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Hi, friend! Are you looking for Duolingo gifts for the language lover in your life? Trying to think outside the box when it comes to getting a gift for your person who loves Duo, the cutest green owl ever?

Well friend, I got you!

This post is all about Duolingo gifts.

Duolingo Gifts

I’ve written a bunch of posts on and guides on Duolingo, and I freaking LOVE the app! It’s part of my personal development and professional goals, and it’s also, honestly, a super fun game on my phone!

I also love giving gifts (gift giving is my love language), and I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide for you to find the PERFECT Duolingo gift for your partner, loved one, bestie, or frenemy! (Ok, I’m joking about that last one, to be clear!)

This post is packed with gifts I would personally give to a Duolingo lover, pulling from my experience, as, well, a Duolingo lover myself!

Let’s get to the gifts! <3

Duolingo gifts
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#1 Duolingo Gifts: Official Duolingo Plushie

For their 10th anniversary, Duolingo came out with this super fun owl plushie of their mascot, Duo! I really think every Duolingo lover would love to get this plushie!

Something that I **LOVE** about the Duolingo plushie is that they’re limited edition. Before the 10th anniversary version came out, there were a few on eBay.

I’ve found the Duolingo fandom truly knows no bounds, lolol!

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

duolingo gift

#2 Duolingo Gifts: Personalized Name in Any Language – Necklace

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift for language lovers is lovely, and great for someone who also loves fashion and design! I really love how simple, yet beautiful, these necklaces are!!

These customizable name necklaces can be written in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Koren, French, Spanish, Hebrew, etc! Many language learners choose a name for the foreign language they’re learning, and you can get them a necklace with that name! Alternatively, you can get a translated word that means a lot to your recipient (for example, I’d love to get “Travel” in Arabic!)

Shop for this Duolingo gift here!

#3 Duolingo Gifts: Hello Print in Different Languages

Duolingo Gifts

Next up on my guide to Duolingo gifts, we have this print showing “Hello” in different languages. This is the perfect Duolingo gift for your love or bestie who has finished multiple languages on Duolingo, or one who has SUPER long list of languages they want to learn on Duolingo!

I also think this is a great gift for someone who just moved into their new apartment, or a college freshman who wants to decorate their dorm room.

  • From the brand: “Our gallery quality art designs and images are digitally hand crafted and printed on premium, archive photographic paper designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.”

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#4 Duolingo Gifts: Duo Face Sweater

This next Duolingo gift made me CRACK UP when I found it online. I wish it came in green (like the green of Duo, the owl), but alas! This is a super fun Duolingo gift for a prankster, jokester or someone with a great sense of humor.

I also appreciate the sizing on this sweater, as it’s available from S -5 XL, with the 5XL fitting a body width of 68 inches (doublecheck their size chart on that!)

Get this Duolingo hoodie here!

duolingo fan merch

#5 Duolingo Gifts: For the Word Nerd

Duolingo Gifts

Next up on my guide to Duolingo gifts, we have the book “Otherworldly” by Yee-Lum Mak! I think this would be SUCH a great gift for the Duolingo fan who loves talking about the origin of words or who is always popping up and saying things like, “Have you heard of the word ‘petrichor’?” (It me!)

In addition, this book caught my eye because of its beautiful illustrations that accompany it (shoutout to illustrator Kelsey Garrity-Riley)!

  • From the description: “Discover words to surprise, delight, and enamor. Learn terms for the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees, for dancing awkwardly but with relish, and for the look shared by two people who each wish the other would speak first. Other-Wordly is an irresistible ebook for lovers of words and those lost for words alike.”

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

#6 Duolingo Gifts: Language Ring

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift is a BIT more romantic, which I love! This language ring is made by Custom Jouel on etsy (a Star Seller!), and is designed to hold two names. You can also have it made with words from a specific language, or your name and your love’s name (for extra points, have the names translated in the language your love is learning)!

This Duolingo gift is so romantic!!!

  • From the brand: “A double-layer ring that finishes with a delicate touch. Letters are nicely crafted on two layers with any language and font style of your choice. Ring is resizable to fit your finger comfortably. Materials are of high quality Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Rose Gold, and Stainless Steel.”

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

#7 Duolingo Gifts – The Whole Cast of Characters

Next up on Duolingo gifts, I wanted to include this t-shirt showing all of the characters on the Duolingo app. If you’re not super familiar with Duolingo, these characters are the one who pop up for different stories, tutorials, etc, on the app! Most Duolingo fans have their favorite character (mine is Zari), and this is a great gift for a Duolingo fan!

Get this Duolingo fan shirt here!

#8 Duolingo Gifts: Super Extra MAP

Duolingo Gifts

Ok, so we’ve all seen those maps where you can scratch off the countries you’ve visited, but this next Duolingo gift goes even FURTHER. This is a PERFECT gift for the Duolingo lover who is always learning new languages to travel to their next destination!

  • From the brand: “We offer a wide selection of colors, 3 sizes (M,L,XL), and beautiful add-on options to achieve the look that best fits your decor style. Made of high-quality birch plywood with flawless engraving details 3D Wooden World Map is the most amazing decor for any traveler: minimalistic, meaningful, and really inspiring!”

Shop for this Duolingo gift here!

#9 Duolingo Gifts: World Traveler Necklace

Duolingo Gifts

I decided to include this next gift for Duolingo lovers for my readers (that’s YOU!), who love the idea of jewelry as a gift but feel a little nervous about getting custom jewelry made! This is a great gift for someone who is learning a new language on Duolingo to travel!

  • From the brand: “Good quality and eco-friendly brass, 14k yellow gold plating, light-weighted, can be applied for a long lasting time.”

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#10 Duolingo Gifts: Passport Stamp Scarf

Duolingo Gifts

Another great Duolingo gift for travel lovers is this scarf featuring different passport stamps! I would get this Duolingo gift for people who love to wear scarves (that is to say, you’ve seen them wearing scarves or photos of them in scarves) who also love bold colors and designs!

I really think this is a great Duolingo gift for the “Kooky Aunt” who is always traveling. (A designation I aspire to.)

  • From the brand: “Printed on soft poly viscose fabric with silky look and feel. Unique design! Makes a great gift! Size: Length: 53 inches (loop), Width: 9 inches (x2). Finished in in a tube style full infinity scarf.”

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

#11  Duolingo Gift:  Duo Tote Bag

Next up, we have a Duolingo tote bag! This is a great gift for someone who collects tote bags, or likes to use them for running errands like grocery shopping. I love how the tote bag is designed to make it look like Duolingo is a place you visit, with the waves in the background! It reminds me of the kind of tote bag you could get celebrating a boardwalk in Santa Monica or another beach town!

Shop this Duolingo gift here!

#12 Duolingo Gifts: Linguist Gift

Duolingo Gifts

Ok, not going to lie — I don’t TOTALLY understand this gift for Duolingo lovers, but I think it’s one of those in-group jokes for linguists. I think this is a great gift for an aspiring linguist!

  • From the brand: “BE A SCHWA. NEVER STRESSED mug. A perfect gift for the linguist, language lover, stressed-out friend or family member to remind them to Chill!”

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

#13 Duolingo Gifts: Zari New Year

Duolingo gift sticker stocking stuffer

This next Duolingo gift is a great stocking stuffer! This Zari New Year sticker is popular among Duolingo nerds like myself, and I think it’s such a fun gift!

To be clear, this listing is JUST for the sticker – not the water bottle! <3

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#14 Duolingo Gifts: Paired Translation Print

Duolingo Gifts

I really loved the “Hello” print earlier in this post, but I wanted to get something a bit more elevated for folks who are a bit older and decorating, who love prints but want to go a bit beyond the whole ~ college dorm print~.

This is a great Duolingo gift for a friend or loved one who is always hosting guests, throwing parties, etc!

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

#15 Duolingo Gifts: Old World Language Families – Linguist Print

Duolingo Gifts

This is another great gift for linguists and word nerds! I like to give wall prints as a gift, because almost everyone has space on their walls for art, and a print doesn’t require someone to make space in their home!

It can be pretty low stress.

I even like to snag a simple black frame when I give a print, so the recipient doesn’t have to add “get frame for print” to their to-do list (I know I have more than a few prints in need of frames right now at my home, lol cry).

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

#16 Duolingo Gifts:

Duolingo Gifts

Another wall art print for Duolingo lovers, I know! I couldn’t resist! This is a great gift for someone whose aesthetic matches this!

Shop for this Duolingo gift here!

#17 Duolingo Gifts: Duolingo Water Bottle Stickers

Duolingo gift

This next Duolingo gift is great for the person who collects stickers or loves to put stickers on their water bottle! This set of 8 Duolingo stickers is super fun!

They also come in different sizes, up to 8.5″ x 4.1″ (at time of publishing)!

Check out these Duolingo gifts here!

#18 Duolingo Gifts: French Bisous T-Shirt

Duolingo Gifts

HOW CUTE is this shrit from Orchid Shirts on etsy? This is a great t-shirt for Duolingo lovers studying French (“bisous” means “kiss” in French).

If your Duolingo lover isn’t learning French, no worries! You can find a lot of shirts similar to this on etsy. Just search “(language) t-shirt”!

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#19 Duolingo Gifts: Gorgeous Language Flashcards

Duolingo Gifts

Ok, for my next gift for Duolingo lovers, we have FLASH CARDS!

Now, there are PLENTY of (really ugly) flashcards and grammar charts available online. But you DON’T need to give ugly gifts!

Travelflips are gorgeous language vocabulary flashcards, designed for, you guessed it, words you need to know while traveling! These are great for so many reasons, and I can totally see myself using these while on a train in the Alps, subway in South Korea, etc! They’re compact and easy to use *while* traveling.

  • From the brand: “Travelflips flashcard kits are designed to give travelers a powerful head start with a new language. Each kit includes 60 flashcards featuring essential words and example phrases, including 5 authentic proverbs for you to impress friends and locals.”

Travelflips has a variety of languages, including:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Korean

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

#20 Duolingo Gifts: Communication Art

Duolingo Gifts

Ok, so this next Duolingo gift is NOT for everyone, but I wanted to include it — I strongly believe in supporting living artists!

This is a great gift for someone who loves the style of Don Draper, or looks for more masculine mid-century modern furniture and interior decor.

  • From the brand: “Two people communicating in the form of a connecting puzzle. Original art by Scott Laumann.”

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

#21 Duolingo Gifts: Fun Socks

Duolingo gift - socks

Ok, real talk, I have a ton of themed socks I’ve gotten over the years as Christmas presents, so I’m good on these, lol! That said, I know a good number of people love getting themed socks for Christmas or winter, as they use the longer socks when wearing boots during the winter!

Shop these Duolingo socks here!

#22 Duolingo Gifts: Banangrams!

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift is a great for Scrabble lovers and word nerds! Basically, Bananagrams is like Scrabble, but you keep building on words for a set time period.

  • From the brand: “It’s a race to the finish! players build as many words as they can until all of their tiles run out. No taking turns here—ready, set, go bananas! fast-paced game improves vocabulary and independent thinking. Play with 2 or more players for Group engagement and competition. Self contained game—no pencil or paper required.”

Shop for this Duolingo gift here!

#23 Duolingo Gifts: Fridge Magnets

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift is great for your bestie or loved one who likes to read notes, or who enjoys creating sassy little poems with word magnets.

This kit makes it easy to leave fun and sassy messages for your loved ones and/or housemates, and I LOVE that the translation is on the back. This Duolingo gift is like a fun remake of language flashcards — but for your fridge!

  • From the brand: “Created with the help of native speakers, the Kids’ French Kit features word tiles that are printed on two sides and stick both ways, with a French word on one side and its English translation on the other. Basic vocabulary builder, but good for adults who want to learn too. For ages 5 and up.”

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#24 Duolingo Gifts: For the Introverted Word Nerd

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift is perfect for the introvert who can laugh at themselves a bit, and loves to talk about languages. I think that this is one of those Duolingo gifts that you will INSTANTLY know if it’s a fit for someone.

If you saw this and instantly thought, “(Name) wouuld love this!” then I’d get it. If you’re on the fence, I’d snag a different Duolingo gift on my list! <3

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

#25 Duolingo Gifts: Dry Erase White Board for Writing & Vocabulary Practice

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo gift takes a liiiiiiittle bit of explaining. I’m a huge Duolingo nerd, but I am sometimes frustrated that I can’t more easily practice writing words (not typing them). Different studies have shown our brains learn in different ways, and I learn through repetition.

A dry erase whiteboard (a small one like this one that can be held in my lap), has been very helpful for me to practice writing words. It makes a great gift for my fellow Duolingo nerds, but because it takes some explanation, I would pair it with a few other items to make a sort of “Duolingo gift basket.” I’d maybe include a print, t-shirt and the white board (or maybe some physical flash cards)!

  • From the brand: “Mr. Pen magnetic whiteboard set includes 1 whiteboard, 8 magnetic dry erase markers, and 2 board magnets. The whiteboard is made of smooth and durable materials, easy to write on and wipe off without leaving a stain.”

Snag this Duolingo gift HERE!

#26 Duolingo Gifts: Alphabet Print

Duolingo Gifts

This next Duolingo print is perfect for someone decorating their office, home library space or study! This black and white print shows different alphabets, and is fascinating to look at! A really great conversation piece for the academically-minded, in my opinion!

  • From the maker: “Alphabets of Various Languages for Use by Engravers. Published: 1849. Shows ancient alphabets: Cuneiform, Runes, Etruscan, Coptic, Samaritan etc. and modern Sanskrit, Russian, Ethiopian, Arabian etc. Text in German.”

Shop for this Duolingo gift here!

#27 Duolingo Gifts: Scrabble

Duolingo Gifts

Ok, this next Duolingo gift may be a liiiittle obvious, but not to everyone! I love that this Deluxe Scrabble game has a HANDLE, making it easier for your loved one to take it different houses for game night!

  • From the brand: “Includes wheeled gameboard (in 2 pieces), 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 plush drawstring bag and game guide.”

Get this Duolingo gift here!

#28 Duolingo Gifts: Language Keyboard Silicon Skins

This next Duolingo gift may be a bit niche, but that’s ok! For people who are HARDCORE learning a new language for work or their longterm ambitions, it may be helpful to have a “keyboard skin” something they can overlay on their keyboard when they’re working online in that particular language.

I loved this rainbow French skin for a MacBook Pro laptop! You can find a bunch of different options online.

  • From the brand: “Provide French Language instruction, especially those do not familiar with French Language, it is good for you to learn French Language.”

Check out this Duolingo gift here!

This post was all about Duolingo gifts.

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