MasterClass Review | Is MasterClass Worth It?

Masterclass Review - Is it worth it?

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Today, I’m sharing my honest MasterClass review.

MasterClass is an online learning platform, that connects people with “masters” in their field. It’s a popular platform packed full of celebrities and creative juggernauts (also literal astronauts), but is MasterClass worth it (it == the price)?

From their website: “MasterClass offers online classes created for students of all skill levels. Our instructors are the best in the world.”

MasterClass Review

MasterClass Review | Is MasterClass Worth It?

This honest review of MasterClass is pretty thorough! In my MasterClass review, I’m going to share:

  • The Price of MasterClass || Plus any hot tips on free trials and coupon codes
  • Who I am // Why I Paid for MasterClass || It’s helpful to have this information, as my background and experience are going to color my review!!
  • Whether I think YOU Should Sign Up for MasterClass || It’ not a fit for everyone
  • Review of The MasterClass Classes I’ve Taken || In this section, I’ll share a specific review of the MasterClass classes I’ve taken, and whether I think they’re worth the time.
MasterClass Review.- is it worth it?

Section 1: What does MasterClass cost? Are there MasterClass coupons or a free trial?

Okay, so MasterClass is $15 a month – but it’s billed *yearly*.

If we do some quick math, then MasterClass is $180 per year.

When talking with clients and friends about MasterClass, this number makes people wince and back away. I haven’t found a free trial offer from MasterClass, but they do offer a 30-day window for most refunds (details here).

For some reason, plunking down almost 2 Benjamins makes people avoid investing in MasterClass, and, I honestly think this is a good thing.

If you’re window shopping and not committed to using the amazing resources MasterClass has to offer, then you should NOT plunk down the $180 fee. I think this pricing model loses MasterClass customers – but it makes sure that the customers who do show up get value. The price tag is what made me show up and actually, you know, take classes.

MasterClass Coupon: MasterClass does periodically offer 2 subscriptions for the price of one, making each around $90 – or $7.50 a month. If you’re going to sign up for MasterClass, it may be worth it to ask a few friends if they’re going to – or use the free membership as a gift for a friend who is also trying to make stuff HAPPEN for themselves.

Masterclass coupon code offer

Section 2: Who am I (the person writing this MasterClass review?)

Whenever i find an online review of anything, I *always* want to know the background and demographics of the person writing the review. If I’m looking for a new car, it’s helpful to know if someone hates a Mercedes G-Wagon (Mercedes Benz G-Class) because their carseat doesn’t work in it. I don’t have kids, so these kinds of details matter!

Okay, so a brief (super brief) overview of me:

  • Single white and cisgender woman who is not-straight (woo LGBT flag! I would use the “Q” word, but Google AdSense gets mad at me when I do!)
  • No kids
  • Sagittarius
  • Loves travel // adventure // but hates the outdoors
  • Degree in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University
  • I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pre-March of 2020, I was splitting time between LA, New York City, with pit stops in Portland, OR.
  • (I’m not into cooking or most sports, which is relevant for my MaterClass Review!)

I’m a fashion designer, who also owns a coaching and branding agency, helping heck-raisers who love f-bombs build companies and their professional brands. Basically, I’m that zany creative friend/person in your feed who does a BUNCH of stuff and has a blast posting all over the internet about it. Fashion designer, pantone investigator, LGBT model, etc.

I”m a lot, I know. Let’s keep this moving!

Business woman reviews MasterClass
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I <3 Personal Development!!

I am BIG on personal development (aka “self help”) and the business section of the bookstore. We did not arrive on planet earth with all of the knowledge we need, and I listen to anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours of personal development or business content a day. I also require that all of my clients listen to 30 minutes of professional development a day, as pat of working with me.

Some people roll their eyes at ~all of this stuff~, and that’s chill. If you’re determined to stay stuck and never reach your dreams, that’s your choice!! Enjoy!!

Why does this matter? // How this info helps you!!

My goal in sharing my background is so that you know that I have spent a LOT of time and a LOT of money on similar content to MasterClass. From my audible, to podcasts, to retreats to hiring my own coaches – baby, I’ve been around the self-help and personal growth block!! MasterClass is NOT my first rodeo!!

Branding professional
Consulting website here!

Section 2b: Why did I pay for a MasterClass Membership? || Masterclass Review

Okay, so real talk. I hemmed and hawed for like, 2 years (ish) before purchasing MasterClass in early February of 2020. I was regularly getting ads, and I was INTRIGUED by some of the people who were sharing their knowledge.

What made me hand over my Visa?

I realized (while scrolling through the list of classes waiting for a latte at Starbucks) that a LOT of the people who have a MasterClass are WORLD CLASS – but they don’t have a book. Or a podcast. Or a whole lot of info.

I realized that MasterClass was giving me access to deep knowledge and experience from people who weren’t sharing it elsewhere.

Sure, many of these folks have been interviewed in places like the New York Times, etc etc, but they haven’t done a 10 hour deep dive on how they do what they do.

I asked myself, “Would I pay $200 for 10 hours of instruction from ONE of the people on MasterClass?”



So, I pressed check out. And then proceeded to not listen to a dang MasterClass for… like 6 months.


Review of MasterClass

Section 3: Do I think you should sign up for MasterClass? || Masterclass review

In my defense, the world quickly went topsy turvy a few weeks after I signed up for MasterClass. I had established routines/times when I listen to professional development and take classes, usually while traveling.

That went out the window, and my butt sat on the couch. Rather petulantly, to be honest. I’m not a happy couch sitter.

BUT, all of this brings in some important questions for you to ask yourself if you’re thinking of signing up for MasterClass. This question is key:

Do you already have an established routine of self-education or personal development??

To be SUPER clear, I do think you should sign up for MasterClass. But do you think that you should sign up?

Do you think you would get value out of MasterClass?

Something that may be holding you back is being worried about using MasterClass. Good intentions and all that, right?

You’re not alone! With new clients in my coaching and branding business, I find that people are really REALLY well-intentioned when it comes to personal development. I know we have all bought personal finance books or notebooks with the aim of getting our ish together.

But if the habit hasn’t been created, usually these efforts are in vain. (Cue existential crisis.)

MasterClass Review

BUT WAIT! We are capable of change and growth! We have self-determination. So, the next question to ask yourself is:

How will you set up a routine around MasterClass, so that you actually use it? How will this become a habit?

MasterClass has 100+ classes, and you’re going to need a plan!

Some examples:

  • Listen to MasterClass while commuting in the morning around 8AM or walking your dog everyday at 2PM
  • Listen to MasterClass while cleaning each Saturday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Watch Masterclass for 30 minutes after dinner, from 6:00 to 6:30

You will notice that each of these plans have a specific event. It’s not just “a commute” it’s your MORNING commute. It’s not just “after dinner” it’s “after dinner from 6:00 to 6:30.”

These plans have both a trigger event AND a specific time. This makes it more difficult to wiggle out of.

MasterClass Review

But we can fail ourselves… so… maybe, like an accountability buddy???

I have had dozens (truly, dozens) of clients tell me that they do their 30 minutes of personal/professional development a day, because they KNOW I am going to ask about it.

It may not make sense for you to pay someone for coaching (but eventually, you will). SO, instead, may I suggest using a friend or family member who is both loving and mean?

I recommend Venmo-ing a friend or family member $100, and you only get it BACK when you complete a MasterClass. Notice, I’m not saying to Venmo them *if* you don’t complete it. No no no. There’s no accountability there. You must Venmo FIRST, and then earn it back.

This needs to be a mean-loving person, who doesn’t take anyone’s crap. They get to keep the money if you don’t complete the class in say, 30 days.

Don’t finish a MasterClass? No money for you!!

IDGAF what happens. Barring an absolutely world shattering crisis, the class has to happen. If you can binge Great British Bake Off (Suze, pls marry me!), then you have the brain space and time for this.

Ready to make a commitment? Get MasterClass HERE!

MasterClass Review - is it worth it?

Mini-Challenge: Audio Book

An additional (or alternate) challenge here is to get an Audible subscription, and get a personal development or business book. My fave personal finance books are HERE and my fave business books are HERE, if you need a recommendation.

An audio book on Audible is around $20. Your task is to listen to this book in the same way you’d do a MasterClass. So, listening during your AM commute, while walking your dog, Fido, etc.

Most books are around 14 hours, so that’s about 30 minutes a day with a bit of wiggle room.

If you finish a book in a month, then I think you’ve shown that you’re serious about MasterClass, and you’ve developed a habit to use it!!

business blogger and personal development coach shares book recommendations - the huntswoman jen sincero.jpeg

Section 3: #1 Question (!!) to Decide if MasterClass is Worth It || MasterClass Review

The #1 question (besides making sure you have a habit of self-education formed) is, “Is there someone on MasterClass that you would love to learn from? Is there someone you would love to have as a mentor?

If the answer to that is a resounding “FREAK YEAH!!!” then I think MasterClass is worth it for you.

The reason being is that it is worth $200 to have ~10 hours of instruction and dedicated time with someone you want to mentor you. I know for myself, my coaches and mentors have saved me costly mistakes and issues. If you are trying to make something BIG happen in your life, you’re going to need to start investing in things like MasterClass.

Let’s say that you’re contemplating MasterClass because Neil Gaiman teaches a class on it. Imagine if you end up in a situation where you and Neil Gaiman are seated next to each other on a flight from JFK to LHR. If you share that you’re a writer and Neil tells you that you can ask him anything for the next 10 hours, you’re going to look like a gd idiot if you ask him questions he already covered in his MasterClass.

I can tell you’re rolling your eyes at me. BUT here’s the thing! I’ve seen this happen IRL! I’ve helped celebrities with their social media presence, and I’ve seen them agree to coffee chats or mentoring – only to realize the mentee didn’t do their homework.

How embarrassing. Truly.

So, TLDR: Invest in yourself. Form new habits to take advantage of MasterClass. Make your dreams happen, and shorten the time it takes using the knowledge of others who have gone before.

Ready to make a commitment? Get MasterClass HERE!

MasterClass Review

Section 4: MasterClasses I’ve Taken || MasterClass Review

I’ve hopped skipped and jumped around MasterClass classes. I’m a big believer in learning from BAMFs, especially if I have no desire to do what they do.

I’ve learned a lot from world class experts, taking their insights for myself.

  • Sara Blakely
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Shonda Rhimes
  • Dan Brown
  • Danny Elfman
  • Robin Roberts
  • Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein
  • Judd Apatow
  • Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein
  • Chris Hadfield

Currently in Process:

  • Parris Goebel
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Issa Rae (!!!)

Next Up:

  • Alicia Keyes
  • Kelly Wearstler. (I need interior design help, badly)
  • Ron Finely

Ready to make a commitment? Get MasterClass HERE!

Real Talk: White. Men. Everywhere.

I started off learning from people of diverse backgrounds, but somewhere along the way there was just a lot of… white dudes.

I took a step back, looked over all of the courses and now make it a point to listen to one non-white person for every white man I listen to.

BONUS: Who do I want to see?

I have been tweeting a LOT about MasterClass (if you couldn’t already tell from this blog post), and I’m sure the MasterClass team is a little annoyed with me.

JK, I think they love me – because I’m writing a 2,000+ word blog post MasterClass review!

So, MasterClass HQ – here’s who I want to learn from next:

  • Pat McGrath: Make this happen!!! She’s a genius!!!! I want to see a MasterClass.
  • Christian Siriano: I think his journey in luxury/couture fashion is fascinating, also I want to work with him // for him. So make this happen, pls.
  • Arlan Hamilton: BAMF Venture Capitalist making big moves. I wrote a post on her here.
  • Janet Mock: Teaching activism & art as activism.
  • Bong Joon Ho: Filmmaking. Duh.
  • Abby Wambach
  • Ayanna Howard: Robotics

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