The *VERY* BEST Plus Size Jeggings – Where to Shop!!


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Today on the blog, I am going to share a review of the BEST plus size jeggings. I’ve tried plus size jeggings from a lot of different fashion brands, and today I’m going to share my top recommendation and review of where I shop for plus size jeggings.

This blog post was inspired from a reader, who DM’d me on Instagram and asked, “What are the best plus size jeggings out there?”

I love getting reader questions, and you’re *always* welcome to DM and ask for my recs over on Instagram!

best plus size jeggings
These plus size jeggings are from Torrid! (Link HERE)

Best Plus Size Jeggings

This review is super thorough, and I’ve shared the following sections:

  • Best Plus Size Denim Jeggings
  • Best Plus Size Black Jeggings

Alrighty, let’s dive in!

Quick Note – My Body Shape

This plus size fashion review has my favorite plus size jeggings – but I get that we all have different body types.

I am an “apple shape,” carrying most of my weight in my belly // lower stomach. I have a (cute!) flat-ish derriere. I’m 5’4″ (ish), and I have a long torso. I usually get pants that are for petite or short folks!

Okay, let’s dive in!!

best plus size jeggings
Apple shaped jeggings HERE!

#1: Best Plus Size Denim Jeggings

Okay, so I’ve tried plus size denim from a LOT of brands, and I gotta say that they’re not all created equal. A lot of brands have issues with the inner thigh wearing out really quickly, making the plus size jeggings unwearable.

My two go-to brands for plus size denim jeggings are Dia & Co and Torrid!

Plus Size Denim Jeggings – Dia&Co ($65)

A lot of folks know of Dia&Co as a plus size subscription box company, but they *also* sell pieces on their website. I was gifted a pair of their jeggings (these ones HERE), and OMG I AM IN LOVE!

I liked these jeggings because they made my butt look EXCELLENT and they retained their stretch throughout the day. I got these in the plus size distressed jeggings style, but they have a variety of washes.

These plus size jeggings are in available in 3 lengths (short, classic, tall) and 5 washes/colors! Sizes available in up to a 26.

Shop these plus size denim jeggings HERE.

Plus Size Denim Jeggings – Torrid

Okay, so these plus size denim jeggings from Torrid are my go-to jeggings. I have this 3 button cut in multiple denim washes (light, dark, distressed) and I love love LOVEEEE THE ELASTIC WAISTBAND ON THESE PLUS SIZE JEGGINGS!!

I don’t know what mad scientist made these bad boys, but omg I LOVE THEM!!! These plus size jeggings hit just right at my waist, adding in extra support for my tummy. They’re not like full-on Spanx, but they definitely add support and make everything nice and tight.

Shop these plus size denim jeggings here!

best plus size jeggings

#2: Plus Size Black Jeggings

Okay, so my #1 issue with plus size black jeggings is FADING. I’ve tried oodles of plus size black jeggings, only to be really annoyed when the black fades within a few months.

I never put my plus size black jeggings in the dryer, as this causes the color to fade more quickly. I always use a hanging rack!

That said, I was still having issues!

Enter, Torrid!

#1. Plus Size Black Jeggings – Torrid

Okay, I know I just reviewed these in the plus size denim jeggings section, BUT these are also my all-time favorite black plus size jeggings. Truly. All-time FAVE!!!

The elastic waistband hits just right, there’s loads of tummy support and they’re high waisted! I get these online, because the store usually doesn’t carry short/petite.

Shop these plus size black jeggings HERE!

best plus size jeggings
Black plus size jeggings HERE!

#2. Plus Size Black Jeggings – Target

Okay, so plus size jeggings in black are a runner up, because I like the 3 button elastic waistband on the Torrid jeggings. That said, I am a BIG FAN of the Universal Thread line from Target.

Plus size black jeggings are a mid-rise, so they hit a bit lower, and they are a bit more thick – feeling more like denim!

These jeggings are available in up to a size 26, with 3 washes. I like the high rise, but they also have a mid-rise.

Shop these plus size jeggings HERE!

best plus size jeggings
Plus size jeggings from Target HERE!

More Plus Size Fashion Reviews?!

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