Streaks Productivity App Review – – Worth the Purchase?


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If you’ve been following my Instagram Story, you’ve likely seen me post about #GetYourShitDoneSaturday, as well as how I’m building systems to support the growth of my business.

Back in the day, I used to think that having a schedule or being organized “limited my creativity,” or made me “boring.” I thought a planner would make me loose out on ~being spontaneous~. But that wasn’t the case at all. After a number of opportunities fell through the cracks my last year of college, I decided to #GetMyShitTogether and become more organized.

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Turns out that being organized has increased my ability to be creative and spontaneous, because I know what I have to do on a given day. I’m not constantly running through my mental to-do list and worrying about forgetting things.

Productivity Issue: The Little Things

While I’ve become much more organized in my daily life, I’ve had issues planning and scheduling the smaller to-do list tasks. Things like remembering to put on sunscreen, make my bed and promote/share the work of those in my network!

Or personal development (I listen to Audible) and self-education.

Some stuff can’t be scheduled, but it still needs to get done!

Productivity Fix: The Streaks App

My friend Jonathan posted about the Streaks App a few years ago, and it lived in the back of my head as a potential solution. And about a month ago, I decided to try it – mostly to see if I could get myself to consistently make my bed.

Making my bed makes me feel better, better able to take on the world in the morning and it feels good to see when I come home. However, remembering to make it in the rush of the morning is another thing!

How It Works: The Streaks App

Basically, the app tracks the # of days in a row you’ve done something, calling this a “Streak.” It uses gamifcation to make you want to keep your record, and helps you do things on a daily basis.

You have up to 12 tasks you can add, and you can customize them with a bunch of different icons. You can also see performance stats over time, and have a whole lot of fun if you’re a productivity hacker nerd like me.

You can set up the Streaks App to send notifications at a specific time to do something, which is nice because then I don’t have to add “Make Bed” to my Google Calendar for the rest of my life!!

Major Design Issue: Getting to the Dang Calendar to Record a Finished Task

I have a degree in Product Design, and I have quite a bit of experience in app design. My #1 issue with the app is the “user flow” to be able to mark a task as done. I have to go the settings icon in the bottom lefthand corner, then hit the “…” that pops up next to the task. I hit that and *then* I can go to the calendar to mark the day.

Sometimes I hit the settings icon and a calendar icon pops up (instead of the “…”) but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the app to do that reliably.

This is obnoxious, and frankly ruined my user experience.

Should You Buy The App?

The Streaks App is $4.99 on the app store. I kind of roll my eyes when people complain about buying apps – $4.99 is pretty cheap if it helps you get shit done!!

However, after about a month of using I wouldn’t recommend a purchase. It takes too many steps to mark a task as done, and it’s obnoxious.

HOWEVER if you’re okay with extra steps, then go ahead and purchase. I was able to consistently train myself to do things (my bed has been made everyday for weeks).

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