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plus size steampunk costumes

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I am a huge nerd. A mondo big nerd. From reading books like The Parasol Prectorate by Gail Carriger to watching TV shows like Firefly to debating which Sherlock Holmes show/movie is the best – I am here for this steampunk and Victorian nerdery.

And, because I’m obsessed with all things fashion, it would make sense that I am ALSO obsessed with steampunk clothing and steampunk costumes, especially plus size Steampunk costumes.

And, chances are, if you’ve landed on this here blog post, you are as well! Below, I’ve shared 7 plus size steampunk costumes, perfect for a comic con or your Halloween party or other soiree!

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Looking for plus size cosplay and steampunk costumes?  This blog post has full plus size steampunk costumes that can be fully customized as well as Halloween costumes.

#1: Plus Size Steampunk Costume Gown with Corset | KMK Designs

KMK Designs is one of my favorite plus size etsy costumers! The steampunk (and all of their) pieces are stunning, and they also do not have a limit on the measurements they can go up to!

Saying that again! I messaged KMK Designs, and I asked what their max measurement is. Their response? “We’ve officially gone up to a 65″ waist, but we can go up to any measurements.”

From the costumer: “This Steampunk Belle dress is called the Victorian Beauty and Beast. It is steampunk meets your favorite Disney princess! This dress will wow you and those around you, perfect for a wedding, masquerade or a cosplay costume! Be the embodiment of elegance on your big day, or get this in a red or blue and be the Steampunk belle of the ball. A perfect victorian gown, steampunk look of works for a Disney themed wedding.”

Shop this look HERE!

Plus size steampunk cosplay western saloon girl outfit with corset and bustle skirt.

#2: Plus Size Steampunk Cosplay from Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a great resource for plus size Halloween costumes and cosplay! They have great steampunk hats, gloves, etc. As of publishing they don’t have a TON of options for clothing, but I’d be sure to check their site for new releases!

Shop here!

Plus size steampunk cosplay accessories - mini top hat with  feather for a steampunk costume.

#3: Plus Size Steampunk Costume Corset Jacket | KMK Designs

While this jacket isn’t marketed as a “plus size steampunk costume,” it *totally* works as one!

From the designer: “This steampunk corset is fully boned with steel spiral and flat steel boning. Corseted top with steel boning leather detailing and structured pointy sleeves.”

Shop here.

Plus size victorian steampunk jacket coat with hat.

#4: Plus Size Steampunk Costume in Maroon with Hat

I wish there were photos of this steampunk costume on a plus size person, but it DOES go up to a 4X (waist measurement of 46″).

From the brand: “This plus size steampunk costume features a corset-style bodice and a ruffled skirt with industrial-looking faux buckle straps. The matching sleeves and glovelettes add dashing detail to your ensemble, and the foam shaped top hat and vintage style goggles should come in handy if things get dicey. Add a pair of fierce buckled boots and some tights to complete this sassy look, and you’ll be ready for some steam-powered action!”

Shop here!

Plus size maroon steampunk costume with hat and short maroon skirt.  Goes up to a 4X.

#5: Plus Size Steampunk Costume Steampunk Bustle Dress -Cosplay Costume – S-5XL

So, this photo is NOT of a plus size person, but this plus size steampunk costume is available in up to a 5X!

From the designer: “This Steampunk bustle jumper is perfectly styled for a Halloween or convention costume or wear it every day with a button up blouse or t-shirt.”

Shop here.

plus size air balloon bustle skirt outfit with belt and leather accessories

#6: Plus Size Steampunk Costume Corset Jacket

Similar to #2, this person is not plus size, but this jacket is available in plus sizes!

From the brand: “This steampunk corset jacket we have to say is our favorite! Amazing for Steam-punk, Gothic, pirate, renaissance or just for an everyday going out looks with pants!

It can be worn with a skirt, as a corset, or with pants to dinner. It is so versatile and so flattering you will wonder why you never had one before. It is great for gals with curves as well.”

Shop here!

Gorgeous light blue custom steampunk corset jacket for plus size victorian steampunk cosplay

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#7: Plus Size Steampunk Corset Costume 6X – Build Up a Costume

If you’re worried about other folks having the same costume, then I would recommend finding steampunk costume components on Amazon, and building up your own custom character!

This faux leather plus size steampunk corset would be a great beginning for a steampunk costume, and it goes up to a 6X!

Shop here!

Plus size cosplay corset jacket from Amazon in black and brown.  Faux leather.

#8: Plus Size Steampunk Corset Costume with Pants

The person modeling this isn’t plus size, but the steampunk costume does come in plus size!

From the designer: “This Steampunk corset Vest was part of our Alice in Wonderland Collection. This Version is made with a gorgeous paisley brocade in a blue and brown, can also be made in other colors. The buttons down the front are hearts and spades and clubs on a gold background. The lapel is a contrast taffeta.

It can be worn with a skirt, as a corset, or with pants to dinner. It is so versatile and so flattering you will wonder why you never had one before. It is great for gals with curves as well.”

Check out more details HERE!

Gender bending plus size steampunk cosplay

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