17+ Plus Size Gift Ideas: Gift Guide for Plus Size & Body Positive Babes

plus size gift ideas

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning gifts! “I should write a plus size gift guide,” I said to myself. So I am.

Why a “plus size gift guide”? During the end of the year, I often get questions from readers, who are trying to find gifts for their bestie, girlfriend or loved one – who is plus size. Usually, the folks asking me are asking because the personal they love is a plus size fashionista, and/or they’re diving into body positivity.

I’ve held off on writing a plus size gift guide (and body positive gift guide), until now!

Hi, I’m Brianne AKA “The Huntswoman.” I’m here to help you share some gifting magic this holiday season!

Plus Size Gift Guide & Gift Ideas

The struggle in writing a plus size gift guide is this: I have a lot of plus size clothing items that I know would make good gifts – but only if the clothing fits.

I know how important it is to give gifts that fit the body of the person who is receiving the gift. It is critical to not just know a plus size person’s sizes – but to know what brands they wear that size in. It feels AWFUL to get a gift that doesn’t fit. It is embarrassing. It brings up a whole bunch of body stuff.

It feels AWFUL to get clothing as a gift – and it doesn’t fit.

So, knowing this, I’ve made a section for plus size gifts that are clothing related – and a section with body positive gifts. That’s TWO gift guides. (I know, I know. Two gift guides in one?! I’m so generous. ;))

Let’s get started!

plus size gift ideas

** List 1: Plus Size Gift Ideas – Plus Size Clothing **

Okay, let’s get started with plus size gift ideas for clothing!

#1: Plus Size Gift Idea: Navy Pajama Set from Woman Within ($32.99)

Folks, I learned about these plus size pajamas from Miranda of The Plus Life Blog! She’s a plus size blogger who writes about being a mom + living in the Southern US! I saw her in these jammies, and I instantly ordered a pair.

These are soft pajamas with stretch – and they look so chic! Most pajama sets that look like this have zero stretch, and are super uncomfortable!

The pajama set goes up to a size 38-40! I usually wear a 3X in Torrid, and I snagged the size L – these run a little big.

Shop this plus size gift here.

plus size gift ideas

#2: Plus Size Gift Idea: Wide Calf Boot for Winter

Next up on our guide with plus size gift ideas are WIDE CALF BOOTS!

These are a staple in a plus size winter wardrobe, and they make a stellar gift. (Plus, finding out someone’s shoe size is a little bit easier than finding out their clothing size, lol.)

I wrote a whole guide on plus size boots here, and I’ve shared a few of my fave styles below!

The first set in green ($169.95) is for the plus size fashionista who loves to stand outt, and the second set in black are for plus size babes who need a solid pair of black plus size fashion boots ($79.50)!

plus size gift ideas
These wide calf boots are the perfect plus size gift for the fashionista who loves to make a statement!

Shop here!
plus size gift ideas
Check these out here!

#3: Plus Size Gift Idea: Selkie Dress

Ok, so this gift idea is for plus size babes who LOVE SELKIE. If you’ve never heard your person GUSH over Selkie dresses, then don’t get this gift lol.

A good litmus test is to ask, “Hey, have you heard of Selkie?” And then see what happens, lol.

If she’s a fan, she’ll probably pull out her phone and show you her favorites. 😉

Check out this plus size gift idea HERE.

plus size gift ideas

#4: Plus Size Gift Idea: Plus Size Top ($23.99)

I am OBSESSED with this top. Seriously, I think it ends up on all of my plus size fashion shopping guides.

I have it in multiple colors, and I wear a 1XL with a 54″ bust!

Shop this plus size gift here.

plus size gift ideas
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

#5: Plus Size Gift Idea: Motorcycle Jacket from Eloquii ($149.95)

This plus size motorcycle jacket is a staple in the plus size fashion space. It comes in 6+ colors (at time of publishing).

Not sure what color to get? If the recipient doesn’t have a moto jacket, I’d go with black or brown. If she does have faux leather jackets, I would look at what colors for tops + jackets she wears the most!

Shop this plus size gift here!

plus size gift ideas
Check out all the colors this moto jacket comes in HERE!

#6: Plus Size Gift Idea: Camel Color Coat

I have been meaning to get a camel color coat for years! This is such a chic fashion buy, and every plus size fashionista needs one!

This camel color coat from ASOS is gorgeous, and is available in up to a size US 24.

Shop this plus size gift here!

plus size gift ideas

#7: Body Positive Gift Idea: Body Positive Sweatshirt from Rascal Honey

Sarah of Rascal Honey is one of my favorite beauty and plus size fashion bloggers. She recently released a line of merch (t-shirts and sweatshirts!), that I love.

I’m modeling this sweatshirt below!

Shop these body positive gifts here.

plus size gift ideas

#8: Plus Size Gift Idea: Luxury Piece from 11 Honore ($500 +)

The holidays are a great time to invest in investment pieces, and the premiere destination for luxury plus size fashion is 11 Honore.

11 Honore even has a styling service onhand, and you can consult with them to find the perfect gift!

Shop plus size gifts at 11 Honore here!

plus size gift ideas
This Roland Mouret gown is GORGEOUS. ($1,805)

#9: Plus Size Gift Idea: Nuuly Clothing Subscription

If figuring out sizes has you anxious, then the next best thing is to get her a clothing rental service! I love Nuuly! (My full review HERE.)

Being plus size means spending a *LOT* of time at the post office. Because we can’t shop in stores, we order things online.

And then return them.

Because of this, I think a Nuuly subscription can be a fabulous plus size gift. The recipient can try out new styles – and brands! – and be a bit more bold in her selection, without worrying about the return window!

I recommend snagging a 3 month membership, so the recipient gets the most out of it!

Get this plus size gift here!

plus size gift ideas

** List 2: Plus Size Gift Ideas for Body Positive Babes**

Our second gift guide contains gifts for a plus size person, if you don’t feel confident in finding the right size, then these gifts are excellent!

#1: Body Positive Gift Idea ($10): Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body

About this book: “From the unforgettable teacher Jessamyn Stanley comes Every Body Yoga, a book that breaks all the stereotypes.

It’s a book of inspiration for beginners of all shapes and sizes: If Jessamyn could transcend these emotional and physical barriers, so can we.

It’s a book for readers already doing yoga, looking to refresh their practice or find new ways to stay motivated.”

This book is a great gift for someone who regularly talks about body positive and shares affirmations. If you haven’t seen your person do this, then do not snag this book for them! It will come across as you being judgemental!

Get this book here!

Body Positive Gift Ideas
Get this book here!
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

#2: Body Positive Gift Idea: Jewelry from Automic Gold ($150 +)

Automic Gold is an LGBTQ+ owned brand that makes gold jewelry pieces. I love how they celebrate diverse bodies and gender presentations in their maketing!

Note: I would NOT get someone a ring if you’re dating. That could get a little messy. I’d go with a necklace or other piece! 😉

Shop body positive gifts here!

(Love this idea, but Automic Gold isn’t an aesthetic fit? Check out other plus size jewelry brands here!)

Body Positive Gift Ideas

#3: Body Positive Gift Idea: Body Positive Art Prints ($20 +)

Next up on our guide with body positive gift ideas are art prints from etsy!

There are many artists who have listed body positive prints on the platform, and it’s really lovely to scroll through them.

Some prints can even come framed, which I love!

Shop body positive gifts here!

Body Positive Gift Ideas
Check out this art print here!

#5 Body Positive Gift Idea: Self-Love Photoshoot with Suma Jane Dark

Suma Jane Dark is a body positive photographer, located in Portland, Oregon. Suma is renowned for the beautiful imagery they create of plus size babes! (They also travel regularly, so no worries if you’re not in Oregon.)

Suma is a plus size and fat positive photographer, and I love working with them.

Learn more about working with Suma here!

Body Positive Gift Ideas

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