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In this section, I’ll explore queer identity and politics, as well as spotlighting my favorite queer creatives!

Plus Size boudoir Photoshoot
OKAY SO. Let’s talk boudoir & personal politics. A few months ago, an internet friend and now IRL friend, Suma Jane Dark, started posting about doing “Quick and Dirty Boudoir” photoshoots across the West Coast, as a way to launch her body positive and fat-positive boudoir studio. (NOTE: I use the word...
Y’all, I didn’t go to Pride this year. And I didn’t go the year before. I don’t think I went in 2014, either? I think my last Pride was in 2013. Awk. Which, if you know me, is pretty weird. I love going to drag shows (dollar bills prepped), make an effort to buy...

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