I Love These “Queen Bee Earrings” from Natalie Wynn Design


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The state of Utah actually has a pretty thriving fashion scene.

I know, it sounds like the Utah Tourism Board paid me to say that, but they didn’t! (But also, hello Utah Tourism Board let’s talk campaigns, k?)

Utah has a thriving fashion scene, and I first met Natalie Workman when I was assisting for Utah Fashion Week. Natalie is the founder and designer behind Natalie Wynn, a bespoke wedding gown and jewelry brand headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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While her gowns are beautiful (and available in plus!), it’s her accessories I want to talk about today. Her earrings and crowns are absolutely captivating, referencing French Baroque styles while stilling being utterly wearable.

If you’re getting married in 2019, or you need some truly statement-making sparkle – look no further. Natalie has pieces for you.

Pick #1: Queen Bee Earrings ($62 USD)

Utah’s nickname is “The Beehive State,” so you could say we’re a little apiary-minded over here. AAND I am *obsessed* (yes, really) with these Queen Bee Earrings from Natalie Wynn.

These are handmade from brass, and are 4″ inches long. While they look heavy, Natalie shares that they’re actually quite light! The combination of black tassels and gold brass really give that royal feel.

I would pair these with a aesthetically sharp look – think all black suit, an OOTD that involves a leather jacket or a dress with a high neckline. These earrings give off sophisticated “Don’t mess with me” vibes, perfect for the lady who knows her worth.

Snag these earrings by clicking here – they’re almost out of stock!

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Pick #2: Virgo Earrings ($68 USD)

Okay, we all know I love a witchy crescent moon. These earrings are 4.25″ long, and are incredibly lightweight. The shimmering stones are blue Swarovski crystals and rosewater (pink) opals set in brass.

I would pair these with a softer look. Think a large knit or cream cashmere sweater sweater, or a dress with a silky finish in the summer.

These earrings are currently available for preorder, and you can snag a pair by clicking here.

Pick #3: Red & Gold Brass Flower Crown ($110)

While I love a good flower crown from a florist, this Red & Gold Brass Flower Crown will last more than one wear. It extends 2 inches above the wearer’s head, making sure that you’re making a statement and wearing the crown – the crown doesn’t wear you.

Red, yellow and purple brass gold flower crown for weddings or prom

Featuring red roses and purple flowers, I would wear this crown grocery shopping – yes, really! For those of you who need an occasion to own a crown, this could be a great accessory for a fancy garden party in the spring, or a black tie event any season.

Purchase this crown here.

But, wait there’s more!

While I could write a treatise on the sparkling pieces from Natalie Wynn, you should probably just head over to her etsy store to see what’s new.

Brass unique earrings inspired by French Baroque and Beauty and the Beast

Which piece is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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