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Today, I’m sharing all of my BEST info and tips on plus size bridesmaid dresses!

I haven’t been married (lol), but I have starred in my fair share of wedding productions as a bridesmaid. I’m a pretty fabulous bridesmaid (if I do say so myself), showing up with a Bride Readiness Kit, an ability to get crappy family members to shut up and I take good photos!

And this week a reader wrote in and asked, “Bri! Where the heck are your recommendations on finding a plus size bridesmaid dress?!”

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This blog post is all about flattering plus size dresses

[Heads up! This post was first published on January 29, 2020. It was last updated April 25, 2022! ]


Well, I’ve written about finding a plus size wedding gown, aaaand I’ve written about brands that carry plus size mother of the bride dresses.

And today we’re talking BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES. I specifically said “flattering” plus size bridesmaid dresses in the title, because there are a lot of ugly (in my opinion) dresses out there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and today I am the beholder!!!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses

Recent Trends in Curvy Bridesmaid Dresses

Recently, the wedding gods decided to do all of us curvy bridesmaids a favor by making it trendy to have all bridesmaids in the same COLOR, but allowing for different dress silhouettes or types.


No longer are we forced to wear bridesmaid dresses that totally don’t flatter us in awful colors. (Now we just get the bad colors – jokes! Just kidding… Not really.)

Team Bride

Brands to Check Out for Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Below, I’ve shared brands that offer plus size bridesmaid dresses. I’ve noted which brands are my faves with the most flattering (ie what fits my taste), as well as which brands offer more modest options with sleeves. I’ve also shared info on sizing!

If you’re looking for a specific color, be sure to use search filters on these websites!!

Okay, let’s get to shopping!!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress
Image c/o AZAZIE

#1: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress – 72styles on Amazon

This plus size bridesmaid dress is super popular, as it fits a good amount of sizes (up to a 46″ waist), comes in almost 20 colors. The multi-way feature means you can wrap it in a variety of ways, avoiding the need to visit a tailor!

From the brand: “This convertible infinity dress can be worn and created many different styles for any body shapes, the Multiway dresses are the best choice for bridesmaids on the wedding.”

It’s on Amazon, shop for this plus size bridesmaid dresses here!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#2: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from J.J.’s House ($100+)

Okay, so this is the brand that I recently got a plus size bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding, and it was a bit of extra work!

First of all, the swatches that they send are not 100% accurate, which is frustrating. ALSO, the shipping times were LONG – so if your wedding is less than 3 months away – skip this brand.

That said, they have a ton of options for plus size bridesmaid dresses, and many styles go up to a size 30! I was also impressed with the quality of the construction for these plus size bridesmaid dresses.

Shop JJ’s House plus size bridesmaid dresses here.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#3: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from David’s Bridal

Ok, real talk, the selection *inside* of a David’s Bridal store for plus size bridesmaid dresses is…. often not great. Ugh.

Buuuut there are a lot of color options, and the brand goes up to a size 30!

From the brand: “Your go-to gals are all unique, so honor everything that makes them beautiful with this collection of plus size bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal. We designed this unique line to not only fit full-figured curves but to flaunt them in just the right ways. That means natural waist dresses that draw eyes to an hourglass shape and strategic draping that shows off feminine features. Every inch of these plus size bridal party gowns is given special attention to ensure your bridesmaids feel as beautiful as they look. And with luxe fabrics that move gracefully with every step you take, your maids will be comfortable and carefree in any of our cute looks, no matter their size.

BUT the brand does have super cute plus size bridesmaid dresses on their website, HERE!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress in burgundy
“The surplice neckline and elastic waist of this faux-wrap chiffon gown flatter your figure, as long sheer sleeves provide an unexpected touch.”

This plus size bridesmaid dress is HERE.
Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress
“Flutter sleeves and elegant pleats wrap around the bodice of this soft georgette bridesmaid dress.”

Check out this plus size bridesmaid dress HERE!
Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress
“This elegant satin bridesmaid dress offers a fresh take on tradition. Luminous shine, a flattering off-the-shoulder neckline, and convenient side pockets enhance the classic A-line silhouette and add an element of sexy sophistication.”

Plus size satin bridesmaids dress HERE!

#5: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from AZAZIE – MOST COLORS!

Y’all. AZAZIE is such a great brand, offering a whole slew of customization options and THEY HAVE OVER 43 COLORS! The whole bridal squad can choose the cut that they like best, and you can all make sure you’re “matchy matchy” by picking the same color.

Aaaaaand you can do it all online, so no need to stress out the bridesmaids who are flying in for the wedding. Dresses can be shipped to the individual bridesmaids, making this a great option for people who aren’t in-town!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

AZAZIE has so many dang options for plus size bridesmaid dresses, it blows my mind. They’ve got Grecian-inspired plus size floor length gowns, sweetheart necklines, v-neck necklines, draping, sleeves of all lengths, etc etc.

They don’t have a plus model for the majority of their dresses, but they have been slowly increasing their offering.

AZAZIE offers up to a size 30, and if you can’t find the cut and color you want on AZAZIE – it probably doesn’t exist!

Shop plus size bridesmaid dresses HERE.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress
Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress
Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#6: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from Kiyonna – Lace FTW! ($120+)

Kiyonna is one of those plus size brands that’s been around for YEARS, but for some reason folks don’t know they exist.

They offer a good number of plus size bridesmaid dresses with sleeves [gorgeous lace sleeves!], floor length gowns and more modest dresses, etc. Their signature is their use of lace – it’s very well done and classy!

Colors they offer: Beige, Black, Robins Egg Light Blue, Brown, Burgundy Red, Gold, Green, Grey, Navy and Plum purple. They offer up to a 5X, which is around a size 30.

Shop Kiyonna plus size bridesmaid dresses HERE!

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#7: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from City Chic

Y’all. WHERE would i be without City Chic? I recently rocked this holiday dress from them, an off-shoulder floor length gown – which was so fun! This is a great brand if all of the bridesmaids do *not* have to match, or you’re going for a popular bridesmaid dress color like blush pink or navy.

They have a lot of floor length and midi options, as well as styles that I would call a “wrap dress,” but aren’t your typical wrap dress. Their plus size bridesmaid dresses are particularly great for bustier babes who don’t want to be yanking up the top of their dress all day long.

Shop City Chic plus size bridesmaid dresses HERE.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#8: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from ModCloth – Kitschy FTW

Oh, ModCloth, how we vintage-loving babes adore thee! ModCloth is known for its super fun dresses that could work as bridesmaid dresses for a more hipster-inspired wedding in the PNW.

BUT they also have plus size curvy bridesmaid dresses that are a bit more traditional!

They offer up to a 4X (size 24/26 ish), and their main colors are in navy blue, green, red, black, bronze and various prints! Like the brand before this, ModCloth is a great bridesmaid dress brand if you don’t like the “matchy matchy” look!

Shop plus size bridesmaid dresses HERE.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#9: Unique Vintage – Rockabilly & Vintage Plus Size Looks

If you’re going to be a bridesmaid at a rockabilly or vintage inspired wedding, you’ll definitely want to check out Unique Vintage. The brand has both straight and plus sizes, meaning the whole troupe of bridesmaids can shop there!

Unique Vintage offers full figure bridesmaid dresses in up to a 6X from the following periods:

  • 1920’s
  • 1930’s
  • 1940’s
  • 1950’s
  • 1960’s
  • 1970’s

Shop here for your vintage plus size bridesmaid dress.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#10: Trendy Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from ASOS

TBQH, I didn’t know that ASOS offered wedding gowns until I *went* to a wedding where bride was wearing it!

ASOS offers dresses in up to a size 26, making them a candidate for a wedding where all of the bridesmaids match! With 40 options listed, from flowy maxi gowns to satin short dresses, you’ll be good to go for the big day!

Shop ASOS plus size bridesmaid dresses HERE.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#11: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress from The Dainty Yard on Etsy

The infinity dress from Amazon stops at around a size 18, but this infinity dress from The Dainty Yard on Etsy goes up to a size 53 inch waist!

They have more than 40 colors available (including a lovely metallic gold!) and can do the dress with or without lining (I’d recommend getting it lined)! The dress starts at $67 USD.

From the brand: “Create endless styles with TDY Infinity dress. Its versatility is able to take you from day to night, from a formal wedding to a casual beach party, all depending on how you style it. TDY Infinity dress complements all ladies with different body shapes and height.”

Shop this plus size bridesmaid dress here.

Plus Size Bridesmaids Dress

#12: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from Boohoo USA

Rounding up our list of flattering plus size bridesmaid dresses, we have Boohoo USA! This is such a fun brand that carries a LOT of plus size options – going up to a US size 24.

Most of the options come in blush pink, cream and navy blue.

Shop plus size bridesmaid dresses at Boohoo here!

flattering plus size bridesmaid dresses

This blog post was all about flattering plus size dresses

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