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plus size airport outfit ideas

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Is there anything better than travel? I travel almost every month for work, and I have spent a LOT of time in airports, lol. Today, I’m sharing 7 of my go-to plus size airport outfits – making it easy for you to travel in style.

If you’re wondering, “What should I wear on a plane as a plus size traveler?” I got you! Keep on reading!!!

[Fun fact, i’m literally writing this blog post in an airport! Hello from St. Louis airport, lol!]

[Note: This blog post was originally written on June 27, 2021. It was last updated February 8, 2022! While I strive to keep my posts up-to-date, brands do make changes! Be sure to check all sizing and pricing information with the brand! <3]

This blog post is all about plus size airport outfits.

Plus Size Airport Outfits sophisticated with blazer and trousers

Plus Size Airport Outfits FTW!

I’ve put together a guide for plus size airport outfits below, and before we jump in I want to remind you to CHECK THE SIZE CHART before ordering. A size 18 in one brand is not the same in another! I recommend getting a cheap tape measurer from Amazon, so you can take your measurements before ordering (that’s what I do)! NEVER assume that sizes are the same across brands, bestie!

Not everyone has the same style, so I’ve organized the round up by personality and aesthetic! Enjoy!

My Tips for Plus Size Airport Outfits

  • STRETCH: When shopping for a plus size airport outfit, I recommend going for items that have STRETCH (jersey, cotton spandex, etc),
  • DARK COLORS: I like to choose a plus size airport outfit ina dark color, in case you spill Starbucks on yourself at the airport! <3
business and career coach brianne huntsman
Hey cutie patootie! My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman”! (See what I did there, lol!) I wrote this post IN an airport (STL on a nightmare layover), and now I’m updating it before going to San Jose and San Francisco, CA! I travel ALL of the time, and I hope my tips on plus size airport outfits helps YOU! If you’d like to join me on my travel adventures, join me on Instagram and/or Twitter!

The Huntswoman


#1 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Midi Skirt & Trench Coat

OMG y’all, I think that this plus size airport outfit from PrettyLittleThing is so chic! I am obsessed!


This plus size babe is ready to jet set!

Shop a similar coat for this plus size airport outfit here!

#2 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea from Eloquii – Corporate Travel

First up on my roundup of plus size airport outfits is this plus size airport outfit.

This outfit follows my “Put a blazer on it!” rule when it comes to traveling as a business professional. A plus size jumpsuit or romper is super cozy for travel, and you can throw on a blazer to be more professional.

If you’re traveling for work, it’s probably not a good idea to show up at the airport in leggings and a hoodie you slept in (I mean, I’ve done it, but I don’t recommend it, lol)!! I found this outfit on Eloquii, and I love the stretch jumpsuit paired with an oversized blazer. The black romper is currently sold out (ugh), but you can easily recreate this with another black romper or jumpsuit.

This look can be dressed up when you throw on your blazer, but is comfy in a cramped airline seat! I’d add in hoop earrings and a clip to put your hair up, and you’re ready to travel the skies!! Pair with some nice flats (these are super cute), and bam. Good to go!

Shop this plus size airport look HERE!

#3 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Matching Sweatsuit Set

Ok, so a glam plus size airport outfit is the ubiquitous SWEAT SET.

When it come to traveling, I want to be *comfy*, but I don’t want to look like a slob! I’ve met some really rad people in airports (and dated people I’ve met in airports, lol), so it’s important to me to look put together – but also be comfortable for a long flight. I’ve seen a number of folks travel in these, and they can be super CHIC or super NOT. It’s easy to go frumptastic here.

For this reason, I freaking love plus size tracksuits for travel. If you want to be elevated, you can go with a creme plus size tracksuit from Eloquii, or a more fitted option. Make sure to get a set that *looks* like a set (With matching logo or design) to have the best impact.

Here’s a few more tips:

  • If possible, go with a light color. A tan or neutral sweatsuit fit is super chic. If you’re like me and worried about spilling on yourself, then go with a dark red [like below]. AVOID BLACK.
  • If you have long hair, put your hair in a sleek high ponytail.
  • Avoid the pants dragging on the ground [def not chic]. Roll them up at the ankles.
  • There’s something about showing an ankle bone when wearing a sweatsuit that is so chic! I’d get mine tailored a bit to show a little ankle [lol]. I know this sounds weird, but it’s true!!

Below, I’ve shared some of my fave plus size sweatsuit finds for the perf comfy plus size airport outfit!

plus size airport outfit - dark red maroon burgundy wine color swetasuit
plus size gift idea - top form amazon
Plus Size Airport Outfit - Matching Set from Target
Plus Size Airport Outfit – Matching Set from Target

#4 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Jumpsuit with Stretch

Next plus size airport outfit? A JUMPSUIT!

Ok, hear me out:

Plus size jumpsuits [made out of super soft fabric] are basically stylish pajamas. It is suchhhh a hack to wear a chic an well-fitting jumpsuit to the airport!

Now, to be CLEAR – I’m talking about a plus size jumpsuit made out of jersey and other stretch material. The fabric needs to have GIVE, baby – otherwise, you’ll be miserable and tugging on your clothes the whole flight. To see what fabric a clothing piece is made out of, go to the product page and look under “Product Details.” You may have to Google the fabrics listed – and I promise it’s worth the time to know what the garment is made out of!! <3

Shop this comfy plus size airport outfit here!

Plus Size Airport Outfit - Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Plus Size Airport Outfit – Wide Leg Jumpsuit
plus size airport outfit in green animal print comfortable
Curve Jumpsuit with Wide Legs in Animal Print – Perfect Plus Size Airport Outfit!
Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea - Chic pink jacket with black fitted jumpsuit from City Chic
Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Chic pink jacket with black fitted jumpsuit from City Chic
Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea - Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Wide Leg Jumpsuit with black moto jacket
Plus Size Black Jumpsuit for Airport
Plus Size Black Jumpsuit for Airport – FYI, this is made out of crepe fabric, which doesn’t stretch as much as a cotton jersey!

#5 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Maxi Dress & Jean Jacket

If you’re a plus size babe who gets cold when you fly on an airplane, then this next plus size airport outfit is for you!

This plus size travel outfit from City Chic features a long black maxi dress and jean jacket. I loooove the layers here!

If you’re still worried about getting cold, you can add plus size leggings under the maxi dress [ultimate life hack] ++ a cami or undershirt. Boom! Lots of layers.

I think what makes this outfit SUPER chic is the footwear – it looks like these are similar to converse Chuck sneakers. Love it!

Shop this plus size airport look here!

plus size airport outfit
Sharing for outfit inspo!
plus size maxi dress airport outfit
This plus size maxi dress comes in multiple colors (including black) and up to a size 26! Pair it with a jean jacket for this fab outfit!

Shop here.

#6 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Classic Beach Vibes

When I saw this photo on the Lane Bryant website, I knew I had to share it! This is a classic plus size airport outfit, feautring:

^^ The items pictured in this outfit are sold out, so I found the closest matches I could!

This outfit is also a great option for sightseeing! Some folks may replace the white t-shirt with a striped shirt or graphic tee. BOOM! Cute, comfy and put together.

Note: I recommend getting sandals with a back, like these. Flip flops can trip you up in an airport, and I’ve had more than one person “flat tire” me as I’ve deplaned. Ugh. Def get a sandal, folks!

Plus Size Airport Outfits

#7 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Sophisticated Pastel

Circling back to the oversized blazer idea from #1 is this gorgeous and sumptuous outfit from Eloquii. Between the blazer and the trousers – I am LIVING!

This would be a great outfit to wear if you’re headed to a beach vacation, but you’re not quite ready to break out the gauzey dresses and plus size resort wear just yet!

This plus size outfit is sold out, but I wanted to keep it in this roundup to serve as plus size airport outfit inspiration!

Plus Size Airport Outfits

#8 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Lantern Sleeve Top (What I’m wearing Right NOW!)

Next up on our plus size airport outfit journey [see what I did there?], we have a plus size casual top that I LOVEEEEE!

Y’all, I’m so obsessed with this plus size top that I own it in FOUR colors. I own *11* of these bad boys!! This top is super lightweight and breathable fabric that’s easy to layer, and it looks classy. It’s also super easy to wipe off spills (anyone else spill on themselves while traveling), and they’re a great option for all sorts of trips.

I recommend pairing it with a pair of black jeggings (I wrote about my fave plus size jeggings HERE), and avoiding denim. We want stretch on the plane, babe!

Shop this plus size airport-perfect top HERE.

#9 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Trench Coat & Joggers

I feel like this is a CLASSIC airport outfit – I see it all of the time when I fly into JFK! This is a super chic and comfy plus size airport outfit, pairing a jogger sweat set with a plus size trench coat.

Remember, when dressing for a flight, we always dress in LAYERS, baby!

Shop plus size airport outfit here!

#10 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Comfy Plus Size Outfits From Amazon

Okay, so! In doing research for my guide to plus size airport outfit ideas, I found a bunch of comfy stretch outfits on Amazon. I’m sharing those outfits below, BUT I haven’t tried any of these — so I can’t vouch for them! I am INTRIGUED though, so I decided to share them in this post! <3

All of these outfits are available in multiple colors. Click the image for more details! (Be sure to check the size chart measurements!!!)

Click the image for more details!

#11 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Stretch Pont Pants & Tee

Ok, so “pont” is a great fabric for a plus size airport outfit – because it’s a bit thick and STRETCHES. This fabric holds its form, while also being comfy to sit in.

Pont plus size pants are my go-to for all plus size workwear!

Torrid had a few fun options, which. love. I style plus size pont pants with a fun graphic tee and fitted jacket, or sometimes a black chic hoodie in an airport.

Shop plus size pont pants here!

#12 Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea – Plus Size Duster Set

I am such a fan of plus size duster sets, as they look super chic and they often have, wait for it, STRETCH. This plus size duster set from Boohoo is quite chic (I am OBSESSED with this color, lol), and it comes in a few colors!

You can swap out the duster jacket for a jean jacket, hoodie or cardigan, or wear the duster jacket with plus size high waist jeans and a graphic tee. A skirt-duster set is GREAT for plus size travel!

Shop this plus size duster set here!

Plus Size Airport Outfit Idea - Matching Set with Duster & Dress in Green
This plus size airport outfit also comes in other colors, including black! (At time of update!)

Plus size airport outfit idea HERE!

#13 Plus Size Airport Outfit: Mesh Top & Trousers

If you’re looking for a plus size airport outfit that’s a bit more put together and chic — but you still want to be comfy on the plane — then may I suggest a mock neck mesh top?

IDK who decided these were now IN and TRENDY, but I for one am so grateful! I love layering these super chic tops, and they’re soooo comfy!

Eloquii has some of the best options out there, so I always keep an eye on their website!

Shop these plus size airport outfits here!

#14 Plus Size Airport Outfit: Graphic Tees

I am a HUGE fan of graphic tees as part of a plus size airport outfit idea! They are so fun, and I like to style mine with pointed toe boots or combat boots. (Zippable shoes are easier to take off at TSA, in my travel experience.)

Check out these plus size airport outfits here!

This blog post was all about plus size airport outfits.

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