Where I Get My Fashion News


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Hey there! This post contains affiliate links.  Using my links means I earn a commission, which helps me create more rad content.  More on affiliates here.

I’ve had a Vogue subscription for years, thinking it was the only go-to for fashion news/opinions/etc.

Boy, was I wrong!

As I’ve worked on my collection, and done my damndest to self-educate about the fashion industry, I’ve found some really helpful resources.  This tweet from Arlan really bring it home:

I make it a point to follow all of these people/publications across platforms, so that I gain knowledge as I bop around.  I also spend an hour everyday going through and reading as much as possible.  While I love an editorial or designer profile, the list below focuses on sharing resources that critique/analyze/etc.  For that reason, I’ve left traditional mags off.

So with that, let’s get learning!

1. Fashionista.com

This has been an incredibly valuable website, in that the writers are willing to dig in and critique fashion/share their opinions in more op-ed style pieces.  The careers section has also been helpful for me, I’ve landed several internships from it.  Tyler McCall, one of their writers, is my fave writer.

2. Business of Fashion

Created to literally discuss the business of fashion (hence the name), I use this as a resource to peek behind the curtain at various houses.  They also have great exclusives.  The BoF podcast isn’t that great, but I’m definitely considering becoming a premium member of the site!

3. ManRepeller

Besides having a great name, this website does a good job of looking at fashion through a more intersectional lens.

4.  The Fashion Law

It’s time to earn about copyright law, mergers, and a host of other legal issues/terms in fashion! I first heard of The Fashion Lawyer when I was working for an IP nonprofit.  I appreciate how the founder, Julie Zerbo, brings in critiques/analyses of the evolving role of fashion journalism.

5. The Curvy Fashionista

Everything that happens in the world of plus size fashion (brand launches, modeling news, etc) hits the homepage of TCF incredibly fast.

6.  The Lingerie Addict//Cora Harrington

Cora Harrington is the founder of the Lingerie Addict.  The website (TLA) has some great information on lingerie, and you should def buy her book, Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie – I learned a TON of terms, design methodologies, etc, that I haven’t found in my other readings.

Cora also goes IN on her twitter, critiquing various fashion trends and brands, size/race inclusivity, etc.

7.  Page 11 on 11 Honoree

Half blog and half interviews, 11 Honoree talks luxury plus fashion with folks you need-to-know about.

8.  Glossy Co

Calling all tech and startup nerds. Glossy is a publication that “covers how technology is modernizing the fashion and luxury industries.”

9.  Coveuter

Coveuter offers a BTS look, without seeming artificial or packaged.  They publish such a variety of content, that I had to go to their about page to figure out how exactly what their mission is:

“Known for stunning photography, award-winning writing, and an intimate look at luxury lifestyles and global tastemakers, Coveteur was established in 2011 as a passion project to explore the homes and closets of global street style stars and influencers.”

10. Sarah Conley

These three have some sharp insights and critiques that she shares on Twitter.  I love her insights!

11. M2M | Made to Measure

Okay, so I’m still not 100% clear how I landed on the M2M Facebook page, but I’m SO GLAD I did.  They have great short videos on current designers and analyses of fashion history.

What are your go-to places to read about fashion?  I’m always looking to add to my list.  Share your recs in the comments below!