LGBT Fashion: Plus Size Fashion Finds for Masculine of Center Folks

Where to buy Tomboy and butch clothing

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Y’all, in the last year we have seen an ABSOLUTE EXPLOSION of plus-size brands entering the arena, butttttt we haven’t seen a super slow uptake for more plus size masculine garb. While I identify as a Hard Femme, it makes me sad to see my bbs bummed out because they can’t find clothes to express their gender.

What’s a cutie masculine presenting person to do?

Plus Size Masculine Clothing

Utilize some ~creative problem solving~, that’s what!

Below, I’ve listed clothing brands who aren’t afraid to butt heads with the gender binary. I also know some great plus-size stylists, so if you’re in need of someone to hire (to avoid sad gender feel breakdowns in front of your computer), drop me a line and I’ll connect ya!

Also – be sure to bookmark this post!  I’m constantly updating this guide! 


[Note:  This blog post was first written in 2019, and was last updated on April 16. 2022!]

Plus size masculine of center fashion

1. Haute Butch – Masculine of Center Clothing

HAUTEBUTCH is a design-driven clothing, footwear and lifestyle destination for butch women, studs, bois, & trans men that prefer menswear-inspired finishes.

  • Sizing:  Up to a 6X in pieces

Clothing Options:

  • Button ups & Downs | Tux Shirts
  • Suiting & Tailored Vests
  • T-Shirts

Shop plus size masculine of center here!

Tomboy masculine of center fashion

plus size masculine of center clothing

2.  Androgynous or Masculine Plus Size Clothing from Kirrin Finch

I first learned of Kirrin Finch when my dapper friend, Rah Foard, was interviewed for their blog (post HERE).  Kirrin Finch makes a variety of plus size masculine workwear options, up to a 3XL.  The brand carries shorts, suits, blazers, pants and t-shirts, and is a great resource for dapper folks.

  • Sizing: The brand goes up to a 54.5″ inch chest (a size 24) and 44.5 inch waist.

Real talk, I would like to see more plus size and husky humans on the website.  I think the brand could really grow if they had more plus size or husky models!

Shop plus size dapper and masculine here!

masculine plus size clothing


plus size butch suit

plus size masculine clothing LGBT

3.  Duluth Trading Co – Up to 4X! Plus Size Butch Clothing

A reader wrote in about Duluth Trading Co, saying that they love the plus size flannel shirts the brand makes!  There’s a variety of plus size options on the website!

  • Sizing: Up to a 4X or size 30

Shop masculine clothing here!

plus size masculine cargo pants


androgynous plus size clothing

masculine plus size shorts

masculine plus size button down


plus size masculine clothing


plus size masculine button down

4. ASOS Masculine of Center Fashion

Y’all, ASOS is almost the first “go-to” place I tell masculine folks to check out when they’re looking to add pieces to their wardrobe. They offer pieces all along the spectrum, and I like to order from ASOS Plus Size Mens sometimes! ASOS currently has some mens cut floral suits that I am DYING OVERRRRR (whatever your gender, you’ll look scrumptious in one!), as well as great work wear and athleisure options.

  • Sizing: Up to a US 24 – check sizing on each piece!

Looking over at ASOS Curve, I recommend looking at pieces, and mentally placing your head on the model’s frame. That’s sounds macabre, but doing so will allow you to look at pieces and imagine them on your body, verses a hyper feminized form.

Shop masculine of center fashion HERE!

Masculine of center plus size clothing options

5. Madewell – Plus Size Clothing for Masculine & Butch Folks

Okay, so the first time I wrote this roundup, I didn’t include Madewell.  Which is such a shame, because this plus size brand has a variety of plus size clothing that I think masculine of center // butch // etc folks would appreciate!

  • Sizing: Up to a US 28 or 4X

For specific outfit ideas, check out this post!

Shop plus size masculine clothes at Madewell here!

Masculine of center plus size clothing from madewell

Masculine plus size butch clothing

tomboy plus size masculine clothing

plus size butch clothing women

masculine plus size butch clothing fashion outfit ideas

6.  Sharpe Suiting for Androgynous Suits

I first found out about Sharpe Suiting at the DapperQ fashion show in Brooklyn.  This brand is, well, SHARP.

From the brand: “Since 2013, Sharpe Suiting has been helping brave individuals showcase exactly who they are. we know being yourself isn’t easy, so we’ve streamlined a process to help you feel like you.”

  • Sizing:

Shop masculine plus size suits here!

Plus size menswear suits masculine of center

7. Masculine of Center Button Down Shirts from Torrid

Do you like button down shirts, but HATE when the buttons gape?  Check out these button down shirts from Torrid!  I feel like this is the cut a lot of masculine of center folks gravitate towards, but no big deal if it’s not your jam!

[Note: In the winter months, these short sleeve button down shirts aren’t listed.  They usually pop up around May!]

  • Sizing:  Up to a 6X

Shop here.

masculine of center plus size button down shirts


8. Boohoo Men’s – Masculine of Center Folks

Another great store to check out is Boohoo mens!  This is a street style brand, perfect for when you want to look put together – but you don’t feel the need to put on a suit!

Shop masculine of center pieces HERE.

Masculine of center plus size clothing

9. DXL Masculine Clothing

So, fun fact – DXL is one of the most popular brands for plus size men – but, as we allllll know – we can shop where we want!

DXL has just about every type of clothing on their website, and they also have stores across the USA!

Depending on your body type, you may find that their pants don’t work for you [hips are a whole thing], and other pieces [blazers, t-shirts, etc] do.  I ecourage you to test out what works for you!

  • Sizing: Up to an 8X

Shop masculine clothing at DXL here!

masculine plus size. clothing for non-binary folks

10. ELOQUII Masculine of Center Fashion for Work

I can hear what you’re thinking – “ELOQUII? FOR REALS?”

Eloquii has great suiting options for babes with a little more curve, who don’t necessarily want to play that up. The 95 Blazer, in particular, keeps a pretty straight cut, while also accommodating for changes in body mass.

  • Sizing: Up to a size 28

Shop here!

Eloquii Kiss Blazer masculine plus size suit cut

Eloquii also the iconic “Kady Fit Pant” a tapered not-quite-but-almost-skinny leg pant, great for folks who are a bit “hippier” but want a tailored look. This pant is for taller folks, so be sure to check your leg length – you may also be stuck in the petites/gnome section with me!

Shop here!

Kady Fit Double-Weave Pant


11. City Chic – Androgynous Plus Size Clothing

City Chic is a go-to for a plus size femme like me, but they also have some really great options for folks looking for tomboy or masculine clothing.

  • Sizing: Up to a size 24

Shop plus size tomboy options here!


plus size tomboy clothing

plus size masculine clothing

12. Universal Standard – Androgynous Plus Size Clothing

Prefer a looser fit with your plus size clothing?  Universal Standard has a variety of masculine or androgynous plus size options!

  • Sizing:  Up to a size 40

Shop here!

Masculine of center plus size clothing options

13.  Masculine Plus Size Clothes from Wildfang

Woohoo!  When I originally wrote this post years and years ago, Wildfang hadn’t made it to plus sizes – and now they have!

We love to support LGBT owned clothing brands in this house!  Also real talk – if anyone at Wildfang HQ is reading this, I’d love to model for you! #ShootingMyShot!

  • Sizing: Up to a 3X

Shop plus size masculine clothing at Wildfang here!

masculine plus size clothing

summer plus size masculine outfit lgbt


masculine lgbt button down butch

masculine plus size outfit button down lgbt with print pattern

14. TomboyX – Masculine LGBT Clothing

Y’all, this is a brand that CELEBRATES masculine of center//androgynous/gender bbs. Their undies and PJs (and socks!!) are super soft and comfy.

  • Sizing: Up to a 4X in apparel 

Shop here!

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CW: Body hate . For me, Instagram, and the (mostly) online body positive community has created this kind of incredible safe space. . A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. An estimated 10% of people with uteruses have PCOS, and most of us find out because of weight gain. A lot of weight gain. . Between my freshman year at Stanford in 2009, and graduating in 2016, I gained 80 pounds. I tried HCG (where you eat 500 calories a day and take pregnancy hormones), meal replacement shakes, calorie counting apps, CrossFit, and a host of other “Lose the MF weight!” programs. . And while I do love myself a lot of the time, sometimes I pass a mirror in Target and feel nauseous. Some days, I avoid mirrors altogether. Some days, I look in the mirror and cry. When people pose the hypothetical question of “What do you think you’re 18yo self would think of you now?” as a way to interrogate your dreams, I can’t even get that far. . My 18yo self would be fucking horrified if she saw me. Thinness is health. Thinness is the gateway to success and wealth. . I don’t know how to have an intimate relationship with my body right now. . And, I hope that in saying this, you know you’re not alone. That while i feel like a BABE in a lot of the photos I post, sometimes I desperately want to be thin. And while my value as a person isn’t determined by my health, I don’t feel good right now. I want to feel vibrant and healthy, but right now I just feel – sludgelike. I have a tender hope of figuring out how to feel better and healthier in 2018, but for me, health has always been equated to weight loss (even at my skinniest), so unpacking that association has been the challenge of this year. And I think it’ll continue to be a challenge. . I asked a bunch of my friends to listen to the latest episode on @shesallfatpod, an episode about being the ‘fat friend,’ because it encapsulates so many of my feelings and experiences that I didn’t know how to communicate. Thank you, to the friends who listened. Thank you, to the people who hold space for me to have complex and nuanced emotions about my body. . I hope you know that you’re not alone. And I’m right here with you.

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15. Beefcake Swim – Masculine of Center Swimsuits

Masculine tomboy swisuit Beefcake


Now, there are other brands out there that specifically design for the LGBTQ+ community, butttttt unfortunately don’t carry plus sizes If I’ve missed a brand on this roundup that NEEDS TO BE HERE, drop me a line.

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