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plus size suits for women
Folks, I love a business suit. And finding plus size business suits for women can be a CHALLENGE. It can be even more difficult for folks to find a plus size suit who might be perceived as women – but who aren't women.
Getting started as a blogger
Well, hello my little nugget! If you are on this blog post, it likely means it's because you have asked me for my links to specific tools for bloggers! I coach bloggers/influencers 1:1 and in groups, and I so appreciate it when clients...
plus size workwear
Are you looking for professional plus size clothing, but can't figure out where the heck to find it? Finding plus size workwear that isn't boxy or ill-fitting is a challenge, so today on the blog I am sharing my favorite brands that make professional clothes for...
how to hire a housekeeper
Sometimes in my work as a life and career coach, I find that a lot of my clients have the same question – so I write a blog post on it! I love helping my clients level up, and many of my clients are strapped for...
plus size business casual outfits
As a business professional (I own a marketing and coaching agency), I'm often stuck in this weird spot where I need to get dressed for a meeting or for travel – but I often feel stumped when it comes to putting together plus size business casual outfits.
plan an ecom photoshoot
Today on my blog, I'm going to share my process for planning an ecom photoshoot for products. I have a good number of clients who own product businesses, and use shopify and etsy to sell their products! This post is all about how to plan and...
career change in your 30's
Hey there!  If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s probably because we already hang out on the internet ORRRRR you googled something like “Career change in your 30’s” in the middle of the night because you are butt deep in your feelings. Maybe...
LinkedIn Headshot Tips - Mira Zaki
"Babe, you're fabulous and your LinkedIn headshot is terrible." ^^ I cannot tell you the NUMBER of times I've shared this with a career coaching client. Luckily, my client knows that I'm right – and they agree with me.
best adhd products on amazon
Today on the blog, I'm sharing 4 items that I got on Amazon that have changed the GAME for me and my ADHD. I've blogged a bunch ADHD, from getting diagnosed to life hacks to specific tips I wish I had...
Today, we're taking a break from editorial fashion and finance blog content to talk about a LOADED term that I hate to see: Affordable. I'm in a lot of really wonderful online communities, and I am so grateful for the admin...

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