Where to Buy Big & Tall Polo Shirts for Big Guys | 8 of the BEST Brands

Where to buy polo shirts for big and tall guys

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Finding fashionable big and tall clothing can be tough, but luckily brands are catching up! I have found it challenging to shop for big and tall polo shirts for the husky guys in my life, so I decided to put together this helpful post! In this post, I’ve rounded up 5 places to shop for fashionable and trendy polo shirts for husky guys.

[Heads up! This post was originally published on July 1, 2020. It was last updated on July 24, 2023! While I do my best to keep my posts up-to-date, sometimes brands change things up, with little warning. For this reason, I ask you to be sure to doublecheck all of my info! Love ya!]

This blog post is all about big and tall polo shirts.

Big & Tall Polo Shirts

When it comes to big and tall polo shirts, there are a few tips I want to be sure to share with you! My hope is that these tips will help you find the BEST plus size men’s polo shirt for you, as well as get the most ROI out of that purchase, through correct knowledge about clothing care!

  • Tip #1: The dryer is your ENEMY! When it comes to a big and tall polo shirt, it can be tempting to just wash them and then throw in the dryer, with your socks and other items. DO NOT DO THIS! As a fashion expert, I can tell you that DRYING your clothes really shortens their life cycle, and leads to a polo shirt being weirdly stretched and faded. HANG DRY your dang big and tall polo shirts, friend!
  • Tip #2: TAILORING! From talking with big and tall readers, there’s this idea that a tailor is super expensive — not the case! In my experience, investing ~$20 – $30 on a tailor for a shirt can make it look WAY better, and leads to improved confidence.
  • Tip #3: Sizing varies across brands! Something to remember about sizing is that it varies from brand to brand. A 2XLT in one brand could be a 4XL in another! Be sure to check the size chart before ordering! As well as the return/exchange policy!
Big and Tall Polo Shirts

Brand #1: Big & Tall Polo Shirts from DXL

First up on this list of big and tall polo shirts is DXL! This is retailer is probably the one with the most diversity! They have a variety of brands, colors and styles of husky mens polo shirts. Brands include Adidas, Brooks Brothers, Harbor Bay, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Bahama!

  • Sizing: Up to an 8XLT, which is a 76 inch chest measurement.

Shop big and tall polo shirts here!

Brand #2: Husky Polo Shirts from ASOS

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, ASOS is a THE place to shop trendy and urban fashion for big and tall guys.

From the brand: “From everyday staples to statement bits, our edit of plus-size men’s clothing features the freshest styles. Find more big and tall clothing under Polo Ralph Lauren, serving its signature polos and preppy sweaters in inclusive sizes, or get your two-piece sets sorted with ASOS DESIGN. Think smart suits, soft loungewear and lightweight pajamas, providing maximum comfort and steeze.”

  • Sizing: Up to a 5XL, check the size chart!

Shop their big and tall polo shirt selection here.

Brand #3: Husky Men’s Polo Shirts from Amazon

Available in over 15 colors, this husky men’s polo shirt from Amazon is $15 and comes in up to a size 2XL. From the brand: “Along with its moisture wicking properties, this fabric allows for moisture to be pulled to the fabric’s surface to easily evaporate.”

  • Sizing: Up to a 6XLT

Shop big and tall polo shirts here.

Brand #4: Plus Size Men’s Polo Shirts from Lacoste

We love that little alligator (crocodile)!

From the brand: “The original tennis shirt, this polo shirt has been a classic since 1933 for good reason. Breathable 100% pima cotton piqué makes for a super-soft feel. Gathered sleeves feature extra fabric that expands as you move, for comfort on and off the court.”

  • Sizing: Up. to a 5XL

Shop Lacoste husky polo shirts here!

Plus Size Men's Polo Shirts

Brand #5: Husky Polo Shirts from Kohl’s | Sonoma Goods for Life

Looking for a polo shirt with a print? Check out the numerous options over at Kohl’s!

From the brand: “The Sonoma Goods For Life® brand is a brand for life and a brand for all—providing high-quality solutions to make everyday life a little easier for today’s modern families. Ensuring the majority of items are created using sustainable methods and materials, the Sonoma Goods For Life brand cares about the planet and takes action to create a brighter future. Only at Kohl’s.”

  • Sizing: Up to a 5XB

Shop big and tall polo shirts here.

Brand #6: Big & Tall Polo Shirts from Boohoo Men

If you’re looking for a more fashion forward or trendy big and tall polo shirt, then you MUST check out Boohoo Men! This iconic streetwear and urban fashion brand is known for their trend setting looks.

  • Boohoo Men’s Sizing: Up to a XXXXXL (5XL)

Shop big and tall polo shirts here.

Big & Tall Polo Shirts

Brand #7: Husky Polo Shirts from Fabletics

I just found out recently that Fabletics carries big and tall clothing! I had no idea! The brand carries a rad staple big and tall polo shirt in over 5 colors. Heads up, on Fabletics “member pricing” is much cheaper, but this membership plan is billed monthly. In my experience, I’d say the membership plan is worth it, but maybe don’t sign up if you’re on a tight budget! It can be easy to forget to “skip” the months you don’t need!

  • Sizing: Up to a 4X

Shop big and tall polo shirts here.

Husky Polo Shirts

Brand #8: Plus Size Men’s Polo Shirts from Land’s End

Land’s End has a very solid offering of plus size men’s clothing, and their selection of plus size men’s polo shirts are pretty great! Their plus size men’s polo shirts are definitely a bit more traditional, with style I personally think you can wear over the next 5-10 years! The brand also has long sleeved plus size men’s polo shirts!

  • Sizing: Up to a 4X

Shop big and tall polo shirts here.

Plus Size Men's Polo Shirts

This blog post was all about big and tall polo shirts.

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