with others, in the hopes that it helps them get treatment!
Self-care and adulting as a blogger
Folks love to debate what "self-care" is, as a lot of companies have turned the term into a "Treat yourself!" party where you blow your 401K on face masks that use gold dust. That's a little dramatic, but you get me.
Hello there! I have a certain schedule to my blog posts, because I like to cover a range of topics! From career to queer/LGBT life to fashion, I really enjoy sharing my finds and listicles with you! I also LOVE...
Unique tufted emerald green couch
One of the things I've been doing during self-quarantine is look for house goods, in preparation for my big move! This has meant a lot of pinterest boards, and I also have a handy spreadsheet I'm using to keep estimate moving costs. I'm...
How I paid off my wells fargo credit card
In 2019, I began my personal finance education in earnest. Sure, I took a class on financial literacy in high school – but I remembered, errr, nothing from it. My Wells Fargo College Credit Card I started learning about...
My commitment as a white ally
I've been noodling on this blog post for around three weeks, and I've tried and failed to write this post half a dozen times. But, today I told myself that I wasn't allowed to close my laptop until it was WRITTEN. And, if...
move to salt lake city?
I grew up in American Fork, Utah, and WOW has this state changed in the last ten years. While I was getting my undergraduate degree at Stanford, it was fascinating (kind of weird?) to see #SiliconSlopes spring up just outside of my hometown.
Your life realizations during COVID-19
While self-quarantine and stay at home orders have been mostly Not a Good Time, there has been a silver lining for some folks. All of this time to think, while sitting at home, has led to some life "aha!" moments. I've seen social...

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