What Should I Wear to the Lizzo Concert?!?!


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Normally, I would start this post with some background on who Lizzo is and why she is the Queen of Everything, but if you aren’t in the know just head over to YouTube, mmkay?


[Heads up! This post was originally published on April 29, 2019. It was last updated on September 29, 2022! While I do my darnedest to keep my posts up-to-date, brands do like to switch things up! Be sure to check — no TRIPLE CHECK — all details with the brand listed! K thx I love you!!!!]

The Excitement in Dressing for a Lizzo Concert

Figuring out what to wear to a Lizzo performance is SUPER exciting and fun, because she is a fabulous performer and serves LOOKS all the damn time.

These performances are gonna be freaking plus size fashion runway shows, and I hope the extra amongst us plan to wear some custom AF looks.

I am ready for crop tops, thunder thighs and belles in fishnets – DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! This is a great time to go ALL OUT and be experimental in fashion.

Hey friend, what’s up! My name is Brianne (she/her), AKA “The Huntswoman”! I hope that my post helps you find a rad AF outfit for the Lizzo concert. For more fun fashion editorial moments like this one, join me on Instagram and/or TikTok! K thx love you!!!

Need Ideas?

Scroll on, bb. I got you! Below are some ready-to-order looks to wear while dancing and singing your goddamn heart out.

BEFORE you decide on an outfit, I recommend doing a quick temperature check with yourself. Do you think you’ll be hot at the concert? Chilly? Below I’ve shared what fabrics ro consider based on how much dancing around // how hot you’ll get!

Chilly Temperatures:

  • Faux leather doesn’t really BREATHE, but it’s great to wear when it’s cold – and looks pretty sexy!


  • If you’re going to get HOT from beebopping around, may I suggest mesh, moisture wicking fabric or other lightweight materials?

Overall, sequins tend to retain heat if the fabric is almost entirely sequins, but you can add layers as needed via tights or layers — or wear a short sequin dress with bare legs! <3

#1: Yitty Outfit | Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas

Listen, you know when it comes to making outfit recommendations for a Lizzo concert, I *simply must* share Lizzo’s brand FIRST AND FOREMOST. I have a Yitty membership, and I love love LURVE the Yitty bike shorts. 10/10 amazing.

If you’re like me and plan on jumping all around at the Lizzo concert, you’re going to want moisture wicking fabric and supportive garments, ahem! You can dress in H2T (head to toe) Yitty, or you can snag one of their pieces to pair with something in your wardrobe. From body suits to tube tops — you’ve got options!

Below, I’ve shared some of my fave Yitty outfits that I think would look FABULOUS at the 2022 Lizzo Concert!

Check out all of the Yitty concert outfits here!

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Yitty Headliner Shaping Short – Lizzo Concert Outfit
6X – XS
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Yitty Kitty Set | Lizzo Concert Outfit

#2: Plus Size Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas from Eloquii

Ok, so while I was working as your personal concert stylist to put together this post (lol), I was FLOORED by some of the fun outfits Eloquii just came out with.

I think the Eloquii Creative Director && design team knew we’d be LOOKING for super fun outfits to wear to the Lizzo concert! Eloquii makes sizes 12-28!

Shop all Eloquii event outfits here!

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
How cool is this outfit?! I love the bright bodysuit and the textured bra underneath!

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Sequin Jumpsuit in Pink || Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Blue Sequin Dress – Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Sequin Jumpsuit – Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Mesh Dress | Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea

#3: Plus Size Sequin Dress – River Island | Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas

Ok, if you’re like me then you’ want to show up EXTRA AF to the Lizzo concert. Feathers are IN right now, and where else BUT a Lizzo concert would you wear this short sequin dress? Obsessed!

Check out all of the details of this Lizzo concert outfit here!

#4: Figure Hugging Dresses from FashionToFigure | Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas

Next up on my guide with outfit ideas for the Lizzo concert I wanted to share a few options from FashionToFigure. The brand goes up to a 4X, or about a size 24/26.

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Ruched Maxi Dress – FashionToFigure
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Listen – concerts can get HOT! I love mesh tops like this,, because they offer a little sneak peek, but you still get some coverage 😉

Plus Size Mesh Top
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
LISTENNNN, gold is a neutral, baby!! When I saw these boots on FashionToFigure, I knew I had to include them in this roundup! Pair these with a bright and bold concert outfit or a LBD – these are AMAZINNNNNNG!!!

#5: Plus Size Glitter Jumpsuit – CoEdition | Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas

Looking through Lizzo’s Insta, you’re gonna see a loooot of sequins. Best way to attend her concert is in a similar style. You just KNOW there is gonna be a killer lightshow, and we want you to sparkle, baby! CoEdition & City Chic have a number of glittertastic jumpsutis and dresses in up to a size 24!

Check out all of the Lizzo concert outfit ideas here!

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Black Glitter Jumpsuit – Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea HERE

#5: Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas from ASOS Curve

Honey, you knew that I would be including ASOS Curve in this roundup! Please stay away from black, and have fun in loud prints (hello animal prints) or bright colors. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the options over at ASOS, be sure to check out @ASOS_Jazzmyne‘s feed dedicated to power clashing and noticeable fashion.

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Faux Leather Pants – Cold Weather Outfit for the Lizzo Concert
Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas
Plus Size Faux Leather Jacket, Bustier, & Trousers || Lizzo Concert Outfit Idea

#6. Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas from Amazon

Is the concert coming up, and you need your outfit TODAY? That’s where Amazon Prime comes in, baby! Below, I’ve shared a few different outfit ideas for the Lizzo concert that have Prime shipping (at time of update – that does change, so be sure to doublecheck shipping timeline!)

Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas

#7. Lizzo Concert Outfit Ideas from PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is a bold fashion brand that carries sizes 2 – 26 (some pieces going up to a size 30). Below, I’ve shared a few outfit ideas that I think are perfect for the Lizzo concert!

Shop all PrettyLittleThing outfits here!

I’ll be updating this post more tomorrow and in the coming weeks, so check back for more great Lizzo concert outfit ideas!

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