7 Tufted Emerald Green Couches | Where to Buy!

Unique tufted emerald green couch

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Are you looking for a tufted green couch? Then you’re in the right spot!! One of the things I’ve been doing during self-quarantine is look for house goods, in preparation for my big move!

This has meant a lot of pinterest boards, and I also have a handy spreadsheet I’m using to keep estimate moving costs. I’m going to be furnishing a whole ENTIRE place for myself, so it’s important to have those numbers.

That way, I can, you know, manifest that money!

Today’s blog post is a research roundup of emerald green tufted couches. I figure if I’m going to do a bunch of research on couches and choosing one, other people on the internet should benefit!

Note: This blog post was last updated on May 12, 2022. While I do my best to keep my posts updated, information changes! Please be sure to check all info with the brand before purchasing!

Emerald green tufted couches and sofas research - New home owner furnishing a new apartment!

The image that started it all!!

While looking at potential home decor options, I have found that I leann towards a combo of chrome and NOLA maximalism.

It’s a thing. I’ve decided it!

THIS image is the one that made me go, “i want THAT!”

emerald green tufted couch pricing research

I love the painting and te tripod-sculpture thingy on the right. I love that table. I love the chrome and wall colors.

Not a super big fan of the carpet, but I’m overlooking that, lol!

SO! Now let’s look at couches:

Real Quick – What is “Tufted”?

“tufted” is the upholstery effect when you have a full surface, and a button or something else has been stuck in it.

Buying Furniture Online?

I’m not super stoked at the thought of buying a couch sight unseen (how will I know if it’s COMFY?!?!?!), so I’ll be searching the internet for reviews as well!

#1 Tufted Green Sofa Option from Wayfair

Okay, so this green tufted sofa is what I ended up going with! is the one I ended up buying!. It’s  34″ x 79.5″ x 34″, of 3′ x 6.5′ x 3′ ish. I really love the point at the center front of it, and I like the silver “rail heads” (those round metallic things on the arms and upper edge.

Buuuuuuut I’m not a fan of the 3.4 out of 5 star overall review. Different reviewers shared that it’s “great for shorties” (hi, me!) but more than a few point out that it’s more of a show piece and they don’t actually, you know, sit on it..

Check out this tufted green sofa here!

Tufted Emerald Green Couches

#2: Green Tufted Couch Option – Loveseat

Okay, so this emerald green tufted sofa is about a foot shorter than #1, measuring at 61.75 x 33.75 x 27.75. It evokes a different era (more early 20th century than the Victorian-esque one above), but I still like it!

Also, because it’s shorter it may work better with an armchair or other seating. Reviewers give it an average of 4 stars, noting that it’s more compact and lower to the ground than other sofas. Want it a bit more long? Get the same version with 3 cushions here!

See more details and shop this green emerald loveseat here!

Emerald green loveseat.
This sofa feels very British Gentleman’s Club!
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

#3 Green Tufted Sofa: Antenore Velvet Sofa & Chaise

Okay, so I’m NOT a “mid-century modern” kind of person, but I’ve added this one to the list in case YOU are! This isn’t too MCM, it’s a nice combo of different design aesthetics.

Check the product description for measurements, as this is two pieces!

Shop this tufted green velvet sectional couch here!

Tufted Emerald Green Couches

#4 Velvet Green Sofa: Koldo 83.85” Flared Arm Sofa

Remember how I just told you I wasn’t a huge “mid-century modern” person? Well, turns out that that couch from my inspo image is pretty dang mid-century modern! It’s not tufted, but I still like it!

I love the gold detailing on this couch!

Get more info on this velvet green sofa here.

#5 Green Velvet Sofa Option: Capri Velvet Chesterfield

Popping into a new aesthetic is this emerald green velvet sofa from Wayfair! It’s 30.7” H x 76.4” W x 30.7” D. It’s not tufted, but I still like it!

This style of tufting is called “channel tufting,” and it is pretty fun! I think I prefer the rail head look, though? It has a 4.4 review, with negative reviews focusing on damaged packaging.

Check out this green velvet sofa here.

Tufted Emerald Green Couches
Shop Wayfair here!

#6 Unique Green Velvet Sofa: Hay Needle Sofa Ava Velvet Sofa

Y’all, when I saw this photo I was like, “OMG THAT TOP CURVE!!!” Then I clicked over and was crushed ot see it’s out of stock. It’s not tufted, but I still like it!

I love the fun curved lines on this sofa, making it an organic yet modern sofa.

The sofa isn’t available on Hay Needle, but I did find a listing on this site? That said, turns out this is 92″ long, making it the largest on the list. (Not a bad thing, just something to note!)

Tufted Emerald Green Couches
Shop this sofa here!

Also, not to get too excited, but loved these end tables on the same site, Appliance Connection. Should I just order the lot and call it a day?

You’ll remember above where I said I loved the chrome + velvet combo. I think we’re getting somewhere!!

#7 Green Velvet Sofa: Delp 85” Velvet Square Arm Sofa with Reversible Cushions

How fun is this smodern take on a tufted sofa? I love the cylindrical cushions!

Shop this green velvet couch here.

The Home Decor Hunt Continues!

I’ll keep updating this post as I find options, and I’d LOVE (really truly) any recommendations you can throw my way. I want a sturdy piece of furniture that’s comfy and stylish. This will be the first couch I *EVER* buy, and I need all the help I can get!!

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