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In this section, I’ll explore queer identity and politics, as well as spotlighting my favorite LGBTQ+ creatives!

Should I Go to Stanford Reunion - My tips 1
Hey there! If you're googling, "Should I go to Stanford Reunion?" then THIS blog post is for you! I went to Stanford Reunion last fall (in 2022), and I'm currently planning the early stages of my trip out to Stanford Reunion in October 2023.
Plus Size Rainbow Swimsuit
Plus size rainbow swimsuit options!!! Today on my blog, I'm sharing ALL of my recs on where to find plus size rainbow swimsuits. If you're frantically googling, "Where to shop for plus size rainbow swimsuits" then THIS post is for you!
First Home Gifts
Hey friends! Today I'm sharing over 40 first home gifts for new homeowners! Many of my best friends have been buying their first home (omg so exciting!), so I've been doing a LOT of shopping. I thought it would be helpful to share my finds...
adhd products I use
Today on my blog, I'm sharing over 20 products that have been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me organize my life and productivity, as someone with ADHD. I was first diagnosed with ADHD around 2011 -- and then I **promptly** did nothing with that information for about 7...
best coming out gifts
Today on my blog, I'm sharing over 90, yes, that's right, 90 (!!) BEST coming out gifts for LGBT people. Eventually, I'll get to 100, so if you have ideas on things I should add -- always feel free to drop me a line HERE.
Plus Size Looks for LGBT Pride
Hey friend! Are you looking for plus size pride outfits for Pride 2023? Then you are in the right spot!! As a VIP Member of the LGBT community (jokes), I love planning pride outfits -- and this year, I hope to go to MULTIPLE pride months!
rainbow plus size clothing
Oh hey cutie! Today, I'm talking ALL about the best rainbow plus size clothing, giving you my tips on what brands to shop and specific plus size rainbow outfits you can create! This blog post is all about the best rainbow plus size...
Planting flowers for Mother's Day - Blogger Pot Home Improvement Tutorial
Every year, my mom and I fill large pots and containers with flowers from our local garden shop. We do a special dedicated day on Mother's Day (or the weekend before), as gardening is one of my Mom and my's passions. We love to...
Where to buy Tomboy and butch clothing
Y'all, in the last year we have seen an ABSOLUTE EXPLOSION of plus-size brands entering the arena, butttttt we haven't seen a super slow uptake for more plus size masculine garb. While I identify as a Hard Femme, it makes me sad to see my bbs bummed...
Today on my blog, I'm sharing 21 super fun throuple gifts, for the cuties in your life who are polyamorous and in a triad! As a member of the queer community, I know a good number of folks who are in a "throuple" (I...

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