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Figuring out where to shop for a plus size blazer can be TOUGH.  Whether you want a cute casual plus size outfit for the weekend or a plus size blazer to wear to work – it’s hard out here!

[Note: This post was first published on November 1, 2018. It was last updated July 24, 2023. Please be sure to double check all info in this post with the brands, as info does change!  I try to keep my pots updated, but things change fast! Ty for your support. <3333]

This blog post is all about plus size blazers.

Where to Buy Plus Size Blazers in 2023

Hi, I’m Brianne [she/her]!  I own my own businesses [multiple!], and I LOVEEE plus size blazers. I’m a plus size blogger and designer with a fashion background, and I am an EXPERT in plus size blazers at this point, lol.

I love blazers because they’re such a versatile outfit option!  I think that throwing on a plus size blazer can instantly elevate an outfit!  I love a full suit, aaaaand I love to pair a plus size blazer with boyfriend jeans!

And because I freaking ADORE plus size blazers, I decided to write this post – showing you where to shop for plus size blazers online!  As a plus size person, I have found some blazers from various brands VERY hard to wear.  A plus size body is shaped differently (real talk), and I have had issues with some brands where the blazer is really tight across my shoulders, or the arms are hard to raise, etc.  

plus size blazer

I’ve gathered some of my favorite plus size fashion brands to snag plus size blazers for plus business babes.  Being plus doesn’t mean you have to wear unattractive workwear!!

While there are quite a few places to buy plus-size blazers online, I stuck with brands that I’ve personally tested – and loved!  Below, you’ll find my guide on where to snag a plus size blazer:

#1 Brand: Where to Buy Plus Size Blazers:  Professional Plus Size Blazers at Lane Bryant

Some people are surprised to see Lane Bryant at the top of this list – but I LOVE plus size blazers from Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant has been creating different versions of their plus size double breasted blazers (two rows of buttons makes it “double-breasted”), and I get SO MANY compliments on mine!

Let’s Talk Sizing:

  • Lane Bryant makes plus size blazers in sizes 12 – 28, and in petites 12 – 28
plus size blazers

Lane Bryant also has plus size blazers made out of “ponte fabric,” which is known for having body – and also a good amount of stretch – but not to the point of sagging (like some jeggings!).  I particularly like wearing a plus size blazer made out of ponte fabric, because in my experience it makes driving and travel easier.  If you’re planning on doing a lot of moving about (maybe a day of travel, lots of meetings and presentatons, etc) then finding a plus size blazer made with ponte fabric might be a fit for your needs!

I love this tan plus size blazer from Lane Bryant.  I think this is just so chic and sophisticated.  What a great plus size summer blazer!

plus size blazer

Not into buttons on a plus size blazer?  Don’t like to feel constrained? Lane Bryant also has a bunch of plus size  wrap belted blazer jackets as well! I think a plus size blazer like this can be a great choice, and I’d definitely recommend it to someone who isn’t quite sure the level of professionalism they need.  This is a but more of a “chill” plus size professional look, but it’s also still very put together and chic!

plus size blazer

Shop plus size blazers at Lane Bryant here.

plus size blazer

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#2 Brand: Where to Buy Plus Size Blazers:  Professional Plus Size Blazers at Eloquii

TALL BABES, rejoice!  Eloquii has plus size workwear and blazers especially for you.  They’re also great for babes with long waists (hi, it me). I do find that their sleeves are a bit long on me, but that’s because *I* am slightly short, lol.

In my experience, Eloquii makes two kinds of plus size blazers: really classic and chic pieces they have year-to-year (like the iconic 365 suit longline plus size blazer that I think EVERY plus size babe should have in their wardobe, it’s SUCH a staple piece, I think) as well as very VERY trendy and stylish plus size blazers. I call these “NOW Blazers”. In fashion, it can be annoying that plus size brands lag in the trends, but Eloquii does NOT do that. In my experience, they’re really at the forefront!

plus size blazer

I get the most compliments on my outfits when I’m wearing Eloquii pieces, and it’s always funny to tell someone who is “straight sized” (not plus sized) where I got my outfit, because I know Eloquii doesn’t make their size.

it’s always funny to tell someone who is “straight sized” (not plus sized) where I got my outfit, because I know Eloquii doesn’t make their size.

Eloquii makes plus size blazers in up to a size 28/30, and have blazers in petite sizes available!

Let’s Talk Sizing:

  • Eloquii makes plus size blazers in sizes 14 to 32

I really appreciate that Eloquii has plus size blazers for folks who work a more conservative 9-5, as well as pieces that are #FASHION!

Shop plus size blazers at Eloquii here.

plus size blazer from eloquii
Here I am in the ICONIC 365 Eloquii blazer I talked about above. This is just SUCH a classic wardrobe piece, and I think everyone needs this plus size blazer!

#3 Brand: Where to Buy Plus Size Blazers:  Professional Plus Size Blazers at City Chic

If you’re looking for little details that communicate “LUXURY,” City Chic is where you’re going to want to shop.  City Chic also has a good selection of blouses, perfect for pairing with a blazer.

Let’s Talk Sizing!

  • City Chic makes plus size blazers in up to a size US 24!

Shop City Chic’s plus size blazers here.

plus size blazer

Who Makes The BEST Plus Size Blazers?

I think that Lane Bryant makes the best staple plus size blazers, and that Eloquii makes the best trendy and most current plus size blazers!

Finally, a tip on TAILORING!

Ok, babe! When it comes to fashion, something I always LOVE to remind my readers is that you really do need to get a tailor! Clothing is manufactured for the MASSES, taking an average of different kinds of body measurements. I really recommend that you get a blazer fitted to you, making sure all of the seams are right.


Well, because when a blazer fits ME well, I feel so much better wearing it!

Remember, your body is not the problem!!! We just have to get our clothes adjusted to fit us well! <3

Additional Plus Size Blazer Brands to Check Out

I haven’t tried blazers at all of these plus size fashion brands, but here are some additional places to shop for plus size blazers:

This blog post was all about plus size blazers.

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