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Are you looking for ideas on where to take the best photos for Instagram in Salt Lake City and Utah? I’ve been planning photoshoots and scouting locations for photos in Salt Lake City and Utah for almost 7 years (!!! wow right), and I’m so excited to share where the most Instagrammable SLC and Utah spots are!

I got you!!

This post is all about Instagram worthy spots in Salt Lake City and Utah.

Best Instagram Spots in Utah & Salt Lake City

Being a fashion blogger means that I spend a LOT of time scouting locations for photoshoots – we’ve gotta get that perfect shot for my Instagram!

I sometimes scroll through hashtag like #UtahBlogger or #SaltLakeModel to try to find new places to take photos, but people usually don’t geotag their photos!

-_- Rude.

So, to help first-time visitors to Utah and my fellow bloggers, I’ve shared a list of some of my favorite places to take photos. I’ve mixed in my own photos as relevant, and I have a few places left on my list!

Salt Lake City – Instagram Photo Locations

In this section, we’ll focus on Salt Lake City! I;m going to share some of my fave Instagram spots in SLC.

Salt Lake City Instagram Photo Location #1: Salt Lake City Capitol Building

This is a popular spot for brides, and I did my photoshoot featuring a white business suit from Part & Parcel here. I went on a Sunday when it’s less crowded. It took us a minute to find this gorgeous staircase in the center of the building, but it was so worth it! Heads up, groups of tourists may pass through so you may get a little paparazzi moment where people take photos of YOU… taking photos. Lol.

More photos from this Instagram photoshoot here!

People also love taking photos outside of the Capitol Building in the spring, when the cherry trees blossom!

Instagram Photo Location #1:  Salt Lake City Capitol Building
See more photos from this shoot here.

SLC Instagram Photo Location #2: Cactus and Tropicals

Next up on my guide to photo spots in SLC, we’re headed to the jungle! Get your bug spray and sunblock, lol.

Errrr, kind of!! We’re headed to a greenhouse nursery!!

I love greenery, and the Cactus and Tropicals greenhouse in SLC is a great place to take some photos with a more jungle-esque vibe. Be sure to call ahead to see if they’re open, as they sometimes closed for weddings!

Instagram Photo Location  salt lake

Salt Lake City Instagram Photo Location #3: UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art)

Next up for our Salt Lake City Instagram locations, we’re getting artsy.

This art installation is actually to the side of UMOCA, and it’s outside! It’s great for more graphic photoshoots. Unfortunately, this installation is in the midst of a busy intersection, so you have to be super strategic in how you set up your shot (DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS FROM THE ROAD!!!)

I recommend shooting here on a Sunday morning (not very busy), and using a long range lens on your camera. My sister took these photos, and she had to stand across the street to #GetTheShot! She waited for cars and pedestrians to pass, lol.

Instagram Photo Location  salt lake

Salt Lake City Instagram Photo Location #4: Gateway Mall

This mall has various pop up experience events, and they also have bright graphic walls scattered around. It’s a popular spot for festivals and fun, but mornings there aren’t a lot of people around!

Also, they have escalators and a host of outdoor art installations that are perfect for the gram! A couple photos down you’ll see a photo of me on the rainbow steps!

Instagram Photo Location salt lake city
Instagram Photo Location salt lake city

SLC Instagram Photo Location #5: Shops Along Broadway Street

“Broadway” is a popular area in SLC for smaller stores and indie shops. There are bright walls, murals, and interesting stores scattered around, perfect for lifestyle bloggers.

As you look for the perfect Instagram spot, be sure to narrow your focus into little vignettes. Looking at the whole row of shops can be overwhelming, so move your eyes slowly – appraise your surroundings!!

Instagram Photo Location salt lake city

Salt Lake City Instagram Photo Location #6: The Joseph Smith Memorial Building

This building is STUNNING inside, but it’s not, shall we say, blogger friendly. The exterior is gorgeous, tho!

Instagram Photo Location SLC

SLC Instagram Photo Location #7: Library Square & The Salt Lake City Library

This area is PACKED with great photoshoot locations. From the stairs and arches of the Salt Lake City Library, to the exterior of The Leonardo – you have OPTIONS!

I recommend coming here in early afternoon on a Saturday or other low traffic periods!

SLC Instagram Locations Ideas

Salt Lake City Instagram Photo Location #8: Copperhive Vintage

Want to take photos amongst unique vintage pieces and antiques? Head over to Copperhive Vintage, where you can snap pics next to murals around the building and poke your head inside. Be sure to call ahead to clear taking photos with the owners (they’re awesome!).

Check out Copperhive Vintage here!

Instagram Photo Location

SLC Instagram Photo Location #9: Memory Grove Park

This park is freaking gorgeous and there are a ton of little vignettes. I had a blast doing this Ursula cosplay photoshoot at the fountain at Memory Grove.

Full photoshoot here!

instagrammable spot in salt lake

Salt Lake City Instagram Location #10: Skate Park

Next up, we have a Skate Park in SLC! I had a blast shooting here, and I got *to* the skate park at 6AM to have the park to ourselves!

Skatepark is in Sugarhouse, UT!

SLC Location #11: Tracy Aviary

This space is dedicated to conservation, and they have a lot of rad gardens and outdoor art installations! I haven’t done a photoshoot here, but they’re on my list. I’m not 100% sure on their policies, so I recommend emailing to be sure photos are allowed.

SLC Instagram Locations Ideas
Image c/o Tracy Aviary

Additional Popular Instagram Locations in Salt Lake City

Below, I’ve shared a few more ideas for photoshoot spots in SLC!

  • The Avenues for fun historic homes
  • Randy’s Record Shop, SLC
  • Salt Lake County Building – with Clock Tower
  • Blue Whale Installation in Sugarhouse (SLC neighborhood)
  • Mrs. Backers Pastries (cute pink building)
  • Black Rock – large rock formation by Great Salt Lake
  • Red Butte Gardens (photo fee required)
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Little Cottonwood Canyon
  • Lagoon Water Park
  • Great Salt Air
  • Spiral Jetty at the Great Salt Lake (this is 2-3 hours outside of SLC!)
  • Utah Ice Castles in Winter

Walk Downtown!

The Salt Lake City downtown area is actually pretty small, and you can find some rad photo locations by parking your car and walking around. If you want to location scout, drop a pin (on iPhones) to come back later and take your photos!

A Note on Antelope Island – I do NOT recommend this as a photo location!!!

Other guides to Salt Lake City Instagrammable spots list Antelope Island, and while it is GORGEOUS — it is hot and stinky and hos a TON of flies in the summer months. I tried to location scout a shoot there, and it was no bueno!!!!

Popular Instagram Photoshoot Locations in Utah

Okay, let’s expand a little outside of Utah – shall we? Below, I’ve shared some of my favorite Instagram photo locations in Utah. Yes, I’ve included natural parks and formations — of course, as well as some other ideas!

Utah Instagram Photoshoot Location #12: Bonneville Salt Flats

Many people visit Utah for the “out of this world” feeling you get at our national parks, but a lot of those national parks are about 3-5 hours south (ish) o SLC!

BUT! Luckily, the Bonneville Salt Flats are pretty close — and definitely have that “out of this world: vibe! This place is so dang editorial, it’s ridiculous! It’s located about an hour outside of SLC, and it’s worth the drive! There aren’t any amenities onsite besides bathrooms, so be sure to pack in LOTS of water and food.

Also, the weekend has LOADS of folks photographing on the Salt Flats in the evenings (my photogs have had a hard time positioning shots, using my body to block out other shoots), so I would try to go out during the week, if possible!

More from this shoot here!

Instagram Photoshoot Location
More photos from this shoot here.

Utah Instagram Photo Spot #13: Little Cottonwood Canyon

Utah is a mix of desert and mountains, so if you want a southwest vibe then you’ll want to scout bike trails near your hotel or Airbnb. These trails will have easy access points (and parking!) for photoshoots. Be sure to park in areas DESIGNATED as parking with signage, or you can get in trouble! <3

See more from this shoot here.

instagrammable spot in salt lake
See more from this shoot here.

Southern Utah Instagram Location #14: Little Sahara

Located about 3 hours of SLC, this national park is a LITERAL “Little Sahara.” Think rolling sand dunes and gusty winds. Be prepared to be COVERED in sand when you’re done, and pack water and food. =

See more from this photoshoot here.

Instagram Spot Locations Utah

Utah County Instagram Spot #15: Seven Peaks in Provo, Utah

Ok, let’s talk about Utah County! Located about an hour and a half from SLC, Seven Peaks is a family waterpark. I had a great time doing a swim look book there! If you tend to be self-conscious, I wouldn’t do an IG photoshoot here – folks will definitely stare. I didn’t mind, tho! <3

See more photos from this photohoot here!

instagrammable spot in salt lake
More photos from this photoshoot here.

Utah Instagram Location #16: Monroe Hot Springs

Located about 3 hours from Sal tLake City, Monroe Hot Springs is a SUPER instagrammable experience. Hot springs pour into bathtubs, as well as various pools around the property. They also have buses and other options for an overnight stay!

More on my visit here.

instagrammable spot in salt lake

Utah County Instagram Location #17: Thanksgiving Point

Ok, so another great photoshoot location is Thanksgiving Point! This place is MASSIVE, and you could easily do at least 7 different shoots here! Be advised that Thankgiving Point does charge a photography fee – it keeps money to keep this place going!!

  • Ashton Gardens: Waterfalls, greenhouses, italian Garden, Secret Garden, etc
  • Butterfly Enclosure
  • Farm Areas
  • Discover Museum
instagrammable spot in salt lake

Utah Instagram Location #18: Color Wall in Draper

A super smart business put up the “Color Wall” in Draper, Utah. i had a blast taking photos in different outfits against this backdrop!

instagrammable spot in salt lake

Instagram Photo Spot #19: Parking Garage

I had a blast doing this Carmen Sandiego photoshoot in a PARKING GARAGE of all places! Make sure to bring an extra light source, as parking garages are dark!

Full photoshoot here!

Plus Size Carmen San Diego Costume

Instagram Location #20: Bridal Veil Falls

I’ve never done a photoshoot here, but it’s on my list!

Location #21: Goblin Valley

OMG! I had such a blast planning and directing a creative shoot in Goblin Valley, Utah! We did a whole “space explorers” theme and it was so fun.

More photos from this shoot here!

Futuristic space explorer photoshoot in silver plus size models

Location #22: Side of the Road Cowgirl Photoshoot

Ok, so I took these photo off of the Mountainview Corridor Highway! We pulled into a little off road to get these fun shots! Make sure to never trespass and follow all legal and safety rules!

More photos from this shoot here!

Country fashion blogger - cowgirl style

Utah Instagram Location #23: Living Planet Aquarium

I haven’t done a photoshoot here, but I’ve visited to scout it as a location! They have rad exhibits, a well as a whole tropical indoor garden!

Plus the SUPER RAD outdoor installation would be so cool!

Instagram Location in Utah

Other Instagram Locations in Utah

  • Museum of Petrolania in Provo, Utah
  • Utah Lake (Utah County, about an hour or so south of SLC)
  • La Caille (photo fee applies)
  • Wadley Farms (Castle – photo fee applies)
  • Young Living Family Lavender Farm (seasonal, check dates for best shots!)

This post was all about Instagram worthy spots in Salt Lake City and Utah.

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