Where to Find Plus Size Bath Towels for Curvy Babes


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As a plus size person, I can’t use “regular” towels.

The average length of a bath towel from a department store is 54″ long. My hips are 50″ wide, making it so I can’t wrap a towel around me.

It’s annoying, frankly!

While I love a plus size robe (my recs here), sometimes I just want to hang out in my towel while putting on my makeup. Regular towels gape awkwardly, and it’s really honestly a pain.

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Where are the Wide Width Bath Towels?

I know I could use a beach towel, but I want an AESTHETIC darling. I have a HOME DECOR vibe. I want to do a sheet mask with a towel on, not feel like I’m on my way to the waterpark!

CUTE, but not the aesthetic, ya know?

I’ve FOUND Plus Size Towels!!

When I first started this blog post, I honestly didn’t know what the price range for towels IS. Therefore, I’ve shared a variety of price points in this post.

Below, I’ve shared some of my fave finds for plus size towels. Did I miss your favorite brand? Drop me a line here or via Instagram DM!

THERE’S the aesthetic!!

Brand #1: Utopia Towels on Amazon

These 100% cotton towels are 35×70 inches, making them work for up to around a size 26. Ish. Depends on how you wrap your towel! They’re 100% cotton and $16.99 each.

Shop here.

Brand #2: Chakir Turkish Linens

I was SO excited when I found these towels! They’re 80 inches wide, making them more inclusive. These towels are made from 100% ring spun Turkish cotton. TLDR? They’re FLUFFY!

They’re available in 6 colors, and are priced at $36.99 each.

Shop here!

Brand #3: SALT® Oversized Bath Towel

Want to feel the towel before you buy it? Bed Bath & Beyond has towels that go up to 68″ from SALT®!

They’re priced at $14.99 and available in 3 colors.

Shop here.

Alternative: Bath Sheets!

While on the hunt for plus size towels, i found out about something called a “Bath Sheet.”

Sounds a little weird, but I’m down to try things!

A bath sheet is basically a lighter weight towel. You use your fluffy towel to dry off after a shower, and then wrap yourself in a bath sheet (thicker than a regular sheet).


Bath Sheet Recommendation: Cotton Craft Euro Spa Bath Sheet

Bath Sheets usually use a “waffle knit” making them absorbent, but still light! These are a great alternative to robes, and they’re often used in spas to be more inclusive.

After searching through Google results, I think the Cotton Craft bath sheets are a good bath sheet to try out. They’ve got good reviews, and are priced at $23.99.

I’ll definitely be taking mine on my next trip, as robes take a lot of luggage space!

Shop here.

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