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plus size summer outfit ideas

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Hi hello! Today on my blog, I’m going to share 12 plus size summer outfit ideas for you. It’s July in Salt Lake City, and it is FREAKIN’ HOT!! Putting together cute and fun plus size summer outfits can be a CHALLENGE, so I’ve included my fave outfits in this roundup.

If you’re asking yourself:

  • “Where do I find plus size summer outfits?!”

Then this post is for you!

In my own life, I’ve found it’s hard to find plus size summer outfits that fit me well, keep me cool and look CUTE. During the summer, i’m often in 90+ degree weather, and I need cute AAAAAND casual plus size summer outfits that are versatile and fashionable!

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This blog post is all about plus size summer outfits!

[Note: This post was originally published on August 1, 2021. It was last updated August 8, 2023! I do my best to keep these posts updated, but be sure to double check details, pricing + availability!]

plus size summer outfits

Plus Size Summer Outfit Ideas

In the listicle below i’ve done my darnedest to prioritize brands that go up to a size 30 or beyond! I’ve included styling tips for each plus size fashion brand, to make it easier for you to put together a fab plus size summer outfit!

HOT TIP: Finding plus size summer outfits in-store can be… complicated. A lot of brands have a small fraction of their offering in-store, so always check online!

I also recommend checking out this plus size summer outfit post, all about where to get anti-chafing shorts for summer! Anti-chafing shorts are a lifesaver for plus size summer dresses and skirts!

Let’s get going with this roundup of plus size summer outfit ideas!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #1: Plus Size Shorts + Blazer Set

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea
This plus size blazer set is from a previous season, but I love it SO MUCH as summer outfit inspo, I have to keep it! Eloquii usually has some fab plus size blazer short sets.

First up on our roundup of plus size summer outfit ideas is a PLUS SIZE SHORTS and BLAZER SET! Folks, this is the PERFECT summer outfit for babes who have to go into the office during the summer. The plus size shorts keep things nice and cool, and you can drive/commute without the jacket, adding the jacket back on when you’re in an air conditioned building.

BUT, hot tip! When looking for a plus size blazer set for summer, I try to go for natural fabrics, if possible, like linen and cotton. If you’re in a HOT HOT HOT area of the planet in summer, a full-on blazer may be too hot for daywear (but a cute evening or night look if it gets chilly!).

Plus Size Summer Outfit Pro Tip: Go for more NATURAL fabrics, like cotton and linen!

I wrote a blog post featuring a LIST of fabulous plus size blazer sets, which you can check out HERE.

Styling: This blazer set is a bold and gorgeous green, so I’d pair this with simple sandals and bold statement earrings! (Alternatively, gold hoops is a classy way to go.). If you want to go SUPER bold, you can add a statement clutch.

Summer Outfit Links:

Shop this plus size summer outfit HERE!

Plus Size Summer Outfit here
Thoughtfully crafted from recycled materials, this blazer stands out from the pack. The style has traditional tailored elements in the notched lapels and flap pockets, but the open front and shirred sleeves make it feel more modern and casual. Dress it down with your favorite jeans, or complete the set by adding our matching shorts.

Plus Size Summer Outfit her

Plus Size Summer Outfits Idea #2: Animal Print Romper

I freaking LOVE animal print, and I have been scooping up loads of plus size rompers in animal print this summer. Plus size rompers are a great plus size summer outfit option, because they’re so dang easy to wear.

I love that plus size rompers don’t have waistbands that dig into my sides. They keep me cool all summer long. This plus size summer romper is from BloomChic, and it’s available in up to a size 30 or 6X!

For a full list of my fave plus size rompers for summer, check out this post! I’ve shared a few animal print rompers from City Chic below!

Shop this plus size romper HERE!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #3: Denim Skirt & Graphic Tee

Ok, one of my go-to plus size summer outfits is a plus size denim skirt & graphic tee. I love this skirt from Eloquii, and Torrid is my go-to for plus size graphic tees (heads up, they have WAY MORE options online than in-store!). I like Torrid’s graphic tees because they’re LONG! i carry my weight in my stomach, so they’re my go-to!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #4: Casual Plus Size Romper

Sometimes, we just want to be comfy! This plus size romper is made out of fabric that’s often used for t-shirts, and looks super comfy. I have a few road trips planned this summer, and this plus size summer outfit is a great outfit idea for a road trip where you still want to look cute for photos!

This plus size summer outfit is available in multiple colors and patterns, including black, black leopard, black and white stripes, dark purple, green stripes, navy, navy floral, tie dye, wine red, wave print and brown! This casual plus size summer outfit romper goes up up to a size 26!

Shop this plus size summer outfit idea here!

plus size summer outfit idea

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #5: Plus Size Skater Dress

NY&CO actually sent me this plus size skater dress to try, and I LOVED IT! I had such a blast wearing it on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #6: Long Sleeve Mesh Top

Ok, besties, get ready for this SUPER SMART plus size summer outfit idea – mesh tops! I have a bunch of plus size mesh tops from Eloquii, as well as this one from What Lo Wants (an indie plus size brand). Plus size mesh tops make you look put together and BANGING, but are also MESH — so super breathable.

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Mesh tops are one of my GO TO best plus size summer outfits!

Top here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #7: Brooke Floral Midi Sundress – Lilac and Green Floral

Another rad woman-owned indie plus size brand is BAACAL! This luxury/higher end brand has GORGEOUS construction, and this tie-bow dress has been the HIT of the summer! I love that this floral maxi dress is gorgeous, but not frumpy at all! (Anybody else feel frumpy in plus size maxi dresses in summer? Just me?)

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #8: Striped Button Down & Denim Shorts

Recently, I’ve gotten REALLY into striped button down shirts, especially if they’re linen (not stiff dress shirts). This plus size summer outfit from Madewell is SO CUTE, and shows the perfect styling for a button down striped shirt for summer!!!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #9: Trapeze Dress

As a plus size babe, it can be hard for me to wear things that are LOOSE and don’t accentuate my waist. Being real!

But for a more fun and fashionable plus size summer outfit, I’ve been intrigued by this trapeze dress from Eloquii. It’s just so flowy and gorgeous! A “trapeze” cut can be a great easy breezey plus size summer outfit outfit!!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #10: Tiered Skirt & White Top

This plus size summer outfit from City Chic USA is so… chic!!! I love how they’ve styled it, with statement sunnies and a clutch. (Heads up, I get almost all of my sunglasses from Torrid and Lane Bryant, because I have a big head, lolol.)

A tiered skirt like this is so fun, and it has a bit of extra volume — helping to keep that air circulating a bit more! 😉

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Idea #11: Palazzo Pants

I love love LOVEEE plus size palazzo pants, and here’s why: The pants move around your body, making it super fun to strut your stuff during the summer – and the movement of the fabric helps to keep you cool and dry! I really love the plus size palazzo pants from Torrid, but heads up — as a 5’4″ babe, I usually have to get them hemmed!

it’s wild!

Pair your plus size palazzo pants pants with a white off-the-shoulder top, making a glam and vintage-inspired summer outfit!

Styling: To finish this look, I’d add heart shaped sunglasses and kitten heels!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #12: Matching Sets

plus size summer outfits

Ready for Hot Girl Summer?! I know I am! I have been loving the matching plus size set trend, and seeing options for plus size babes makes my heart sing!

This trend focuses on crop tops and high waisted skirts, showing a little midsection for fun. Pieces can be used as pool coverups or as a fun fashion statement.

These sets really take the brainwork out of what to wear, as the whole outfit is complete!

Styling: I like to pair these sets with fun and funky jewelry, especially if the set is a solid color!

Shop plus size summer outfit sets from Fashion to Figure here!

Red plus size summer outfit - plus size matching set in red, flowy top with skirt

Plus Size Summer Outfits #13: Casual Graphic Tees with Plus Size Shorts

Ok, during summer, plus size graphic tees are my super power!

I’ve learned to look ~effortless~ and ~cool~ [and *stay* cool!] by wearing cotton graphic tees. They’re also great to layer during all seasons of the year. A trusty graphic tee is a plus size wardrobe staple, imho!

I try to steer clear of sassy “sayings” tees, as those often look juvenile and off-putting [in my opinion]! I love plus size band tees, abstract witchy designs and pop culture tees.

Styling: I like to wear a graphic tee with cut off shorts and fun fashion sandals, or with tailored jeans! To avoid looking or feelng like a frumpy slob, I’ve found that it’s helpful to get a graphic tee tailored, so it fits well! [Unless you like the boxy fit!]

One of my fave places to snag plus size summer tees is TORRID, and they carry plus size graphic tees in up to a 6X!

Shop plus size graphic tees HERE at Torrid!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #14: BREATHABLE Black Jersey Wrap Jumpsuit

Ok, so when talking about plus size black jumpsuits — let’s keep in mind they are NOT all created equal, lol. The fabric makes a HUGE difference when it comes to your comfort during summer, which is why I prefer black jumpsuits (as a plus size summer outfit) to be made out of jersey or linen. Those fabrics tend to be more breathable!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #15: Casual Dresses from City Chic

Ok, in the same way that not all black jumpsuits are created equal — neither are plus size casual dresses for summer. I have been disappointed by summer dresses from other brands, as after a few washes they lose their shape/structure (ugh).

I’m even hanging them up to dry — I NEVER use a dryer!!!

Luckily, the fashion engineers at City Chic USA make some of the BEST plus size summer clothing, the construction and thought they put into their pieces is incredible. Truly, I’m such a fan! If you’re wanting to add a few casual summer plus size dresses to your wardrobe, I recommend them as your FIRST stop!

Shop this plus size summer outfits here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #16: Plus Size Khaki Maxi/Midi Skirt & Tank Top

Listen, the 90’s are BACK, baby — which means those floor length khaki cargo skirts?! Also back! I love how the PTL team styled this plus size summer outfit, keeping it simple and chic!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #17: Denim Vest & Black Shorts

Ok, denim vests are BACK baby, and they’re such a fun add-on to a regular daily plus size summer outfit. Torrid usually has the most options for plus size denim vests!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #18: Corset Top & Skirt

Next up on my list of plus size summer outfits, one of my fave trends for 2023! This plus size corset top and skirt looks like a dress – but isn’t! The print is so fun and GORGEOUS! This is a head-turning look in my book!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit
Make a statement this season with this corset top. Featuring a cream marble print material with a structured corset fit and thin shoulder straps. Team this with the matching skirt and heels for a look that’s sure to get you noticed.

Plus Size Summer Outfit HERE!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea #19: Color Shorts & Denim Jacket

Looking to look a bit more put together than just a t-shirt and shorts? A great casual plus size summer outfit idea is wearing shorts in a color (orange, purple, olive, etc), paired with a tee and denim vest or denim jacket! I love these neon green shorts!

i love this outfit from Torrid! The brand goes up to a size 6X or size 30, and their shorts are my go-to as an apple-shaped person! The shorts pictured are sold out, but here are some other options:

Shop this plus size summer outfit HERE!

Plus Size Summer Outfits #20: Summer Shrug

plus size summer outfits

Next up on our list is my go-to summer look – pairing a simple plus size summer outfit (usually a black cami and shorts) with a colorful and fun SHRUG!

Note: These pieces are also called “kimonos,” but we don’t want to participate in cultural appropriation – so “shrug” or “wrap” are the terms to use here.

A wrap can be see-through and gauzer like the yellow option pictured, a fun dark floral print (who doesn’t love a dark floral?!) or a fun tie dye moment. These plus size shrugs are a versatile piece and full of outfit possibilities!

plus size summer outfits

A plus size shrug can help make you look super put together, with minimal effort! I like to style my plus size shrugs with a bunch of gold bracelets and big gold jewelry – sometimes adding an anklet!

Shop plus size shrugs for summer HERE!

Plus Size Summer Outfits Ideas #21: White Plus Size Summer Dress for the Beach

white plus size summer dress
White plus size summer dress for the beach!

Next up on my post with plus size summer outfit ideas, I love love loveeee a plus size white summer dress for the beach! This plus size dress from City Chic USA goes up to a size 24!

This summer is dress is fully lined [super important, ahem].

Styling: I love how this short white summer dress is styled with brown leather strappy wedges, a fun fringe bag and jacket. Adding pops of color can help make sure you look like a glamorous summer lady – not a small child, lol.

Check out this plus size white summer dress here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit Ideas #22: T-Shirt Dress from Romwe on Amazon

plus size summer outfit dress
This dress is available in almost 20 colors here!

Next up, it’s time for a casual plus size summer outfit!

I have had my eye on this plus size t-shirt dress on Amazon! This looks like a great wardrobe staple – and it comes in a bunch of colors! I would absolutely use this t-shirt dress as a plus size summer cover up while on vacation, and pair it with plus size bicycle shorts to go out and play tourist while traveling!

This summer t-shirt dress goes up to a 4X!

Snag this plus size summer dress outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Dresses #24: Button Down Dress

I’m not super sure what to call this style of dress – it’s like a sort of cottagecore -esque casual plus size summer dress. I’ve been seeing this style [namely, the single row of buttons] on a variety of cuts of plus size dresses, and I think this is an excellent style for summer!

These dresses are often made out of linen or cotton, making them breathable. [When checking out plus size summer outfits, I always check to see what kind of fabric the item is made out of!]

Styling: Simple is the way to go with this casual outfit! Pair your summer dress with fashion sandals, add in sum simple jewelry – maybe a hat and shawl if you need sun protection!

I’ve found a lot of these plus size dresses HERE on City Chic!

This plus size summer dress has POCKETS!

Details here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits #25: Sahara Dress from Tamara Malas

Tamara Malas is a genius fashion designer, really pushing the envelope on plus size fashion! I LOVE IT! This plus size short a-line dress is just gorgeous, I really adore that color palette!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit
This flowy A-line sleeveless style is made from a specially sourced stretch satin that is luxe, lightweight, and breathable (trust us). Paneled with a unique mix of color and pattern that will take you seamlessly from Spring to Summer to Fall with so many versatile styling options and an easy, roomy, flexible fit. The perfect dress for a special occasion or even a casual hang. Oh, and did we mention…pockets!

Plus Size Summer Dress Here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits #26: “More Joy” Graphic Tee from Joy Toast

I recently found out about this indie plus size brand, and I’m in love with their bold aesthetic! This “More Joy” tea paired with the checked black and white skirt?! ICONIC!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits #27: Poiret Jumpsuit from byVINNIK

Next up on plus size summer outfits, I wanted to be sure to introduce you to byVINNIK, an independently-owned fashion brand out of LA! They use the most gorgeous and sumptuous fabrics, and Im in love with the draping on their latest jumpsuit, the Poiret Jumpsuit!

I love that this is a piece that’s great for layering, and can be worn in summer with your shoulders out, then layered up for other seasons! Truly such a fab piece!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit

Plus Size Summer Outfits #28: Watermelon Dress

I love a bold print, and that’s what Portland-based fashion brand, Copper Union, is known for! Their overall dress looks so dang comfy, and because it clashes with everything (in a good way!) it goes with everything! Mix prints! be bold! Play around and have fun this summer!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit

Plus Size Summer Outfits #29: Plus Size Crop Tops

I am such a fan of plus size crop tops, and I think they’re just so fun to wear! I get that some folks are a little intimidated, so I encourage you to give these a try!

PrettyLittleThing has a TON of plus size crop tops!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfits

Plus Size Summer Outfits #30: Plus Size Chambray Dress

I think Chambray is such a fun fabric (it’s like a lightweight denim almost), and it’s so fun to wear in spring and summer. I think everyone needs at least 1 chambray piece in their plus size summer wardrobe — it’s a staple!

Shop this plus size summer outfit here!

Plus Size Summer Outfit

Plus Size Summer Outfits #31: Linen Overalls

Last but never least on our roundup of plus size outfit ideas for summer are these plus size LINEN OVERALLS!

These overalls are famous in some plus spaces, because they’re so dang comfy! Plus size babes can wear bandeaus, swim tops or graphic tees under the overalls, and this is a great casual plus size outfit for summer. (For more plus size overall options, check out THIS roundup of plus size overall options.)

These overalls go up to a roomy 4X, and you can snag them HERE!

plus size summer outfits

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This blog post was all about plus size summer outfits!

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