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where to shop for plus size rings fat fingers
Hello hello! Are you typing things like "Where to buy plus size rings for chubby fingers" into Google? If so, then this post on where to shop for plus size rings is for you!! Today, I'm sharing a roundup of 7+ jewelry...
Ninka Pop - LGBT and Latina Owned Jewelry Brand with Statement Pieces
I first learned of Ninka Pop from a friend, and I became friends with the Ninka Pop founder, Sayra Lopez, seeing her bold and colorfully insane-yet-sane visuals she creates for her brand on Instagram. Fast forward through 2020, and I've partnered with Ninka Pop...
The state of Utah actually has a pretty thriving fashion scene. I know, it sounds like the Utah Tourism Board paid me to say that, but they didn't! (But also, hello Utah Tourism Board let's talk campaigns, k?) Utah has...

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