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Hello hello! Are you typing things like “Where to buy plus size rings for chubby fingers” into Google? If so, then this post on where to shop for plus size rings is for you!!

Today, I’m sharing a roundup of 11+ jewelry brands that have included plus size babes in their brands! I’m not talking rings that use stretchy strings for your cute plus size fingers, I’m talking full on plus size rings for fat fingers, lol.

This post is all about plus size rings.

[This blog post was first written on July 18, 2020. It was updated August 28, 2023!]

plus size rings

Plus Size Rings – Fat Fingers!

When it comes to ordering rings online for short fat fingers, it is helpful to have a ring sizer on hand!

This ring sizer is $3.99, and it makes online ring shopping much easier! Snag this ring sizer HERE!

Get this plus size ring sizer HERE!

Plus Size Ring Brand #1: Speerit Creations | Size 15 Rings

I am so impressed with the collection of plus size rings from Speerit Creations (shown on plus size hands!!), that I’ve made them #1 on my round up of plus size rings for fat fingers!

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 15

Shop their full plus size ring collection HERE!

I’ve also shared a few of my favorite plus size rings below:

Plus Size Rings
“You will absolutely love this new ring! A beautiful peach Moonstone is nestled in a secure wire wrapped setting in your choice of a silver or gold plated band.

The Moonstone is pear shaped and has a rose cut, showcasing all of its beautiful facets! Peach Moonstone also has slight shimmer to it, so this ring is just stunning when the light hits it! With these stones, there is a lighter version and a darker version, so if you have a preference, please let me know in the seller notes at checkout.”

Check out this plus size ring here!
Plus Size Rings
“This wire wrapped ring features a gorgeous teal glass horizontal bead that has lighter swirls and some hints of red in it. Please note that every ring and bead is unique, so each one will have slight differences. The glass bead is nestled in a secure wire wrapped setting, in your choice of silver plated, gold plated, or rose gold plated wire.

The bead measures .60″L x .40″W

This ring is custom made, just for you, so it can be made in sizes in 5-15!”

Check out this plus size ring here!
Plus Size Rings
“This ring features a genuine jasper stone, which measures 4mm x 13mm and comes in the beautiful color of your choosing. You can choose between navy/royal blue, royal purple, or a rich, pinkish-red. Each stone is marbled and nestled in a secure wire wrapped setting, in the finish of your choosing.”

Shop this plus size ring here.

Plus Size Rings Brand #2: Inspired By You | Size 12 Rings

Do you love sparkly gems?! SAME! Inspired by You is a plus size ring brand known for its use of colorful stones in their pieces.

  • Up to a size 12 in rings

Shop plus size rings here.

Statement plus size rings
“The star of this ring is the two-tone gem in the center, but layers of CZ stones make it extra sparkly.”

Plus size cocktail ring HERE!
Plus Size Rings
“Add a bright pop of blue to your digits with this sparkly radiant-cut ring.”

Get this plus size ring HERE!
Plus Size Engagement Rings
Radiant and Half Moon Shaped Simulated Ruby and Cubic Zirconia Ring in Rose Gold Plated Silver

Details on this plus size engagement ring here!
Plus Size Engagement Rings
Round Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Plus Antique Style Halo Engagement Ring in Rhodium Plated Silver

Details here!

Plus Size Rings for Fat Fingers #3: Chouette Designs

Another plus-owned brand is Chouette Designs!

From the founder: “Chouette Designs is size inclusive, demi-fine jewelry and adornment for everyone. Founded by Ashley Catharine after years of working in the jewelry industry, Chouette Designs is a testament to the inclusion she has always been a champion of. Chouette Designs is a women and LGBT owned brand based in San Diego, CA.”

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 15

Shop plus size rings from Chouette Designs here!

Plus Size Rings Brand #4: Torrid

Torrid has been my go-to for plus size rings for YEARS! I so appreciate their range of style and options, great for a variety of aesthetics and preferences. I’m wearing Torrid plus size rings as I write this blog post!

Torrid has a good amount of fashion plus size rings, as well as stackable rings.

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 12

Shop plus size rings here.

Plus Size Rings
Plus size blue and green rings

Plus Size Rings for Fat Fingers Brand #5: Nature’s Twist

One of my favorite plus size jewelry brands (and plus owned!) is Nature’s Twist, an indie jewelry brand based in the Seattle, Washington, area. In addition to having a storefront at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, they also sell online, via their Instagram Live Sales! The brand uses electroplating to make their jewelry, combining metals with natural stones like amethyst.

The plus-owned brand also has info on how they ethically source materials for their work.

Shop plus size rings here!

Plus Size Rings for Chubby Fingers Brand #6: Zaleska Jewelry

I was so excited when I found this Canadian size inclusive jewelry brand! I think I originally got served an IG ad for them!

From the maker: “Each Zaleska piece is created entirely by hand using centuries-old practices. Our production runs are small, limited and conscious of environmental footprint. Comfort and wearability are at the forefront of our design process, and we take pride in the quality of our materials, gemstones, and details.”

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 15

Shop plus size rings here!

Plus Size Rings

Plus Size Rings for Fat Fingers Brand #7: Dainty Personalized Co

Plus Size Rings

I love personalized gifts and jewelry, so I was excited to discover Dainty Personalized Co! The brand makes dainty jewelry, including jewelry that is more personal!

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 13

Shop plus size rings here!

Plus Size Ring Brand #8: Largest Selection at ASOS

ASOS has a variety of plus size rings, from minimalist rings to statement pieces! At time of writing, ASOS has by *far* the biggest collection of plus size rings, with over 100 plus size listed on their website.

  • Sizing: Up to a 2XL
  • Plain sterling bands
  • Snake and witchy plus size rings
  • Plus size signet rings
  • Fun acrylic rings in pastel

Shop plus size rings at ASOS here.

Plus Size Ring Brand #9: Lane Bryant

Looking more for costume jewelry? Lane Bryant has a range of sparkly rings, great for dressing up for an evening out on the town!

  • Sizing: Up to a Size 12

Shop plus size rings here.

Plus Size Rings

Plus Size Ring Brand #10: Poirier

This brand is new to me, and I’m glad I found them! Poirier isn’t limited to plus size rings, and they have a variety of stacker and bands for plus size babes!

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 13

From the brand: “Enhance your hands with lovely plus size rings, crafted to look beautiful on larger fingers. Not only are our rings sized larger for comfort, they’re also designed in proportion to bigger hands to let you express yourself stylishly—and comfortably in gold and silver. Extended sizes set you free to wear rings alone or create a unique stack with several pieces on one finger. Poirier jewelry coordinates across the line, making layering simple—and fun.

Shop plus size rings here.

Plus Size Minimalist Simple Rings
“This will become your go-to piece. With just the right amount of bling, our Dainty Solitaire can’t help but get noticed on its own or in a stack. All of our rings are thoughtfully designed to be the perfect proportion and comfortable fit for all finger sizes.”

See more photos of this dainty plus size ring here!

Plus Size Rings Brand #11: Folk Tales Market

Based in Valencia, Spain, I am loving their plus size rings! This signet ring is perfect for plus size witches will love this signet ring from Folk Tales Market!

  • Sizing: Up to a size 12

Shop this plus size ring here.

Plus Size Rings
“925 sterling silver minimalist signet ring with a crescent / waning moon. Small, light, simple, elegant.”

Check out more photos of this plus size ring here!

Plus Size Ring Brand #12: Iasthai Original

I found this jewelry brand on etsy! Iasthai Original is based out of the United Kingdom.

From the brand: “One of a kind sterling silver jewellery handmade from start to finish in the UK. All stones are completely natural and ethically sourced.”

This plus size turquoise ring below is STUNNING!

  • Sizing: Specific to each piece [see brand for details]

Shop all Iasthai Original pieces HERE!

Plus Size Ring Brand #13: Automic Gold

Automic Gold is a NYC-based brand, owned by members of the LGBT community. They use recycled materials (woo sustainability) to make their minimalist jeweler.

  • Sizing: Up to a ring size 16

Shop their plus size rings here!

This post was all about plus size rings.

Additional Brands to Consider:

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