8+ Places to Buy *Unique* Plus Size Prom Dresses


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Y’all, I really REALLY love formal wear. From wedding dresses to suits to couture gowns – I want it ALL.

Recently, a reader named Ashley wrote in and said “Hey Brianne! I really appreciate your body positive content. I’m currently looking for plus size prom dresses… Do you have any advice on where to go? I’m worried about ordering online!”

I felt so honored that Ashley asked me this question! Prom dresses are a big freakin’ deal, and every girl wants to find the perfect plus size prom dress. Shopping for plus size prom dresses can feel like you’re looking for a needle in in a haystack, but no worries, friend! I got you!! <3

[Note: I originally published this blog post on February 25, 2020. It was last updated January 5, 2023!]

plus size prom dresses
Details on this iridescent long plus size prom dress here!

Where to Buy Plus Size Prom Dresses

Before we get into my favorite brands and designers that offer plus size prom dresses, I want to share a few tips about how to shop online for a prom dress.

Rule #1 for Plus Size Prom Dresses: Beware Scams!!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you see a beautiful plus size gown that looks like it’s $5,000 USD and it’s listed for $50 USD – it’s probably a scam.

Such a bummer, right?!

Unfortunately, many shady companies steal high quality images from designers and then ship out the most heinous and trashy dresses that are low-quality. Don’t fall for this! Some people think that they’ll pay for a cheaper prom dress and then pay a seamstress to make it look like a million bucks — but this is actually MORE expensive than just investing in a higher end dress, in my experience! Many a seamstress and alterations person has horror stories about poorly made plus size prom dresses — don’t fall into this trap of thinking!!

My Tip: Invest in a higher end prom dress, rather than thinking a seamstress can save a cheap $50 dress from Wish! They probably can’t!! <3

This is a common issue on websites like Wish! If you see a killer deal, I recommend saving the image of the prom dress to your computer and then using Google Image Search to find the original designer. 9/10, the image for the dress was stolen.

I do NOT recommend ordering your prom dress from a website like Wish, bestie! I’ve seen too many horror stories online!

Rule #2: Invest in Alterations/Tailoring!!

In my opinion, a good tailor can make a $250 dress look like a $2,500 dress, and vice versa. A poor fitting prom dress isn’t going to look good in pictures – no matter how much you spent on it! Be sure to ask around for recommendations [your neighborhood Facebook group might have recommendations or the theatre department at your school!] so that your prom dress fits perfectly!!

You can also ask your friends who have older siblings who wore prom dresses — don’t go to a seamstress or alterations person who hasn’t been recommended! Also, you probably want to stay away from having your stressed out aunt or grandma alter your dress — dress alterations can take a TON of time, and you don’t want them to be rushing to the deadline!

Okay, now that I’ve shared these tips – let’s jump into where to buy plus size prom dresses!

plus size prom dresses
How gorgeous is this yellow plus size prom dress with a high neckline?

Brand #1: David’s Bridal Unique Plus Size Prom Dresses

The first place to check out plus size prom dresses is David’s Bridal! I know that the brand has “Bridal” in the name, but David’s Bridal has an incredible selection of plus size prom dresses! From jewel tones to more simple designs, this is a great place to start! David’s Bridal has really amped up their offering of plus size prom dresses in the last few years – and I love that they hire plus size models to show them off on their website!

I recently received a bunch of gifted plus size gowns and dresses from David’s Bridal in a size 24, and I’ve been having a blast! I would stay away from anything that bares too much cleavage, as I found out things can look… wonky in photos without supportive undergarments!


David’s Bridal also has plus size prom dresses in a variety of lengths, including long prom gowns and short prom dresses!

plus size prom dresses
Love this info? Save this post to your Pinterest for easy reference later! <3

In-Store Shopping?

Most David’s Bridal stores don’t carry a lot of options for plus size prom dresses IRL (ugh!!), so consider looking online and shipping to your local store! I love the unique and iridescent fabric on this plus size prom dress!

David’s Bridal makes plus size prom dresses in up to a size 24. For plus size dresses in up to a size 30, you’ll want to shop in the bridesmaids section!

Shop plus size prom dresses here!

plus size prom dresses
Plus size ombre prom dress here.
plus size prom dresses
Check out these plus prom dresses here!
plus size prom dresses
Plus size ball gown here.
unique plus size prom dresses
Surplice iridescent metallic a-line with pockets

Unique Plus Size Prom Dress
unique plus size prom dresses
short iridescent sequin a-line dress
Short Plus Size Prom Dress
unique plus size prom dresses
Sweetheart off the shoulder stretch satin dress

Unique Plus Size Prom Dress
plus size prom dresses
Similar short plus size prom dress here!

Brand #2: Amazon Plus Size Prom Dresses

It’s true – Amazon has plus size prom dresses!

Many folks don’t know that Amazon acts as a warehouse & logistics manager for thousands and thousands of brands – when we say, “I got it on Amazon” we usually did not, in fact, buy it from Amazon! A brand sold us something using Amazon as the selling platform.

I’m def not trying to be nitpicky here! This is important to know, because many people think that they don’t need to look at the size chart when shopping on Amazon, and you absolutely do! Also, when it comes to buying plus size prom dresses at Amazon, be sure to check the reviews and look at the pictures! Many reviews include the person’s height and weight, which can be super helpful! Look for people who have a body like yours in the review, besties!

Also, because sizing can be VERY off when buying formalwear from Amazon, I do NOT recommend ordering a last minute dress from the site. You could be left with nothing that fits!! Eep!

Below, I’ve shared a few of my favorite plus size prom dresses on Amazon!

plus size prom dresses
This plus size prom dress is available in multiple colors!

Shop here.
plus size prom dresses
Plus size bright blue prom dress – up to a size 26!

Brand #3: Plus Size Prom Dresses from ASOS

Next up, we have a brand based in London! Let’s talk about plus size prom dresses from ASOS!!

ASOS has a great selection of more boho-chic plus size dresses as well a some slick metallic plus size prom dresses!

ASOS makes plus size prom dresses in up to a 4X, or about a size 24. ASOS is a great place to shop if you’re looking for a unique plus size prom dress that’s more boho or trendy. ASOS has their own line, and they also carry other brands – kind of like Nordstrom’s!! If you’re looking for a prom dress that doesn’t look like a “typical” prom dress, then I think that ASOS is the brand for you, bestie!

Click here to check out their plus size prom dress offerings in 2022!

plus size prom dresses
Jaded Rose Plus long sleeve maxi dress in purple sequin

Unique Plus Size Prom Dress
plus size prom dresses
“True Violet Black Label Plus bardot prom maxi dress with pockets in navy”

Plus size prom dress HERE!
plus size prom dresses
Unique plus size prom dress here!

Brand #4: City Chic USA Plus Size Prom Dresses

We just checked out a London-based brand, so now it’s time to talk about plus size prom dresses from a brand based in Australia!! City Chic is a plus size fashion brand headquartered in Australia, and they have a special website for US customers, called City Chic USA! This brand makes a variety of plus size formal wear dresses and plus size prom dresses.

From floor length plus size prom dresses to short and flirty prom dresses – they’ve got options, in up to a US 24!

As a plus size apple shape person, I have GUSHED about how much I love City Chic USA over on my TikTok. If you’re a bustier person (I’m an H cup), or are apple shape (you carry most of your weight in your belly), then you DEFFFFF want to shop at City Chic USA for a plus size prom dress!

Shop plus size prom dresses at City Chic here!

plus size prom dress floor length light ice blue

Brand #5: Vintage Inspired Plus Size Prom Dresses from Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is a Canadian based company with ONE store in the USA (in Los Angeles, in fact), and this brand makes vintage inspired clothing that is comfy and fun to wear. (A lot of pieces that are actually vintage are not super comfy to wear, lol!)

If you’re looking for a unique plus size prom dress, they’re DEF worth checking out! Unique Vintage has dresses for just about every era, organizing their site by decade (1920’s, 1930’s, etc etc). Their stock moves FAST, so if you see something you like — SNAG IT! <3

Shop plus size prom dresses here!

unique plus size prom dress vintage inspired
Unique Vintage Plus Size Navy Velvet & Cream Florals Goldwyn Gown – Unique Plus Size Prom Dress

Brand #6: Plus Size Prom Dresses from Eloquii

Do you want to sparkle at prom? Looking for sequins?

Then Eloquii is definitely the place to go! This plus size retailer is well-known for having unique and fashion forward plus size options, and this sequin dress would be so fun at prom! If you’re looking for a more understated or less fussy dress, then you can take a look at plus size prom dress options at Eloquii.

Eloquii makes plus size clothing in up to a size 28!

Shop plus size prom dresses at Eloquii here.

Unique Plus Size Prom Dress – Bustier Swing Dress with Sequins
plus size prom dresses

Brand #7: Plus Size Prom Dresses from Rent the Runway

Are you looking for a plus size formal dress for prom – but you don’t want it to scream “PROM”? Or do you want to wear a name brand designer, but feel a little iffy spending THAT much for a dress you’ll wear once?!

Then Rent the Runway might be a fit for you! The service offers runway and luxury gowns – for rent, making it possible to wear a dress that’s $$$$ – for around $100.

At time of publishing, I wasn’t able to snag photos of RTR looks on a plus size model </3.

Shop plus size prom dresses at Rent the Runway here!

plus size prom dresses
Plus Size Badgley Mischka Draped Velvet Dress
red plus size prom dress
Plus Size Badgley Mischka – Red Ruffle V-Neck Gown
plus size prom dresses
Emerald Scarlet Gown by Badgley Mischka
plus size prom dresses print
plus size prom dresses
Red Velvet Plus Size Gown by Hutch
plus size prom dresses sequins
Black Stargazer Gown b Theia
plus size prom dresses sequins
Midnight Sequin Sheath by Theia
plus size prom dresses unique
Ruffled Cutout Gown by leena for Mac Duggal

Brand #8: Hannah Caroline Couture Plus Size Formal Dresses

Hannah Caroline Couture is known for their wedding dresses, but the brand also offers plus size formal wear – including custom made plus size prom dresses.

Hannah Caroline Couture makes clothing for all sizes! This plus size formalwear brand is based in Nebraska, and I have loved reviewing Hannah Caroline Couture pieces on my blog! The owner, Hannah, is based in Nebraska and works with clients remotely to make the dress of their dreams! <3

Check out their plus size prom options here!

plus size prom dresses USA made custom
Photo c/o Hannah Caroline Couture
Yours truly modeling a Hannah Caroline Couture gown for my Plus Size Princess “Miss America Artemis” editorial photoshoot! Full photoshoot here.

Brand #9: AZAZIE Plus Size Prom Dresses

Y’all, AZAZIE is the best kept secret when it comes to plus size prom dresses. The brand lets you customize just about everything, helping you make sure you get a unique dress that stands out at your prom! This brand also goes up to a size 30, which is pretty rad! <3

AZAZIE is known for their simple chiffon gowns and velvet plus size prom dresses! They also have a ton of other plus size formalwear options, including bridesmaid dresses. When shopping on AZAZIE for your plus size prom dress, don’t let labels freak you out! Many brands call just about any type of plus size formal dress a “bridesmaid dress,” because trends pop up so fast!

Note: I haven’t had a chance to try out AZAZIE dresses for myself, but they’re on my list!

Shop plus size prom dresses here.

plus size prom dresses black
plus size prom dresses blue velvet

Brand #10: eShakti Customizable Plus Size Prom Dresses

eShakti is one of my favorite plus size formal wear brands, as you can do a bunch of customization on the website. I think they’re a great brand for plus size prom dresses.

If you have a vision in your head of EXACTLY what you want, eShakti is a great place to go! You can customize sleeve length, hemline, neckline, and more!

Best of all, they make plus size prom dresses past a size 28 – up to a size 36!

Shop plus size prom dresses at eShakti here!

(Unfortunately, they don’t show plus size models on the site. Ugh.)

striped unique plus size prom dress
velvet plus size prom dress
“Cocktail party. Date-night dinner. Dress up to add some extra style to your upcoming special occasion in our luxe bias-cut velvet dress that skims your figure and lightly flares at the hem.”
black floor length plus size prom dress
“Adjustable straps add an elegant option to our beautifully draped dupioni dress with a flowing box-pleat full skirt and faux front flap pockets.”

Brand #11: Plus Size Prom Jumpsuit from etsy

Etsy can be a FABULOUS place to find unique plus size prom dresses, but you have to be sure to use the filter settings to find what you’re looking for. If a dress looks too good to be true (based on price), it probably is!

For this reason, when I’m shopping for plus size clothing on etsy (or searching for options and items for my blog or for clients!), I set the filters to be minimum $400. You’re not going to get an ethically made unique item for less than that, in my experience!

Below, I’ve shared a few different brands whose beautiful gowns could work as a unique plus size prom dress!

Brand #12: Plus Size Prom Jumpsuit from JIBRI

JIBRI is known for creating stunning silhouettes, and their collection of gowns and jumpsuits are what dreams are made of!

JIBRI makes plus size prom outfits in up to a 4X!

Shop this Atlanta-based brand here!

plus size sequin jumpsuit for prom

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