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Cowgirl Style - Plus Size Fashion Editorial in Utah

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I grew up in podunk America, and I couldn’t WAIT to leave. Fast forward a decade, and here I am doing photoshoots featuring cowgirl boots, a cowgirl hat and a whole lotta sass!

The Outfit – H2T Torrid (Almost!)

I’ve been wanting to do this photoshoot for almost a year, but I couldn’t find a plus size white linen blouse – I could only find 100% cotton that was thick. I wanted a more “drapey” and relaxed look to the clothes, so I waited it out!

And then, I found it! The Blouse!

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Do you ever think about the question, “What would your 12-year-old self think of you now?” . Cause I do, so let’s talk about it. 😂 . Pre-teen Baby Bri had Big Plans and Big Goals, a few of of which I’ve managed to make happen, and more than a few that I haven’t made happen. . I’m turning 30 this year (Cowboy Jesus take the wheel), and I’m having a host of feelings about being where I need to be buuuuut not being WHERE I want to be. . For example, 12-year-old Bri would be made as heck to learn that I’m not a millionaire (yet) nor do I have a a Penthouse (emphasis on that capital P) in Manhattan and other luxury real estate properties hanging in my portfolio. Yet. . 12yo Bri would NOT be pleased seeing this photo of visibly fat country me, representing just about everything I was embarrassed about and ready to leave behind. But 29yo Bri fucking loves it 💁🏻‍♀️ 🤠 🐄 . I took a hard left a few years ago when I found my real dreams, and daaaaaang can we pour one out for the “almost not quite” dreams that are tempting, easier but just don’t do it for us? . I’ve definitely been making moves and making plans, and I know this is my Inflection Year – the turning point where years of labor and late nights start to pay off in a major way. . I have a post-it note on my mirror that says, “This life is not a warm up” and that’s been my motto for this year. My goal is go ALL OUT in the remainder of 2020 and into 2021 (and beyond) because this shit isn’ta dress rehearsal. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Do you ever feel like you hold yourself back? I hope tonight and tomorrow you give yourself permission and space to take small steps and then big leaps into your dream life. . What are you big dreams? What magic are you working in your life? . 📸: @visualsbygie . #PlusSize #CowgirlUp #CountryStyle #CowgirlBoots #QueerFemme #CountryFashion #HBIC #Bossbabe #Fatshion }#Fatshionista #visiblyplussize #effyourbeautystandards #Finance #chaosmagick #PersonalFinanceBlogger #MoneyBlogger

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List of Items Photographed

  • Plus Size White Linen Button Down (Torrid, I’m in a 2) | LINK
  • High waisted plus size shorts (Torrid, I’m in a size 20) | LINK
  • Cowgirl Hat (Torrid) – Real talk, this was a bit too small for my head!
  • Cowgirl Boots – Amazon | LINK
Plus Size Cowgirl Outfit

Review – Plus Size Cowgirl Boots (Wide Width Calves)?

I snagged these fashion cowgirl boots (SheSole Women’s Winter Western Cowgirl Cowboy Boots) from Amazon. It was really important to me to have cowgirl boots with white stitching on brown leather, and I was frustrated to see most cowgirl boots didn’t have white stitching at this price point.

I snagged a size 9. I sometimes have to buy wide-width boots, and sometimes I don’t! The fullest part of my calves are 18.75″ and, I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear these with pants – maybe leggings!

Check out these cowgirl boots here.

Plus Size Cowgirl Outfit

Look Book Images – Plus Size Cowgirl Outfit – Fashion Photoshoot with Utah Plus Size Model

Below, I’ve shared all of the images from the photoshoot! Be sure to join me on Instagram for BTS (Behind The Scenes) images, and Pinterest, for more plus size fashion ideas!

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