15 Places to Buy Plus Size Overalls | Where to Shop in 2023

plus size overalls roundup shopping guide

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One of the MOST SEARCHED FOR items of clothing is plus size overalls. If you look online, a lot of brands list plus size overalls – but they stop at like a size 14. Finding plus size overalls can be challenging, which is why I’ve pulled allll of my knowledge into this blog post – so you can easily shop.

I wish brands wouldn’t advertise this nonsense!

Below, I’ve put together a roundup on where to find plus size overalls, and I’ve started with the brands that offer the most sizes. That way we can prioritize spending our lovely $$$$ on brands that support the most plus size babes!

This blog post is all about where to shop for plus size overalls.

[Note: This post was first published Jan 27, 2021. It was last updated January 13, 2023!] While I do my best to keep my posts up-to-date, sometimes brands change things up! Be sure to double check all sizing info (measurements, etc) with the brand! Love ya!]

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Plus Size Overalls

Before I start to list out EXACTLY where to shop for plus size overalls, I wanted to share 3 of my top tips for shopping for plus size overalls:

  1. Size charts are different for EVERY BRAND! I know it’s annoying, and I wish it was easier to shop for plus size overalls – but when shopping remember that you’ll likely be a different size with different brands. Grab a measuring tape, get your measurements and shop thusly!
  2. What shape are you in? In another blog post and on TikTok, I talk about how brands shop for different shaped customers. Some brands design for pear shapes, others for apple shapes, etc. If you carry weight in your belly, shopping for overalls may be a bit more difficult. You may want to order two sizes (your regular and a size up) for easier shopping.
  3. Have fun! I think overalls are so fun, and if you like them — you can rock them!

Alrighty, let’s get going with my roundup on where to shop for plus size overalls:

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Hey there! My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman,” and I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog! I love wearing plus size overalls, and I used to get frustrated trying to figure out where the heck to buy them! I figured it I was frustrated, then others were too — so I created this round up for you, my reader! If you have any questions or suggestions, always feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or email me!

The Hutnswoman

Brand #1: Linen Plus Size Overalls from Amazon | Up to a 4X!

I first found out about these plus size overalls last year, and they are one of my favorite plus size finds on Amazon! These linen plus size overalls are available in a variety of washes (Black, Blue, Coffee Brown, Green, , and they have true plus size cottagecore vibes!

They’re available in up to a 4X, which on their size chart (at time of my update!) is a waist measurement of 51.2 inches!

Shop plus size overalls here!

Plus Size Overalls

#2 Plus Size Overalls – Universal Standard

Next up, we have one of the most size inclusive brands on this list – Universal Standard! Their plus size overalls go up to a size 38-40. Universal Standard is known for creating high quality work garments that last, and was founded by two women who couldn’t quite figure out what to wear while working in finance in NYC. Since then the brand has massively expanded and become a favorite and go-to brand of many a plus size fashionista.

When it comes to sizing, their size 40 matches up to a 70 inch waist. These are some of the most size inclusive plus size overalls out there! <3

Shop plus size overalls here!

Also available in blue denim

#3 Plus Size Overalls – Ashley Stewart

This next brand carries plus size overalls in up to a size 32. I think that these wide leg plus size overalls from Ashley Stewart are so fun! I love how the Ashley Stewart team styled these with a simple black turtleneck! In the summer. I’d style these plus size overalls with a bandeau top or crop top!

Their size 32 matches to a 51 inch waist.

Shop plus size overalls here.

Plus Size Overalls Brand #4: Plus Size Overalls at Target – Up to a Size 24

Next up is every fashionista’s fave place to visit – Target! The brand has plus size denim overalls and plus size bib overalls. Like a lot of brands on this list, Target doesn’t carry very many plus size options in the actual store, so I recommend ordering online and picking up in-store! You can pick up your package, try on your overalls and then return what doesn’t work!

Target also has a number of options for plus size overalls in khaki, which is pretty dang fun!

Here are some of my fave plus size overalls from Target:

Check out all of the plus size overall options at Target HERE!

plus size overalls
plus size overalls
plus size overalls

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Plus Size Overalls Brand #5: Old Navy – Variety of Denim Washes in Up to a Size 30

Old Navy often doesn’t get the attention for having plus sizes, and the brand has done a lot of internal work to offer plus sizes in more stores! I love that they have plus size overalls in a variety of washes at any given time.

From overalls in a dark wash, to distressed medium wash plus size overalls look to black denim to black plus size overalls – Old Navy has it all! They also have a pretty solid plus size offering, going up to a 30. Currently, the ran has a good number of plus size overalls that are shorts!

Their plus size overalls also have a good amount of stretch, which is definitely needed! I carry a good amount of my weight in my belly, and Old Navy overalls have space for my bellow and are very comfy.

They usually only have overalls online, FYI!

Shop Old Navy plus size overalls here.

light denim Plus Size Overalls

Brand #6 Plus Size Overalls: City Chic – Size 24

I loveee to shop the City Chic USA website, and I’m just so impresed with the quality of their clothing. City Chic has a website for Australia and a separate one for the USA – so be sure to be on the right website!!

City Chic has a variety of plus size overalls, with most of their selection being shorts and jumpers! That said, they have two pairs of plus size overalls in shorts (dark and light wash), and a few pairs of plus size overalls that are cropped pants. They also offer full figure overalls that are full pants, with a elasticated cuffs at the ankles!

Here are some of my fave plus size overalls City Chic has right now:

City Chic offers plus size overalls in up to a size 24.

Shop City Chic plus size overalls here.

denim Plus Size Overalls

Brand #7: Plus Size Overalls from Unique Vintage

I love Unique Vintage, and I had a blast reviewing their plus size flapper dresses! Currently, they have a super cute pair of black plus size overalls and a plus size overall dress. Unique Vintage has a sort of Rosie the Riveter vibe, as well as other overalls inspired by other decades, like the 1970’s!

Unique Vintage has plus size overalls in fun colors like orange and yellow, as well as plus size overall dresses [AKA jumpers]!

Unique Vintage offers this pair in up to a 4X.

Shop plus size overalls here!

Plus Size Overalls

Brand #8: ASOS – Plus Size Overalls & Overall Dresses/Jumpers

ASOS sometimes offers plus size overalls, but at time of publishing they’re sold out!

I love the black plus size overalls that ASOS offers, and they also have patterned plaid plus size overalls! Plus size overalls are an excellent wardrobe staple, and they sell out quickly! Most plus size options go up to a size US 24, and sometimes a US 26!

Shop ASOS plus size overalls here.

Black plus size overalls

Brand #9: Plus Size Linen Overalls from Copper Union – All Sizes

I love this indie brand so much I published an interview with the founder, Claire Doody! This independent brand is based in Portland, OR, and its business model uses ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

This pair of linen overalls is relaxed and comfy – perfect for babes who love the style lines of overalls, but aren’t huge fans of denim.

Claire offers up to a size 6 on her website, and she also offers additional sizes at no cost to the buyer!

Shop the orange Esther Overalls plus size overalls here.

indie Plus Size Overalls
Photo c/o Copper Union

Brand #10: Non-Denim Plus Size Overalls at Torrid – Up to a Size 30 or 6X

If you love the look of plus size overalls, but you’re not super into denim – then Torrid is a great place to look for plus size overalls! They also have a new option for plus size overalls in black which I guess it what we’re calling plus size overalls that are shorts – not pants (lol).

Shop plus size overalls at Torrid HERE!

plus size overalls

Brand #9: Plus Size Overalls from Boohoo USA

Boohoo has a lot of jumpsuits made out of chambray (basically a lighter version of denim), but I wouldn’t call them **overalls**, ya know?

Luckily, the brand does have plus size overalls. I love the tie detail on this pair of plus size overalls! The brand offers up to a size 26, but the overalls I’ve found stop at around a 22.

Shop plus size overalls HERE!

denim Plus Size Overalls

Brand #11: SLINK Jeans – Olive Green Overalls

I’ve never tried SLINK Jeans, but I’ve had my eye on them! My go-to spot to snag SLINK jeans plus size overalls is Amazon! (Nordstom sometimes has options in as well, see the denim blue plus size overalls below!)

SLINK offers plus size overalls in a variety of washes, and I love these dark denim plus size overalls! Available in up to a size 22/24.

Shop plus size overalls here!

plus size overalls

Brand #12: Plus Size Overalls from Dia & Co – 3X

Another option for plus size overalls on the Dia & Co website is from plus size brand, Warp + Weft!

I’ve never tried their plus size overalls, but they’re super cute! Available in up to a 2X with 29 inch inseam.

Shop plus size overalls here.

plus size overalls denim

Brand #13: Faux Leather Look Plus Size Overalls from Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure is known for having stretch plus size jeans that hug your curves, and they’ve taken that same design aesthetic for their faux leather plus size overalls!

The brand offers this pair of overalls in a coated denim, and it looks almost like leather (but it’s not!). Be sure to check your measurements against the size chart before ordering!

Shop here.

Brand #14: Plus Size Overalls Dress – Up to a 5X ($36.99)

Finding plus size overalls in a 5X can be hard, luckily Agnes Orinda on Amazon has super cute black plus size overall dress, as well as a plus size overall jumpers in other colors and cuts!

Shop plus size overall jumper dresses here.

black plus size overalls jumper skirt dress

Brand #15: Plus Size Overalls from Lane Bryant

While Lane Bryant goes up to a size 40, they don’t always have plus size overalls on their site, which is why I put them more towards the bottom of the list!

Shop plus size overalls at Lane Bryant here!

Brand #16: Plus Size Overalls from Madewell

Madewell carries plus sizes in up to a US 28, and I love love how the stylists at Madewell style the models.

At time of update, Madewell has one pair of black plus size overalls on the site, but I imagine they’ll get more soon!

Shop this pair of black plus size overalls with a relaxed leg!

Brand #17: Plus Size Overalls from Wildfang

Last but never least in my heart is Wildfang! I haven’t been able to get in touch with the folks at Wildfang to review their plus size clothing [size range is 1X-3X].

I didn’t want to omit the brand from the list of resources for folks looking for plus size overalls, but I want to be clear that I’ve never worn//seen their products IRL.

Check out their plus size overall offering here!

maroon dark red plus size overalls

This blog post was all about where to shop for plus size overalls.

More Helpful Plus Size Fashion Roundups

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