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Being a fashion blogger means that I spend a LOT of time scouting locations for photoshoots – we’ve gotta get that perfect shot for Instagram!

I sometimes scroll through hashtag like #UtahBlogger or #SaltLakeModel to try to find new places to take photos, but people usually don’t geotag their photos!

-_- Rude.

So, to help first-time visitors to Utah and my fellow bloggers, I’ve shared a list of some of my favorite places to take photos. I’ve mixed in my own photos as relevant, and I have a few places left on my list!

Salt Lake City – Instagram Photo Locations

In this section, we’ll focus on Salt Lake City!

Location #1: Salt Lake City Capitol Building

This is a popular spot for brides, and I did my photoshoot featuring a white business suit from Part & Parcel here. I went on a Sunday when it’s less crowded.

People also love taking photos outside of the Capitol Building in the spring, when the cherry trees blossom!

See more photos from this shoot here.

Location #2: Cactus and Tropicals

I love greenery, and the Cactus and Tropicals greenhouse in SLC is a great place to take some photos with a more jungle-esque vibe. Be sure to call ahead to see if they’re open, as they sometimes close for weddings!

Location #3: UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art)

This art installation is actually to the side of UMOCA, and it’s outside! It’s great for more graphic photoshoots.

Location #4: Gateway Mall

This mall has various pop up experience events, and they also have bright graphic walls scattered around.

Location #5: Shops Along Broadway St

“Broadway” is a popular area in SLC for smaller stores and indie shops. There are bright walls and interesting stores scattered around, perfect for lifestyle bloggers.

Location #6: The Joseph Smith Memorial Building

This building is STUNNING inside, but it’s not, shall we say, blogger friendly. The exterior is gorgeous, tho!

Location #7: Library Square

This area is PACKED with great photoshoot locations. From the stairs and arches of the Salt Lake City Library, to the exterior of The Leonardo – you have OPTIONS!

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This is one of my all-time favorite shots. Gold sequins and a motorcycle jacket? I hope y'all are ready for this NYE shoot. ??? . 2016 was a year that I *really* kicked myself out my comfort zone, and planted my flag (uh excuse the colonizing reference). For me, this photo is representative of standing out and stepping forward – calling for and accepting attention, with some CEOhunty daring brazenness and a wink. . I showed up in London to live for a summer, taking classes at Central St Martins and London College of Fashion. I had a bunch of things I wanted to learn, and I knew the English know how to teach fashion. I wasn't disappointed. . London was hard. Sometimes my checking account dipped under $100, and freelance work would swoop in to save the day. I had enough money to take 2 courses, and I ended up taking 8. A lot of my summer was lonely, because making friends takes time (and I did leave the country with fabulous friends). The CSM fashion Masters program is calling my name, so I may be back at King's Cross on a daily basis soon. . Right now, I'm trying 100 different things to break into fashion – taking classes, working on my first collection, trying to figure out how to dance my way into an internship, and into NYFW. . Get ready for fashion design (first collection zomg), editorial shoots and some feminist art in 2017, y'all. You can support me by tagging a friend in the comments, an HBIC who is also going to be trailblazing in 2017. . Shoutout to @curvybellaellaboutique and @bellaellaboutique for the fabulous skirt – love the gals at the AF store and their #BellaEllaStyle. ??? . ? @coldroyd

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Location #8: Copperhive Vintage

Want to take photos amongst unique vintage pieces and antiques? Head over to Copperhive Vintage, where you can snap pics next to murals around the building and poke your head inside. Be sure to call ahead to clear taking photos with the owners (they’re awesome!).

Popular Photoshoot Locations in Utah

Okay, let’s expand a little outside of Utah – shall we?

Location #1: Bonneville Salt Flats

This place is so dang editorial, it’s ridiculous! It’s located about an hour outside of SLC, and it’s worth the drive! There aren’t any amenities onsite besides bathrooms, so be sure to pack in LOTS of water and food.

More photos from this shoot here.

Location #2: Little Cottonwood Canyon

Utah is a mix of desert and mountains, so if you want a southwest vibe then you’ll want to scout bike trails near your hotel or Airbnb. These trails will have easy access points (and parking!) for photoshoots.

See more from this shoot here.

Location #3: Little Sahara

Located about 3 hours of SLC, this national park is a LITERAL “Little Sahara.” Think rolling sand dunes and gusty winds.

See more from this photoshoot here.

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RENEWAL. . I’m really good at running on empty, keeping life going and my projects going on fumes. . For a long time, I thought this was admirable. Burn out was a sort of badge of honor. . I didn’t actually say to myself, “JUST LOOK at ALL THIS stuff getting done when I feel terrible!” Buuuut I was close. . As I’ve figured out how to realign my energy and glide away from having breakdowns due to overwhelm, I’ve found that one of the key things I do is say, “That’s not a fit for me right now.” . I’ve learned how having REALLY CLEAR priorities in my life – written down and ranked – helps me say, “Thank you, but no” to stuff that’s really cool, but doesn’t fit into my goals and desires for myself. . Time is the most precious thing we have. Learning to trust myself and my intuition has been key on this. . Sitting in my body, and seeing how I physically react to an opportunity or new idea is helpful. Asking myself, “Is this getting me closer to where I want to be?” is key. . (Aside: A famous writer was writing a book on the habits and strategies of the most successful creators – and over half declined the “opportunity” to be interviewed. “I can talk about the work with everyone, or I can DO the work,” was a common reply.) . For me, if it’s not a “HELL YEAH!” then I pass. ??? . ?: @b.okabe . #portraitphotographer #fempreneur #emergingartists #queerart #createyourlane #powerofnow #witchesofig #alternativecurves #effyourbeautystandards #elomi

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Location #4: Seven Peaks in Provo, Utah

Located about an hour and a half from SLC, Seven Peaks is a family waterpark. I had a great time doing a swim look book there!

More photos from this photoshoot here.

Location #5: Monroe Hot Springs

Located about 3 hours from Sal tLake City, Monroe Hot Springs is a SUPER instagrammable experience. Hot springs pour into bathtubs, as well as various pools around the property.

More on my visit here.

Want More Tips on Taking Photos in and Visiting Utah?

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