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Easy DIY Evil Queen Halloween Costume
I love LOVE LOVEEEE Halloween. I'm one of those people who plans a Halloween Party and includes at least 3 costume changes. No regrets! That said, I'm not a super big fan of only being able to wear a costume...
Review of plus size high waisted two piece from Amazon
I've been getting more creative with my at-home photoshoots, and today Im sharing a post reviewing a shoot I did featuring plus size swimsuits from Amazon! I had a blast photographing swimsuits in my pool, in front of a canvas tarp (such a fun...
Red Great Gatsby Dress
With the 2020's now officially here, I really wanted to do a plus size flapper photoshoot! I love a good plus size flapper dress, whether it's for Halloween, New Year's Eve – or just a party. I had some trouble finding a high quality...

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