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Hey bestie! Below, I’ve shared how to give a Duolingo gift card as a gift, for this holiday season or as a birthday gift! I’m a HUGE Duolingo fan (I’m learning Arabic and French), and I was stoked to see that you can give yearly Duolingo membership as a gift!

Let’s get into it!

This post is all about how to give a Duolingo gift card.

Heads up! I originally published this post on December 12, 2022. It was last updated on February 28, 2023! I do my best to keep my posts SUPER up-to-date, but things can change! Always double check the info I share. Thanks, friend! <3

Duolingo Gift Card

Once upon a time, you used to NOT be able to give a Duolingo gift card — which is a huge bummer. A Duolingo gift card could make SUCH a great gift for Duolingo fans, but for years it wasn’t an option. Some folks would give cash gift cards, but as someone who has had trouble actually USING those, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Then, in December 2022, I saw an ad on Facebook for a Duolingo gift card! (I’m literally writing this post after seeing the ad about 20 minutes ago, and I totally freaked out and was so excited!!)

Update: I checked this info in March 2023, and it’s still good to go!

Duolingo gift card
Image c/o Duolingo

How to Give a Duolingo Gift Card

If you go to you can give a Duolingo gift card! It’s kind of weird, because they don’t advertise it on their homepage, but you can gift a Duolingo gift card.

Well, to be even more specific, you can gift a Duolingo Super membership for a full YEAR. You can’t gift a certain dollar amount ($25, $50, $100). It’s give a full year or nada! Not 3 months or 6 months, but a full year!

Technically, you can only give a Duolingo gift card for 1 year. And, as of my March 2023 update — this is still the case!

Also, technically, Duolingo HQ doesn’t even call this option a gift card. They literally don’t use the words “gift card” on the page. They call it “gifting.” But, before you get upset, REMEMBER! We used to not be able to give a Duolingo gift card without a workaround, so this is progress!

There’s a few other fine print details, from the FAQ (at the bottom of this page):

  • The recipient can’t be a current Super Duolingo subscriber. So, if you’re like me (a Super Duolingo subscriber), this may not make sense as a gift? I’m not certain how this works if you wait to redeem your subscription.
  • You can’t gift a Super Family plan.
  • There are more stipulations that you can read on the Duolingo gift page.

Why Gift a Duolingo Gift Card?

A Duolingo gift card is a SUPER thoughtful gift, because a Super Duolingo subscription means you don’t have to deal with ads.

And, if you’ve ever used ads on Duolingo, you know that at the end of every lesson (ish), you have to watch an ad. Waiting for that ad to play can totally ruin your groove (Kuzco reference), and before I had Super Duolingo I would just log out in disgust.

Super Duolingo is pretty critical to people who want to finish a language.

Super Duolingo is pretty critical to people who want to finish a language.

Does Your Recipient WANT a Duolingo Gift Card?

All of this said, before you get excited and gift a Duolingo subscription, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re giving a gift someone wants.

I’ve gotten a few gifts (mostly from grandparents) that were focused on skills or things THEY wanted me to do, that I didn’t really want to do….

Put another way, if your recipient isn’t OBSESSED with doing Duolingo or trying to learn a new language, then you shouldn’t buy them a Duolingo gift card. I’m def not trying to be mean or disparage Duolingo (I love the app!!), but also it doesn’t feel good to get a gift that’s really just an obligation.

if your recipient isn’t OBSESSED with doing Duolingo or trying to learn a new language, then you shouldn’t buy them a Duolingo gift card.

How to Give a Duolingo Gift Card – Unwrapping?

When you purchase a Duolingo gift card (AKA a subscription to Super Duolingo), it will be automatically sent on a specific day to the recipient.

Because this makes the gift… not super openable (besides opening your email with the gift in it), I recommend either pairing it with the Duolingo plushie (so cute!) and tape a note to Duo’s hand, or get a printable digital card so that your recipient has something to open.

You can also buy a small (or large!) gift related to the language they’re learning on Amazon (I shared a bunch of gifts for French learners HERE!), like a piece of jewelry or notebook, and then include a note to your recipient that says, “Check your email!”

This is technically a Valentine’s Day card, but the owl on it references the Duolingo owl, Duo!

Shop here!

This post was all about how to give a Duolingo gift card.

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