Mystic Hot Springs Day Trip // Review

Mystic Hot Springs

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Okay, y’all, I’ll admit it.

When I look at vacation spots, one of the factors I look at is how “Grammable” the destination is.  Maybe it makes me petty that I want to have gorgeous locales in my feed, and probably more than little petty that I want to make people feel jealous, BUT at least I’m being honest about it, right?


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Being Still™️ is not one of the skills I came to this earth with. I feel like there are some people who are just, grounded, or rooted – you know? . I’ve been called a “force of nature” more than a few times. Elisabeth tells people that I’m a “gust of wind who blows thru cities to see her bbs and kisses them tenderly on the head as she blows by.” . That’s a nice description, I think. ☺️ . So, today was a lovely day spent at Mystic Hot Springs in bathtubs with water heated from the earth’s core. A ritual cleansing // femme coven and witchery meeting with some of my fave babes. . We played in the water, talked about our goals and hopes for the year and (le duh) had a super cute mini photoshoots where I took so many pictures we almost ran out of storage space. ? . What are you hoping for from 2018? What are you planning for?

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OKAY SO.  Let’s talk Mystic Hot Springs, a budget friendly option for those of us who want cute AF photos ANDDDD want to have a relaxing fun time (duh).

I first learned about Mystic Hot Springs, when a girl I wanted to date posted photos from their iconic bathtubs.  Over the next, like, 4 years, I tried various times to get friends and family members who are Utahns to visit the spot with me.

No luck.

Then my friends Alison and Elisabeth stayed with me for New Years, and, after I showed Alison photos, we planned our trip.

Packing List

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunblock (even if you go in the cold months, that Utah sun is BRIGHT)
  • Refillable water bottles (stay hydrated!)
  • Towels
  • Bag for your wet swimsuit
  • Camera with a self-timer

Getting to Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs is in a small town called “Monroe,” and it’s about a 3 hour drive from SLC.  It’s accessible by paved roads, but that area of Utah can get tricky if it snows.  Be sure to take a car that has 4-Wheel Drive if you’re going in the winter.

Mystic Hot Springs Travel Blogger


Last I checked, their website listed a day in the “pools” to be $14, and it’s $16 if you don’t pre-book.  They have changing rooms and a bathroom onsite, and a cute gift shop with new age jewelry, vintage clothes, as well as flip flops for sale and towels to rent.


If you went to a liberal arts college, Mystic Hot Springs will remind you of the undergrad co-op or commune.  Follow the signs that direct you to the front office.  You’ll need to check-in before getting into the pools.


The pools/tubs are NOT wheelchair accessible, and if you worry about your balance, I would recommend having a surefooted friend guide you along your way.  There are ~10 flagstone steps to 2 larger pools, and a ~3 minute hike from there to the tubs.

The Tubs

There are 3 sets of tubs (3, 2, and 1 tub, respectively) and they’re delightful.  Water runs from a hot spring into the tub, and then empties through a spigot.  Because the tubs are removed from the main office, there wasn’t anyone to take a pic of us, so we made do with a self-timer.

After we were done in the tubs, we were HUNGRY.  We went to a local cafe we found on Yelp, which was yummy.  Definitely recommend bringing some snacks to eat when you’re done with your soak.

Larger Pools

There are also larger pools, but they had people in them, so we hung out in the tubs for a couple of hours.  Cognizant of my millennial need to #document everything, I announced when we arrived that we’d be present in the moment/enjoy the tubs, and then when we were done we’d have a little photoshoot.

Win win.

Visiting Mystic Hot Springs - Utah Road Trip!


Mystic Hot Springs has signs EVERYWHERE telling folks not to drink, so don’t be a jerk.  I would’ve loved to sip some brandy in the bathtub, but I didn’t. <3

Buses & Cabins // Overnight Stays

I plan on coming back to Mystic Hot Springs for an overnight stay in April or May, when it’s not below freezing when I wake up.  Friends of mine have stayed overnight, and come prepared with long johns, and been a-okay.


Mystic Hot Springs is a charming place with kind staff.  It is definitely *NOT* the 4 Season Spa, but it doesn’t bill itself as such.  Come with an open mind/desire to reflect, and a few good friends.

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