How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo in 2022 | My 7 Tips

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo

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Today on the blog, I’m sharing my tested method on how to earn XP fast on Duolingo. I use this method to earn 1,000 XP in a day!

I’ve written a few posts on Duolingo, as I’ve been on the platform for 4 years. And, in 2022, I got a LOT more serious – purchasing Duolingo Plus for the full year!

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How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo

Part of what makes Duolingo so fun is the gamification – the points, leagues and prizes that help to motivate users to stay consistent!

Key to the gamification are “Duolingo XP” or points, that serve to track you daily, weekly and overall progress on the app. These points are used to rank you in Duolingo leagues – and the user with the most XP points wins.

Since starting Duolingo on Jan 1, 2022, I have found a systemized approach to rack up Duolingo XP fast – hitting 1,000 XP on Duolingo per day.

Ready to learn how? Let’s get started.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo

Tip #1 to Earn XP Fast: Get an Early Bird Award

I discovered this XP hack by accident one morning, and it’s a game changer. This feature is key to earning XP fast on Duolingo!

Every morning when I get up, I do 1 Duolingo lesson before getting in the shower. This isn’t my daily practice time — I practice at the end of the day.

No, I’ve trained myself to do 1 lesson before taking a shower so that later in the evening, I can earn XP FAST. When you do a Duolingo lesson in the morning, you get an “Early Bird Award” that can be redeemed for 2X XP points later that day.

I’ve trained myself to do 1 lesson before taking a shower in the AM, to get an Early Bird Reward!

These “XP boosts” use purple potions as their icon, and they usually are only awarded when you finish 1 full level [6 lessons].

The XP boosts can be used later in the day, to double the XP value of your regular lessons – and these are key to earning XP fast on Duolingo!

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
An “Early Bird Award” acts as an “XP Boost,” which are critical to earning XP fast on Duolingo!

Tip #2 to Earn XP Fast: Review Previous Lessons on “Hard Practice”

I learn through repetition, so I make sure to review Skills [the round circles pictured], every day.

This is also a great way to maximize Duolingo XP, as every finished Skill has two levels – easy and hard.

Reviewing at the “Hard Practice” level results in 20XP – two times more XP than a new lesson.

Reviewing previous lessons [selecting “Hard Practice”] is key to both learning a new language on Duolingo – and to earn XP fast on the platform.

Aaaand, if you use an “XP Boost” [our purple potion friend], then you can earn 40 XP per lesson review. Boom!

Further on down, I share my full system to earn XP fast on Duolingo, sharing where and how I use boosts, along with the exact order I review lessons and use other features.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
On the app, you can review finished Skills [ex: “Alphabet 2”] to earn XP fast on Duolingo. I use my “Early Bird Award” to get double XP here – earning 40 XP!

Tip #3 to Earn XP Fast: Head to the “Practice Hub” [Plus Only]

Ok, there are a lot of things you can click on when you open up your Duolingo app.

The “Practice Hub” is found by clicking on the blue [sometimes gold] hand weight on the side of the app.

XP boosts [purple potions] double the value of XP earned in the Practice Hub. The amount of XP in the Practice Hub varies, as it’s updated based on your past mistakes. I like to let the lessons hit 15-20 XP before clicking on them.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
The “Practice Hub” can be found on the sidebar of your Duolingo app!

Tip #4 to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo: Pay to Play

Ok, this tip to earn XP fast is kind of obvious – but I’m not assuming anything here! To earn XP fast on Duolingo, you need to get rid of the ads. Racking up XP on Duolingo requires Duolingo Plus.

Paying to remove the ads will save you a lot of time [and gives you access to the Practice Hub from Tip #3!]

I find that the ads make me want to close the app, which is a surefire way *not* to earn XP fast!

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo

Tip #5 to Earn XP Fast: Bonus XP – League Area

Ok, so if you click the “shield” icon at the bottom of the app [pictured], you’ll be taken to your league ranking.

On the bottom righthand corner, you’ll see a round purple icon. This will take you to a “Bonus XP Exercise” that changes up every once in a while.

Right now, I have the “Lightning Round” option for Bonus XP. This is a timed exercise, and successful completion nets 40 XP.

Note: The “XP Boost” [purple potion] does not double the XP here, at time of publishing this post.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
There’s different kinds of games // challenges in this area, and they tend to be 40 XP. The 2X XP Boosts don’t work on these!

Tip #6 to Earn XP Fast: Join Friends on Duolingo

When trying to learn a language on Duolingo, having an XP goal is great – because you can earn XP throughout the day. It’s harder [for me, anyways,] to track the total # of minutes per day, especially as I take breaks or do Duolingo throughout the day.

A big game changer for me has been tweeting and posting to FB about my Duolingo progress, and inviting my friends to join me. Seeing the weekly progress of my friends [found by clicking on their username] helps motivate me to get in gear. I also love being able to end “Congrats” to friends as they achieve their goals!

Also, real talk, tweeting or posting to social media when I hit 1,000 XP is very motivating, as I have a group of Duolingo buddies online! We all cheer each other on.

[Note: If you find yourself being discouraged by checking out how many XP points your friends earn everyday, then don’t check! The goal here is to have fun!]

A lot of my friends and clients have gotten back on Duolingo, because I’ve been posting about it.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
Above, I’ve shared an example from my Twitter on how to post to social media to connect with friends on Duolingo!

I regularly share tweets like this, which helps me get more XP [love bragging rights] ++ connect with friends on the Duolingo app!

Here are some ideas on what to post to social media get your friends to join you on the app:

  • Woo! I just hit my # day streak on Duolingo. I’d love to make more friends on the app, click this link to add me.
  • BAM. Hit my goal of 500 XP today on Duolingo. If you’re also on Duolingo, I’d love to be friends!
  • Anyone else on Duolingo? I just bought Duolingo Plus, and I’d love to add friends on the app!

Note: I’m on a 24-day streak at time of writing, and I found I had to post 2-3x a week on social media for a couple of weeks before a BUNCH of my friends started joining and adding me.

That means I posted my profile link + updates 6-9X before a lot of folks started adding me. Not everyone sees your posts on social media [thanks to the algorithm], so posting a couple of times a week for a while is helpful!

Tip #7 to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo: Get Competitive!

Ok, this last tip isn’t going to apply for everyone – but if you’re competitive like me, this can be helpful.

When I don’t feel like getting 1,000 XP in [or even 100 XP!, I find the Duolingo League to be SUPER motivating.

I love to win, and finishing in the Top 3 – or finishing in the #1 spot – feels AWESOME.

When working on getting my XP fast on Duolingo, I will click over to the chart to see myself moving up in the rankings – or putting more distance between myself at #1 and the next person.

I’ll also see what my friends have done on Duolingo that day, getting motivation from their hard work. [Ok, I’m also a little competitive here as well!]

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
Sharing Tweets like this serves my competitive nature, lol!

My Systemized Approach to Earn 1,000 XP in a Day

Ok, so now you know a bunch of helpful tips on how to earn XP fast on Duolingo.

But the real magic here is knowing the order in which to activate everything, so as to maximize XP.

In my life and my business, I am all about setting up systems to do well – from my morning routine to writing blog posts – and earning a lot of XP on Duolingo is no different, lol.

Below, I’ve shared how I earn 1,000 XP on Duolingo every day:

Note: I’ve written out my system below, but I’m not rigid about it. If I find myself getting bored or frustrated in one area of Duolingo, I switch up what I’m doing. I try to use the gamification and features of Duolingo to keep myself engaged and having fun.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo

Step 1: Morning – Earn 1,000 XP on Duolingo

As I shared earlier, I do 1 Duolingo lesson before jumping in the shower to get the XP Boost. I usually do a lesson from the Practice Hub, or pick an easy review [10 XP] from a completed skill.

I don’t want to get “sucked into” the app in the morning, so I go for a review. I’ve found if I do a new lesson with new material – I’ll take another 30 minutes to an hour to get ready in the AM, lol.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
I choose a quick and easy lesson to earn my “Early Bird Award”! This also helps me preserve my Duolingo Streak!

Step 2: Evening – XP Boost & Review

I study a new language in the evening, usually in the bathtub, lol. The key to earning XP fast on Duolingo is to have fun!

To get ~in the zone~ I’ll do a couple of new lessons, saying the words and sounds as I go. [Repeating after the app is key for retaining new words, I’ve found.]

After a few lessons, I’ll then activate my “Early Bird” XP Boost, so that all lessons are now worth 2X.

I’ll then review the past ~3-4 skills, selecting “Hard Practice” earning 40 XP points per each lesson. Depending on the number of skills you have completed, you can easily earn 100 to 200 XP in 15 minutes.

But wait – there’s more!

Doing this, I keep in mind that my goal is to learn a new language on the app – not just get XP. Earning XP and being super competitive helps me reach my goal – but the XP isn’t the goal here, lol.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
This screenshot isn’t STELLAR, lol. Here, I’m trying to show that I alternate between old lessons and new ones.

So, to learn new words, I alternate a new lesson with a review lesson, going like this:

  • Early Bird Reward Activated
  • Hard Practice Review – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Hard Practice Review – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Hard Practice Review – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Hard Practice Review – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]

I usually end up doing around 7-10 lessons here, earning 180 XP – 300 XP.

Step 3: Evening – Earn a New XP Boost

When doing the New Lessons [20 XP] above, I do my best to almost finish *one* Skill to lesson 5 out of 6.

Almost. Finish.

^^ This is key to earning XP fast on Duolingo!

Let me explain:

I do NOT finish a level [hitting lesson 6 out of 6] if I still have time left on my XP Boost.

The reason for this is that the App will reward me with *another* XP Boost when I finish a level. But, for whatever reason, you won’t earn this XP boost if you finish a level – while using an XP Boost.

Put another way, I try not to be using an XP boost when I finish a level [lesson 6 out of 6] on a Skill.

Put another way, I try not to be using an XP boost when I finish a level [lesson 6 out of 6] on a Skill.

Ideally, by the time my first XP Boost [the Early Bird XP] runs out, I can quickly earn another by finishing a level – completing lesson 6 of 6.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
When I’m lesson 5/6, I don’t finish that level if I am *currently* using an XP Boost. When I “test out” of a level, I do so to earn ANOTHER XP boost.

Step 4: Evening – Take a Break at 500 XP

Usually at this point, I’m around 500 XP for the day, so I take a break. It’s important to let your brain rest and space out practice time.

If I’m not quite to 500 XP on Duolingo, but I don’t want to use a Timed Boost, then I’ll head over to “The League” section and do a few timed trials until I get there. Or I’ll finish reviewing the Skills [doing all the “Hard Practice” options] or do a few lessons in the Practice Hub.

Then my brain needs a break! Earning XP fast on Duolingo does require breaks, friend!

Step 5: Evening – Alternate Regular Lessons and Practice Hub

When I open Duolingo back up, I’ll basically repeat Step 2 – but I’ll alternate regular lessons with lessons from the Practice Hub.

I make sure to activate an “XP Boost” before doing this. Usually the one earned in Step 3.

  • XP Boost Activated
  • Practice Hub – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Practice Hub – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Practice Hub – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]
  • Practice Hub – [40 XP]
    New Lesson – [20 XP]

Usually, there are a limited number of lessons waiting for me in the Practice Hub, so sometimes I can do 4 or 5, and sometimes 1 or 2.

Practice Hub is super clutch for earning XP fast on Duolingo.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
With this screenshot, i’m trying to show that I switch back and forth between learning new content + reviewing!

Step 6: Evening – Finish a Skill or Earn XP Fast through XP Bonus

Ok, so now we’re towards the end. This final step is really excellent for earning XP on Duolingo fast.

Usually at this point, I have two options:

  1. Finish an entire skill [Achieve “Legendary” Status!]
  2. Timed XP Challenges

Option 1: Finish an Entire Skill on Duolingo to Earn XP Fast

If there’s an entire Skill I can finish, I only start it if i have an XP Boost to use. Ideally, from Step 7, I’ll be pretty close to earning my third XP Boost of the day. I’ll get my XP Boost, then [if available] I’ll arn the 6 crowns on the final level.

Why do I only finish a Skill with an XP boost?

Well, each of those crowns is worth 40 – 45 XP – and they’re worth 90 XP if I have an XP Boost.

Finishing all 6 means that I get 240 XP pretty quickly on Duolingo!

Duolingo Tip: When trying to earn XP fast on Duolingo, it’s CRITICAL to use an XP Boost [purple potion] when finishing a Skill.

How to Earn XP Fast on Duolingo
I only finish a Skill [“Legendary Status”] with an XP Boost!

Option 2: Getting to 1,000 XP on Duoling in a Day

Buuuut, I don’t finish a skill every day. Remember, my goal is to actually learn a language. A lot of folks get in trouble // find they have to restart a language if they sacrifice their learning to earning XP as fast as possible.

SO, if there isn’t a Skill I can finish, I’ll usually finish off the night with a bunch of “XP Bonus” rounds, earning 40 XP per round [sometimes, you have to go through levels to get to 40 XP.]

I’ll bounce around between the Bonus XP, Practice Hub and New Lessons util I hit 1,000 XP in one day.

Final thoughts – Earning XP Fast on Duolingo

From my system above, you can see that XP Boosts are pretty critical to earning XP fast on Duolingo. These boosts can help you reach 1,000 XP on Duolingo – in half of the time!

Overall, my #1 tip is this: Keep your eye on your goal to learn a new languag & have fun! Being motivated by XP is great, but don’t let that goal ecplipse your goal to regularly use the platform + learn a new language!

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