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Plus size boyfriend jeans style guide

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When I initially found a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans at my local Torrid, I didn’t realize that I was *about* to have a Cinderella + glass slippers MOMENT.

I was going through the clothing racks, and the light blue texture of these jeans caught my eye. I pulled them out and considered them, eying them up and down.

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Plus size boyfriend jeans from torrid

The straight leg of the pants and the thick fabric made me pause. I’ve been a plus size jegging girl for YEARS, but these pants reminded me a lot of LEVI’S ads from the 1980’s.

I decided to give them a whirl, and I’m SO GLAD I DID.


I love boyfriend jeans, because I think they are such a fun and relaxed “cool girl” aesthetic. You can pair them with a tighter top, dress them up or done, add some heels for a nice summer lunch – the chic possibilities are ENDLESS.

Light creme jacket from Maurices - utah blogger

Paired with a White T-Shirt & Light Creme Jacket

I styled my boyfriend jeans with a white t-shirt from Torrid, light creme jacket from Maurices and block heels from Torrid (LOVE their wide width shoes).

I stayed in a lighter color palette, and I could definitely also a see a more grunge look happening with boyfriend jeans!

Outfit idea for plus size boyfriend jeans with white tee, heels and a jacket

Seeing My Body in a New Way

I’m used to only wearing clothing that acentuates an hourglass figure or really hugs my body.

Wearing boyfriend jeans is similar to wearing a more boxy dress – it takes you a minute to adjust how you think you’re *supposed* to look, but the compliments will pour in!!

And, Of Course, a Faux Hawk!

I kind of miss my faux hawk, looking at these pictures! It’s so fun to style looks with short hair like this!

plus size blogger with short hair

YOUR turn!! How You Choose a Good Pair of “Boyfriend” Jeans

It’s been a good few years since I came out of the closet, so I the term “boyfriend jeans” kind of makes me roll my eyes.

What about butch GIRLFRIEND jeans, huh?!

finding the right pair of boyfriend jeans
Notice how boyfriend jeans have a wide leg and are often cuffed!

Jokes jokes.

Here’s how you pick a good pair of Boyfriend Jeans:

Tip #1: Little to No Stretch is GOOD!

To get the desired relaxed look but straight legs of a boyfriend jean, it’s important that the fabric not have a lot of stretch fibers in it.

If you’re like “What are you talking about?” I got you!

On all pieces of clothing sold commercially, you can look at the tag to see the makeup of the fabric. If you see lycra or spandex on the tag (more than like 5% of the garment), then move along! Those jeans won’t hold their “Boyfriend” shape!

styling boyfriend jeans as a plus size person

Tip #2: Thicker Fabric

Because we’re not getting stretch fabric, it’s important that the jeans FEEL thick. The fabric should not be thin like you’d see in jeggings!!! If it’s too thin, you’ll rip it when you squat.

THICK fabric. Like jean jacket feeling.

Tip #3: The Crotch Situation // Chub Rub

Make sure that the pants fit comfortably, and your upper thighs aren’t touching. I’ve tried on a good amount of plus size boyfriend jeans, and I’ve found that man designs have a low crotch – meaning that the crotch hits lower than it should, and my thighs rub together.

finding good quality plus size denim

Where to Buy Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

Okay, now that I’ve sold you on trying boyfriend jeans, I want to share where the heck to find them!

Brand #1: Torrid Boyfriend Jeans

Torrid has been my go-to for Boyfriend Jeans for years. I especially like the distressed look of these jeans!

Torrid Boyfriend Jeans go up to a size 30, and they retail for up to $80 USD (ish).

Shop Torrid Boyfriend Jeans here!

Brand #2: Eloquii

Another one of my plus size favorites is the brand, Eloquii! I bought my first pair of jeans from Eloquii in January of this year, and they’ve held up quite nicely!

These jeans are more relaxed than Torrid’s pair above, and they really scream a “Glossier Girl” aesthetic.

Shop Boyfriend Jeans at Eloquii by clicking HERE!

Plus size boyfriend jeans from Eloquii with cheetah booties and black top

Brand #3: ASOS

Oh, ASOS! How I love thee! There are so many brands to choose from on ASOS, and I loved these cuffed boyfriend jeans from Simply Be!

Shop plus size boyfriend jeans at ASOS Curve HERE!

plus size boyfriend jeans from ASOS curve

Brand #4: CoEdition

CoEdition is a plus size retailer that pulls from a lot of different niche plus size brands, making it WAY easier to try new plus size labels.

I had never heard of the brand, RAIA, before writing this post – and I am very intrigued by these jeans!

Shop denim on CoEdition by clicking HERE!

plus size boyfriend jeans from ASOS

Brand #5: LEVI’S via Amazon Prime

The brand that started it all, LEVIS! These dark wash plus size boyfriend jeans are a great wardrobe staple. They go up to a size US 26!

Shop plus size boyfriend jeans on Amazon HERE!

Amazon plus size boyfriend jeans

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