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In this section, I’ll explore queer identity and politics, as well as spotlighting my favorite LGBTQ+ creatives!

ADHD Morning Routine with Checklist
Hello! It feels a little surreal to be writing a post about having a ~routine~, because, well, I wouldn't say that I'm a *routine* person. As someone with a LOT of ADHD if you had asked me a few years ago if I'd ever have a...
January Front Door Wreaths 2022 Guide
On today's blog post, I'm going to share 13+ January door wreaths! I've recently become a big fan of door wreaths (seeing one of my apartment door makes me smile! so I thought I would share the most fun and classy January front door wreaths.
ADHD hacks
Today on my blog, I’m sharing over 70 of my very best ADHD hacks. This ultimate guide to ADHD hacks is based on my experience as someone with ADHD (something I’ve written numerous blog posts about), pulling from my own life, tips from TikToks, self-help and personal...
Are you tired of all of these boring headboards? SAME! This post is all about where to shop for unique headboards! If you've been following along on my Instagram Story, you know I'm on the hunt for a PERFECT headboard.
Are you looking for helpful tips on how to confidently wear lingerie as a plus size person?! Then this blog post is for you! I recently shared a few blog posts about preparing for a plus size boudoir photography shoot and...
Planting flowers for Mother's Day - Blogger Pot Home Improvement Tutorial
Every year, my mom and I fill large pots and containers with flowers from our local garden shop. We do a special dedicated day on Mother's Day (or the weekend before), as gardening is one of my Mom and my's passions. We love to...
Today on the blog, I'm sharing resources on plus size gender neutral bathing suits. Real talk - discussing about gender neutral fashion can be kind of weird, because, technically, anything can be gender neutral. As people shopping, we ascribe gender to...
Should I Go to Stanford Reunion - My tips 1
Hey there! If you're googling, "Should I go to Stanford Reunion?" then THIS blog post is for you! I went to Stanford Reunion last fall (in 2022), and I'm currently planning the early stages of my trip out to Stanford Reunion in October 2023.
Plus Size Rainbow Swimsuit
Plus size rainbow swimsuit options!!! Today on my blog, I'm sharing ALL of my recs on where to find plus size rainbow swimsuits. If you're frantically googling, "Where to shop for plus size rainbow swimsuits" then THIS post is for you!
fun LGBT Pride Christmas Tree Ornaments - Shopping Guide
I love LOVEEEE decorating for Christmas! This is the first year I'll be decorating my own tree by myself (wooo single lady life!!), and I've been doing a lot of research on fun and kitsch Christmas tree ornaments. In 2021, I moved into...

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