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Are you looking for hacks on tips on how to find time to work on your side hustle – potentially to make it your main hustle?! Then this post is for you!

Because of my coaching business, I talk to a ton of different people – every week!  Unlike a 9-5, where I work with the same group everyday, I talk to MINIMUM 8-10 new people each week.  Something that’s been coming up a LOT (with these new folks and current clients), is:


Specifically, not having enough of it.

I got a Time Turner keychain from Harry Potter world in January, buuuuuut it doesn’t, you know, turn time.

And while I snort in DERISION any time someone says, “You have the same 24 hours in the day as Beyoncé!” (UM, no I do NOT have an army of employees), at one point, Beyoncé did have the same amount of time as you and me.

tips for finding time to work on Your side hustleYou get the same 24 hours that everyone else gets, but your energy levels, health, obligations and work life may leave you feeling trapped, because YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

Below, I’ve outlined some tips and ideas on how to #LifeHack your day, to make time for your side hustle that you desperately want to make your full time hustle.

Fair warning, though. Not all of these tips/ideas will lead to you having a Balanced Life™. Sometimes, you gotta sacrifice some short term relaxation time for your longterm goals, and only you can make that decision.

1. Schedule TV & Netflix Time

Many of my clients use TV as a way to “wind down,” but y’all are not winding down. You’re shutting your brains off. It’s no wonder you’re so damn tired all of the time, because you’re not being present while you decompress.

While some coaches will tell you to give up TV, FOREVER, I’m not. Let’s be real here, y’all are not going to give up Shondaland.

But, you do need to give up most of your TV time. I actually recommend downloading a time tracking app on your phone, and measuring how much time you spend in front of the screen (laptops count too!).


Then, sit down and figure out what you can live without.

And schedule your show time. Stop making turning on the TV when you get home a habit. Let go of the days of binge watching shows. Like to watch Late Night TV? Make it a 1–2x a week deal, going to bed an hour earlier to get up an hour earlier to work on your side hustle.

Stop watching other people live their dreams, and go out and build yours.

Pinterest graphic - 5 tips fo rmaking your side hustle happen

2. Take Advantage of Your Commute

If you’re lucky enough to live within ~15 minutes of your job, skip this tip. For the rest of us, you probably spend anywhere from 3–10 hours a week commuting, trying to get to the job that pays your bills.

Driving? Audible is your new BFF. Find folks who have done what you’re trying to do, and listen to their book(s). You can also listen to a podcast like Being Boss®, that has great insights on how to start and manage a creative business.

3. Figure out Where Your Money is Going

NO NO DON’T CLICK AWAY! I know money is scary, and makes most folks click the little “X” on the upper righthand corner faster than you can say, “I hate my job,” BUT BUT BUT

One of the biggest barriers between you and doing what you want to do full-time is money. Specifically, knowing, down to the pennies, what you’re spending your money on.

Install something like, and begin reviewing your purchases, monthly. This is not about feeling guilty over buying Starbucks.

Frankly, I’ll quit buying Starbucks and make coffee at home in the month of NEVER 2020. But, it will make you realize where you’re leaking money, and help you make decisions on how to save.

As you save more money, you can invest in better side hustle tools, and build up your nest egg to take your side hustle FT.  Alternatively, you can make it your goal to figure out how to save $100 a month – and put that in savings to help ease your transition into taking your side hustle full-time.


Folks will keep taking your time/attention/resources, until you’re left with nothing for you. It’s sad, it makes me freaking mad and it’s true.

Start saying “No,” and use this post to practice doing it.


I used to be Queen of the Land of Flying By Your Pants. I thought this made me more Fun! and Spontaneous! But it actually made me really anxious and feel terrible a lot.

Sit down and look at your side hustle priorities for the week. (I do this on Sundays.). Then, map out when you will do what. Decide on what has to go, and think of ways to save more time.

Maybe it’s meal prepping, hiring a dog walker, downsizing your apartment (less to clean and less to pay for!), lengthening your commute a few days a week by using the train over driving — so you can work on your side hustle, etc. For me, hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant), so I could upgrade my hustle was LIFE CHANGING.

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