Plus Size Fashion Marketing | Extending Size Range, Pattern Making, Fit Testing, etc

plus size fashion marketing and consulting

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Today I’m going to share a blog post about the plus size consulting services that I offer to fashion and clothing brands!

I’ve gotten a LOT of emails in the last few months about consulting with plus size brands, and it’s been through word of mouth and referrals. I’ve had folks ask, “What plus size fashion marketing and brand services do you offer?” or “How do you help brands expand their sizing?”

Real talk, this will eventually become its own website. But right now I am *so* dang busy with clients and projects that I don’t have the time to create a whole website dedicated to plus size fashion marketing and business analysis.

So, I’m plopping it on my blog, because it’s better to have *something* than nothing, right!!

plus size fashion marketing and consulting
Me in the studio! We <3 a selfie

My Fashion Background

In 2016, I launched my career in fashion. In the last 5 years I have developed and launched the blog you’re on, modeled for plus size brands across the USA.

I have also taken a number of sewing and fashion creation classes from Central St. Martins and London College of Fashion. I then spent 2 years apprenticing with a custom fashion designer in Salt Lake City, to learn how to develop and make clothing for plus size bodies.

I have created and sewn just about every kind of garment for plus size bodies! I post a LOT about fashion creation and marketing (and sewing, lol) to Twitter and Instagram Story!

plus size fashion marketing and consulting

Plus Size Fashion Marketing & Consulting Services

There’s a LOT that goes into making clothes, so below I’ve listed out the services I offer, as well as a section on what plus size consulting services I do *not* offer!! Use my contact page to reach out if you’d like to work together!

I’ve shared a list below, and then further on in this blog post I more fully explain each of these:

  1. Expanding size range into plus sizes: If you’re a brand that’s looking for someone to help them expand their size range – I consult on this, for both small and corporate brands!
  2. Launching a new plus size fashion brand: Do you want to launch a plus size fashion brand – but you’re not sure where to start? I got you!
  3. Visuals & Model Casting: Do you need help putting together talent for a photoshoot or campaign? I offer services as both a Creative Director and talent scout (I also model, lol).
  4. Plus Size Fit Models: Are you frustrated trying to find plus size fit models in specific sizes or with certain measurements? I consult with brands as a fit model, and I also help brands find and hire plus size fit models.
  5. Plus Size Marketing: Did you know that the plus size community has it’s own language and expectations for marketing? I can consult on what language to use – and what language causes a huge PR disaster.
  6. Plus Size Fashion Overview: Do you need to learn the brands in the space, as well as figure out what kind of customers each brand targets? I’ve got this!
  7. Have a super SPECIFIC question? You can always book me for an hour of my time to ask a super specific set of questions.
plus size fashion marketing and consulting

Here’s what I DON’T do:

  • Draft plus size patterns
  • Sew or test patterns
  • Manage the manufacturing process for brands

^But, I do know who to HIRE to do these things.

1. Expanding Size Range Into Plus Sizes

If you’ve landed on this page, you may have realized that it is NOT straight forward to expand your current size range into extended sizes (or plus sizes). The rules of pattern making and construction go out the freaking WINDOW, and it can be super difficult to figure out how to expand. While I don’t offer pattern development services, I do offer consulting and feedback for a brand’s pattern designers, and education on the timeline and process for developing plus size patterns.

I work with clients to find timelines, as well as the necessary talent to expand their size range. I also help clients with the launch announcements for their size range, so that people, you know, actually buy the dang clothes!

(Check out this blog post to learn a few reasons why designing for plus size bodies is different.)

plus size fashion consulting

2. Launching a NEW plus size fashion brand

A lot of brands and new designers try to enter the plus size space, and they totally fail. Like, epically fail.

There’s a billion reasons why this happens – for one, fashion is already a really hard business, and PLUS SIZE fashion is even more difficult.

I help clients develop a brand offering pricing for garments, marketing, etc, to launch their brand.

(Check out this blog post with just a few common fashion PR mistakes.)

Plus Size Fashion Model in Utah - Brianne Huntsman Editorial
Plus Size Fashion Model in Utah – Brianne Huntsman Editorial

3. Visuals & Plus Size Model Casting

Here’s a not-so-fun FACT: Most modeling agencies do not have models over a US size 12/14 on their roster. This makes casting for photoshoots a PAIN.

I have worked as a plus size model (ecommerce and editorial), and I have also cast models for shows and product photoshoots. I help brands find and hire talent.

I also work as a Creative Director, concepting and implementing plus size fashion photoshoots and campaigns. (I can also work with/under a brand’s CD.)

(Check out this blog post to see a photoshoot I planned and executed.)

plus size fashion marketing and consulting
I patterned and created this custom plus size corset. (Post)

4. Plus Size Fit Models

Companies invest THOUSANDS of dollars into developing new clothes and patterns, but then it’s like….

Where do we hire plus size fit models?

I work as a plus size fit model, and I also help brands develop a roster of fit models for their pieces. Plus size people carry their weight differently – a size 24 is going to look very different on different bodies.

plus size fit model
In a plus size fit model meeting (I’m the model in the upper left!)

5. Plus Size Marketing

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but marketing to the plus size shopper is NOT the same as marketing to people who are buying “straight sizes.” Lack of options, accessibility, pricing, portrayal of plus size bodies, etc, has made marketing and selling clothes to plus size people very complicated.

I help brands concept and launch plus size marketing campaigns that get the necessary attention they need.

(Check out this blog post with just a few common fashion PR mistakes.)

plus size fashion consulting
We love a pool photoshoot!(. (I’m model and CD)

6. Plus Size Market Analysis – Industry Overview

Do you need someone to act as a sort of Cruise Director, explaining the different players and influencers in the plus size space? I got you! This service will save you a TON of time on reseaerch.

(Check out this blog post to see how a popular plus size brand has made repeated mistakes in the plus size fashion space.)

7. Super Specific Plus Size Fashion Industry Business Questions

Do you have a set of super specific questions? I charge $250 per hour so folks can “pick my brain” about their fashion product, manufacturing, fitting and marketing.

(Want blog posts on this topic? I’ve been writing plus size fashion blog posts for years!)

Futuristic space explorer photoshoot in silver plus size model in salt lake city
On location for a photoshoot editorial inspired by space exploration

What I charge for plus size fashion consulting

My fees range depending on the scope of your project, size of the brand, etc. For one-off clients, my rate is $250 per hour. If you book a longterm project with me, pricing goes down to around $125 – $200 per hour. (The more hours booked, the better the overall pricing.)

Here’s what that looks, based on brand size:

  • Indie & Small Brand Clients – Book packages starting at $2,200 USD
  • Corporate & Large Brands – Book packages starting at $7,400 USD

Usually indie and small fashion brands are doing everything themselves at one location, hence different pricing. There’s fewer moving parts!

Let’s work together!

I’d love to work with you! You can contact me here.

Below, I’ve shared a few blog posts related to the services I offer, as a waY to show that YES, I *DO* know what I’m talking about! 😉

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