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Unique tufted emerald green couch
One of the things I've been doing during self-quarantine is look for house goods, in preparation for my big move! This has meant a lot of pinterest boards, and I also have a handy spreadsheet I'm using to keep estimate moving costs. I'm...
I love interviewing my blogger and creative friends on The Huntswoman, and today I'm interviewing one of my fave ladies on the internet – Shamika of Fro Plus Fashion! Shamika recently purchased a home in Florida, and I've been loving her content on DIY...
Great gift ideas for driven women
Do you have a woman who kicks butt in your life – but you don't know what to get her? A woman with a 10-year plan, whose planner is intimidating AF and makes the patriarchy tremble where it stands? She kicks butt in meetings, is politically...

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