12++ Best Concert Looks from Lizzo Fans | #CuzILoveYou Tour

AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 15: Lizzo performs at the NPR Music showcase at Stubbs on March 15, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Merrick Ales/WireImage)

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This blog post featured outfit ideas for a Lizzo concert has been getting lots of love, which shows me I am truly not alone in my quest for the perfect Lizzo Look.

As I’ve been scrolling through hashtags looking at what people are wearing to a Lizzo show, I’ve wanted to share a roundup. Howeverrrr, it’s not always immediately clear whether someone is getting dressed for a Lizzo show, or if they’re living their best life and using her concert hashtag, #BecauseILoveYou.

I totally FAILED to get a good OOTD of my lewk, so here’s a photo from IG Story. Please note the ruffles.

So, instead of getting all worked up about where these babes are headed, here’s a round up of some of my favorite Lizzo concert looks from fans. If you’d like to be on the list, be sure to drop me a line!

Fabulous Babe #1: Pink & Lavender!

OMG Kortney is GLOWING in this ensemble for the Lizzo concert in SLC. This makeup and that color scheme? I die. Especially love the pearls on that denim jacket.

Fabulous Babe #2: Hello, LASHES!

These lashes + eye makeup? AMAZE. How heavy are these?!

Fabulous Babe (Duo) #3: “I’m Sailor Moon, Bitch!”

Pretty sure these outfits are a reference to this viral Lizzo tweet, and they are truly killing it.

Fabulous Babe#4: Glitter Punk

Pink hair + combat boots + the shiniest dress EVER? Into it.

Fabulous Babe (Duo) #5: Plus Besties

These two babes are some of my faves on the planet, and they killed their outfits for the Lizzo show in Atlanta! Also note their fanny packs!!

Fabulous Babe #6: Sheer FTW

You know I love a black sheer top, and I especially love that this Lizzo fan is rocking sheer LACE.

Fabulous Babe #7: Sheer STRIPES

Continuing the trend of sheer tops is Mr. Campbell showing why he’s a VIP:

Fabulous Babe #8: 100% That Bitch

Okay, so this photo wasn’t technically taken for a Lizzo show, but this photo needs to be SEEN. (Photo/Makeup: @smithzachry  and Model: @tyler.capri)

Fabulous Babe #9: Advertise Your Needs

Honestly, the shirt truly says it all. What more could I possibly add?

Fabulous Babe #10: Fringe FTW

Listen, this top is perfect concert attire. Neon fringe paired with a fan?! And is that mesh I see under there? Killing it.

Fabulous Babe #11: Fanny Pack!!

Honestly, y’all. I realized I should’ve brought a damn fanny pack to the Lizzo concert in SLC. This cutie has shared a true PSA.

Fabulous Babe #12: Electric Blue

Nicolette Mason is killing me loudly with this winged eye makeup + icy blue coat. I want to see the whole OOTD!!

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