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I have a confession. I’m a big ol’ nerd.

I grew up watching Xena, Hercules, Buffy, Stargate SG-1, and a myriad of other nerdy shows. In 7th grade, someone made fun of people who watch Star Trek, and I have never been more confused in my life. “Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about people exploring the universe?!?!” I thought to myself.

Fast forward to 2022, and nerdom has really exploded, thanks in part, to the proliferation (and adoption) of “cons.”

This blog post is all about where to buy plus size cosplay!

[Note: This post was originally published on June 30, 2019. It was last updated September 1, 2023. Please be sure to check with each brand for size chart information and availability. I do my best to keep my blog posts up-to-date, but changes do happen!]

Hi, I’m Brianne, AKA “The Huntswoman”! I’m so glad you’ve visited my blog today. I love costumes and cosplay (above photo is me doing a photoshoot for an Ursula cosplay), and I’ve shared some of my best resources for plus size cosplay in this post! I hope you enjoy putting your cosplay together! xoxo, BH

P.S. If you need help finding pieces for a specific cosplay, I’d love to help! You can email me here or send me a DM on Instagram!

What the heck is a “con”?

A “con” is a shortening of “conference,” for all things nerdy. There’s debate around the etymology of the word (hello, we’re nerds), but some folks think that the word has been adopted after one of the biggest cons, “Comic Con” in San Diego.

Dressing Up as Your Favorite Character

And at said “cons,” people dress up as their favorite superhero or character. While some folks stick with dressing like well-known and beloved characters, others go superrrr niche.

Some people only dress as characters they look like, but most people (imo) dress as their version of the character. This allows for more diverse representation than what the studios put out into the world, cough cough.

Finding Plus Size Cosplay Outfits

And since a majority of women are over a size 14, many of the cosplayers you see at cons are plus size!

The problem is that many of the “out of the box” cosplay options stop at like an XL, or a size 12/14, so plus size babes who cosplay have to get a liiiittle more creative and do more digging. Which kinda sucks, tbh.

SO, I have compiled this RATHER LONG blog post, with the following sections:

  • Section #1: Ready Made Plus Size Cosplay Costumes
  • Section #2: Resources for more DIY Plus Size Cosplay Options (where to get specific pieces to then make your own custom cosplay)

If I miss a brand, please drop me a line and I’ll be sure to add them!

#1. Plus Size Cosplay Costumes – KMK Designs

First up on our plus size cosplay roundup, we have KMK Designs.

KMK Designs is one of my favorite plus size costumers, as the brand shows a variety of bodies on their etsy store. KMK Designs has a really rad Star Wars inspired “Dark Jedi” look, plus size Mario cosplay looks, plus size steampunk options, golden goddesses, and period clothing.

KMK Designs is a great costumer to go with if you’re serious about investing in some high end pieces!

Shop plus size cosplay HERE.

Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay

#2: Plus Size Cosplay – 1930’s 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s

Planning a plus size cosplay look and need vintage-inspired plus size clothing? For example, a Mad Men, Supremes or other Americana type of plus size cosplay? I adore [ADORE!!!] Unique Vintage, as they have vintage-inspired clothes that fit plus size bodies well – and have stretch!

  • Sizing: The brand goes up to a 4X, and has a variety of plus size cosplay options!

Shop their plus size cosplay here!

Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay

#3: Plus Size Cosplay: Plus Size Fairy Godmother (Cinderella Inspired)

Fairy Godmother for Hire is a lovely etsy shop located in Burlington, Connecticut, that makes “costumes for princesses and fairy godmothers of all ages.” The brand specializes in capes as costumes, enabling them to fit a variety of sizes.

This costume ($200+) inspired by Sleeping Beauty is super cute, the hat really finishes the look!

Shop plus size cosplay here.

plus size disney cosplay

#4: Plus Size Cosplay: Plus Size Sailor Moon Cosplay

This is SUCH a popular topic that I wrote a whole post on where to find plus size Sailor Moon Cosplay!

This cosplay shop doesn’t have photos of a plus size model in their costumes – but they do offer custom sizing and orders.

Check out the Sailor Moon costume by clicking here.

plus size cosplay

#5: Silver Leaf Costumes Plus Size Costumes on Etsy

Silver Leaf Costumes is another custom cosplay costumer, and I found them on etsy!

From the designer: “Silver Leaf Costumes are hand-made costumes featuring the highest quality fabrics, extra-strength boning, and strong sewing methods! As our items are hand-made when ordered, there is a crafting period between when your order is placed and when your order will be shipped.”

Shop plus size cosplay costumes here!

plus size cosplay

#6: Hot Topic – All the Plus Size Cosplay!

Hot Topic is #1 place for costumes reimagined as everyday clothing, as well as quite the selection of plus size cosplay and Halloween costumes. Their selection changes a LOT, so if you see something on the site that’s no longer in your size I’d recommend setting up a Google Alert to learn when it’s listed on etsy or Poshmark!

Hot Topic is an interesting resource, because while they do carry full costumes, they also carry clothing inspired by various book/movie franchises, as well as just well, cool plus size clothing! When looking through the site, I recommend going through the ~100 pages of plus sizes clothing, to find different options and ideas for a plus size cosplay!

Shop plus size cosplay here.

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Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay Idea – Sally Dress from The Nightmare Before Christmas

#7: IchigoBlack on Etsy – Plus Size Lolita

Known for plus size lolita looks, IchigoBlack is a popular plus size costumer on etsy!

From the brand: “Kyoko’s Closet offers street fashion with a burst of femininity inspired by Japanese gothic, lolita, fairy kei and punk styles. It’s devilishly cute clothing for those who dare to be different ^_~”

Shop plus size size cosplay here!

Plus Size Lolita

#8: Katasha Costumes Plus Size Costumes on Etsy

Wow wow omg! If you’re looking for a costumer who tackles complicated cosplay, then Nicole Letersky of Kaktasha Costumes if your go-to costumer!

From Nicole: “I am a Canadian cosplayer! I work as a full time seamstress and take cosplay commissions! I also teach sewing classes locally!”

I cannot get over this plus size Labyrinth costume! The plus size Princess Peach and plus size Bridgerton options are also super fun!

Shop plus size costumes HERE!

#9: Steve Rodger Design – Star Trek!

I didn’t find a lot of options when it came to plus size Star Trek looks, but this Captain Kathryn Janeway is super fun!

The designer’s size chart ends at a size 22, but custom sizes are offered.

Shop plus size cosplay here.

#10: Plus Size Cosplay from Torrid

Cons happen all year, but Torrid really only breaks out cosplay and costuming options at Halloween – or when they do a merchandising deal with a big movie. Their Fangirl section is pretty rad if you’re looking for plus size t-shirts that advertise comics, bands and movies!

Shop plus size cosplay costumes here.

Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay

#11. Plus Size Cosplay Costumes – EzCosplay

I actually learned about EZCosplay from a Facebook group! They are the go-to spot for may plus size cosplayers who are looking for plus size anime cosplay!

Many of their costumes go up to a 3XL, but they don’t use plus size models, which is a bummer!

Shop plus size cosplay HERE.

<M, please add this image and alt text. No links needed: https://www.ezcosplay.com/demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba-shinobu-kochou-cosplay-costume-ekny005.html >>

#12. Plus Size Cosplay Costumes – Cosrea

I ALSO learned about Cosrea from a Facebook group! They are the go-to spot for may plus size cosplayers who are looking for really high quality Disney-inspired plus size cosplay and anime. They also have armor for cosplays.

Many of their costumes go up to a 2XL, and custom sizing is available.

Shop plus size cosplay HERE.

<M, please add this image and alt text. No links needed: https://www.cosrea.com/collections/cosplay-armors/products/warcraft-arthas-prince-version-custom-armor-and-cosplay-costume >>

#13. Plus Size Cosplay Costumes – Wonderland by Lilian

Next on my list of where to shop for plus size cosplay costumes, I wanted to tell you about Wonderland by Lillian!

I stumbled across this brand, and I’m so excited to have found them!!! They have various historical costume lines, and they’re gorgeous! They also have gothic Lolita dresses, which are stunning!

Wonderland by Lillian is a great costumer to go with if you’re serious about investing in some high end pieces!

Shop plus size cosplay HERE.

Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay – Available in up to a size 28!

#14. Plus Size Cosplay Costumes – Heros Time (Superhero Costumes)

Looking for plus size superhero cosplay options? Then you’ll def want to check out the aptly named Herostime! They have Deadpool, Spiderman, X-Men, The Avengers, and more!

Many of their costumes go up to a XXXLL, and custom sizing is available on some costumes (be sure to email to get all the details on custom sizing!)

Shop plus size cosplay HERE.

<M, please add this image and alt text. No links needed: https://www.herostime.com/classic-Spider-Gwen-Ghost-Spider-Cosplay-Suit-Costume-SC348.html >>

#15: Plus Size Cosplay from The Geek Garden – Marvel & DC

This brand is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and has plus size Stark Trek, Harlequin, Doctor Who inspired pieces. These pieces are more fun interpretations of the look (like this plus size “Police Box” dress) than reproductions. I thought this plus size X-Men Rogue dress ($83 USD+) was pretty fun!

Shop plus size cosplay costumes here.

plus size nintendo cosplay

#16: Pinup Girl Clothing – Beetlejuice Plus Size Cosplay!

Pinup Girl Clothing has a variety of period inspired outfits perfect for plus size cosplay, but these striped pieces really captured my imagination for a plus size Beetlejuice cosplay outfit. If you’re looking for cosplay ideas, I definitely recommend clicking around this site!

Shop here.

Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay
Plus Size Cosplay

#17. Cuttlefish Customs Plus Size Cosplay

Based in Nevada, Cuttlefish Customs specializes in “geek and nerd culture” costumes and fashion. Founder Kelsey Rogers is able to accommodate diverse sizes and niche characters. Send her a DM on Instagram for more info or a quote.

Costumers Who Design for Plus – But Don’t Have Photos?

While researching for this blog post, I emailed about a dozen different companies who showed up variations of the Google search, “Custom cosplay for plus sizes.” Some of those companies are up above, aaaaand some of them aren’t.

Here’s why:

A good amount number of costumers and cosplay professionals replied, but none of them (to date) were able to send me photos of a plus size model or customer wearing their work.

But Does the Company REALLY Design for Plus?

….. How is a plus size customer supposed to commission a piece when we don’t know if a company can actually design for plus – or just thinks they can? (Check out my post on designing for plus sizes if you’re curious about how designing for plus bodies is different.)

In this blog post I explained some of the key differences and needed skills to design for plus sizes.

It can be a bit of a Catch-22. The designers don’t create a look because no plus size person has commissioned one, and no plus size person commissions one because the brand doesn’t show their size range.

“We Offer Plus – But Don’t Have Photos…”

SO, with that preamble, here is a list of cosplay professionals who have responded that they do offer plus sizes, but weren’t able to provide photos. I’m definitely not trying to shame any companies, I just want you (the reader and potential customer) to be educated! Be sure to ask specific questions about experience, fit and what happens if a company creates a garment that doesn’t fit well!!

Be sure to get a contract and read it thoroughly when working on a custom piece.

  1. Reflection Dresses
  2. Snake Pit Studios
  3. AriShaeCosplay (Etsy)
  4. McGrew Studios

This blog post was all about where to buy plus size cosplay!

More Plus Size Costume Resources!

I love LOVEEE plus size cosplay and costumes, so here are a few more helpful posts!

What Resources Do You Need?

Would you like to see more blog posts about cosplay fashion? Looking for specific fashion resources? Sound off in the comments!

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