4+ Best ADHD Products on Amazon for ADHD – Gifts To Get YOURSELF!

best adhd products on amazon

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Best Products for ADHD

Today on the blog, I’m sharing 4 items that I got on Amazon that have changed the GAME for me and my ADHD. I’ve blogged a bunch ADHD, from getting diagnosed to life hacks to specific tips I wish I had known when going through the process, and alllll of those posts are linked at the end of this blog post.

Best Products for ADHD
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Best ADHD Products on Amazon

Please note that I’m being a bit snarktastic in the title of this here blog post. I do NOT recommend getting these items as a gift for someone with ADHD. These are gifts to get YOURSELF!

Getting these ADHD products for someone else could be very hurtful to that person. We (people with ADHD) know that we do not do things like other people, and many of us are actually really freakin’ self-conscious about it. If you want to do something nice for your friend with ADHD that will help them, get them a mani/pedi. Or something in that self-care//spa realm.

I would be pretty dang hurt if folks got me the items on this list as a gift, because it would *FEEL* like a judgement. So, don’t give these items as gifts to another human, deal?

Okay, now that my little disclaimer is over, let’s DIG IN! These are products that I use // tell my clients about.

#1 Best Products for ADHD – iPhone Charger Subscription

best products for ADHD on amazon

I used to spend a lot of time searching for phone chargers, and it was really stressful to have my phone dying all of the dang time (I blame TikTok). And y’all, I would be so mean to myself about “not having my ish together” because I couldn’t find a charger.

I’d constantly borrow friends chargers while traveling, and it’s a whole nightmare. Digging through my bag, I would feel overwhelmed, ashamed and super embarassed.

ADHD shame is REAL, folks!

Then, one day, I was like, “I’m DONE hating! I’m over being embarassed? What if I just bought a crap ton of cords and charging blocks and then always had a ton on hand? What if I had *so* many that I never needed to look for one? There would always be one close by!”

Well, what happened was LIFE CHANGING. I got a subscription for phone chargers on Amazon, and I get 6 iphone chargers every 3 months. Having an abundance of phone chargers means that I have them just hanging around my house!

The ADHD charging cables can hang out all over, and it’s such a relief to have them. I wish I had done this years ago.

I am typing this blog post //listicle at the airport right now, and I packed 5 (count them **5**) phone chargers for this trip – and it made everything so much more relaxing and better!! Better yet, my super-organized and Virgo bestie asked to use *my* charger, which was a definite departure from past trips, lolol.

I’ve realized that spending a bunch of time trying to track down a gd phone charger isn’t worth my sanity!!! Talking myself through this little journey, I was like, “Wait, wouldn’t I pay $12 a month to stop feeling awful about myself and save a ton of time looking for phone chargers? Totally worth it!”

Snag this ADHD subscription on Amazon HERE.

#2 Best Products for ADHD – Beeping Keychain for Car Keys!!

best products for ADHD on amazon

I spend a LOT of time looking for my keys. While I wait to get my hand chipped to open my car door, this little beeper system has been so worth it.

The keychains attach to my car key ring, and I use the remote to find where they’re hiding. This has saved me so much time! (Yes, I do have a hook and bowl by my door for keys. Real talk, I have a small bladder, so I’m often RUNNING into my apartment to use the bathroom. I just fling my keys wherever and let god sort them out.)

The only drawback is that the battery on the beeper keychain has to be changed every 8-10 months. But I’m the only person who uses this in my house, so I have a bunch of backups as the package comes with 4 colors!

Snag this ADHD hack here.

#3 Best Products for ADHD – Tide-To-Go Pens in **BULK**

best products for ADHD on amazon

Next up on my list of ADHD Hacks is to stash multiple Tide-To-Go pens in various drawers, purses, suitcases and in my car glovebox, etc. I have like a dozen of these bbs floating around.

Being distracted easily means I spill on myself. it’s embarrassing. Thx, I hate it! Love a tide-to-go pen!

It’s similar to #1, where having a bunch makes them easy to use and there is minimal time spent looking for it. I’ve thought about tying one to a string and like, tying it to something in my house and having a “go-to” spot, but this is working great.

Snag this ADHD product and hack by clicking HERE!

A lot of my clients also have ADHD! This week I’m going to share ADHD hacks + products I’ve found helpful. A white noise machine is my #1 rec, as it keeps me from getting distracted by other ppl + sounds in my house! This is the one I use: https://buff.ly/3fWYLQj (affiliate)

#4 Best Products for ADHD – White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is my #1 rec, as it keeps me from getting distracted by other ppl + sounds in my house! This is the one I use: https://buff.ly/3fWYLQj

I like it’s hexagon design (oooo trendy!), and it has a bunch of tones and sounds to choose from. I travel with my white noise machine, and it really helps to get me in the work zone (1 setting) or go TF to sleep (different setting).

I think white noise machines are a hard sell, because you don’t know how awesome they are until you use one. I first used this model of white noise machine while staying with my besties in Brooklyn. After a week of deeper and more restful sleep in nyc (complete with sirens and car horns), the first night back in my own bed wasn’t nearly as restful – because I was missing my white noise machine!

I texted my bestie that night to send me a picture of their white noise machine, so I’d know which one to snag. And then I ordered this bad boy with rush shipping, lol.

Snag this white noise machine HERE!

best products for ADHD on amazon


At the moment, I have three books on my list for reading.

Alrighty, there’s a little listicle of the top products for ADHD from Amazon.  Give yourself the gift of less stress, and try one out!

More ADHD Help

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best products for ADHD on amazon

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