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As a career coach, I’ve had dozens of overwrought people pop into my FB chat or the contact form on my website, with a TL;DR of “FML, I just got FIRED.” And I’m so SO sorry that happened to you. I’ve been there, friend. In the summer of 2009 (with the world...
Y’all I’m concerned. I’m concerned with the amount of bs coaching I’m seeing. And I’m not calling bs on specific methodologies or niches — variety is the spice of life, and what’s good coaching for a friend may not work for you.
Because of my coaching business, I talk to a ton of different people – every week!  Unlike a 9-5, where I work with the same group everyday, I talk to MINIMUM 8-10 new people each week.  Something that's been coming up a LOT (with these new folks and current...

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