TikTok 30 Day Challenge Guide – 2022

30 Day Tiktok Challenge

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Hi there! If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s because you’re looking for ideas on how to do a 30 day TikTok challenge! In this post, I’m sharing just about all of my information and ideas on how to do a 30 Day TikTok challenge. In this post, I share content ideas, planning, accountability, etc!

This post is about TikTok 30 Day Challenge Guide.

30 Day TikTok Challenge

This post was originally inspired because I googled “30 Day TikTok Challenge” looking for details and didn’t find much. So, even though I’m just a few days into my group 30 day TikTok challenge, I figured, “Why not?! May as well share it!”

(Aside: You can find my main Tiktok here!)

This 30 Day TikTok Challenge Guide is structured as follows:

  • Why a 30 Day TikTok Challenge WORKS
  • The rules of the 30 Day TikTok Challenge
  • How I made this a group challenge with my friends (and clients!)
  • Content ideas FOR your own 30 Day TikTok Challenge.

You ready to dive in? Ok, let’s go!!

TikTok Challenge Start
This is a tweet I shared on my Twitter asking my friends if they wanted to do a TikTok challenge with me!
I also posted on my personal FB group, and folks were DOWN! I sent all the details on the challenge via Google Doc, andI let folks know that expressing interest DIDN’T mean they had to sign up!!

Getting over FEAR – Why a 30 Day TikTok Challenge?

Ok, so first up, I wanna talk about why a 30 day TikTok challenge is so so powerful! I’ve debated (for literal years) about doing a TikTok challenge, because, real talk, TikTok intimidates me!

As a blogger, model and ~content creator~ short form video really intimidated (okay, currently *intimidates* me). A TikTok challenge is powerful because you can get over your fear of posting, and posting a LOT makes you learn different tools and features in the app! By posting CONSISTENTLY, you’re forced to work through things like:

  • Not being sure how the TikTok buttons and features work
  • Getting over having a video or videos do “Badly”
  • Showing up consistently instead of just scrolling on the app all day
  • Getting over your fear of being SEEN – when you also desperately WANT to be seen, lol

(Fun Fact: As I type this I am literally making a “Day in the life” TikTok, lol!)

Being consistent on TikTok forces you to level up your skills and get over imposter syndrome!!

Ok, so now that I’ve convinced you to DO a 30 Day TikTok Challenge (instead of just debating it for a few years, lol fml), let me tell you how I structured // am structuring *my own* 30 Day TikTok Challenge.

Note: I made my TikTok challenge a group challenge, with about 15 people participating. I ran it in its own Facebook group so folks can connect and cheer each other on. If you’re running a solo challenge you can definitely use my method, with some tweaks!

Success of Tiktok Challenge
This was an exciting moment! I got over 1,000 views on a video! (I know that’s small to many many people, but for me this was a big deal!)

TikTok 30 Day Challenge – The RULES

Ok, so for the rules on the 30 day challenge, I kept it simple. Yes, there are various ways to COMPLICATE the challenge, but we’re already battling so many things (fear, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, etc) it’s best to KEEP IT SIMPLE, BABES!! (KISB!)

So here are the rules of the challenge:

  • You have to post 1 TikTok a day, every day for 30 days (or a full month of 31 days)
  • It doesn’t count to “post extra” to make up for prior days (ex: If you miss one day, you can’t post 2x the next day)
  • You can post whatever you want! It can be the most half-baked and not great content. But you have to POST
  • It does NOT matter what personal issues pop up in your life, there are no “freebie” days. This non-negotiation stance makes things a lot easier.

I took the stance of “All excuses are equal” in this 30 Day TikTok Challenge. There is always a good reason NOT to do something, so I removed all options for excuses – proactively!

best tripod for tiktok videos
I was really frustrated with my dinky iPhone tripod, so I upgraded to this claw-like tripod… a few months ago. Broke it out of the box for the fourth day of my TikTok challenge to do a day in the life.

30 Day TikTok Challenge – Accountability Group

“Ok,” you may be asking. “I get the rules, and I’m down. I’m just worried that I’ll get to like, Day #5 and give up!”

I feel that, bestie! I’ve been there!

Because I’m a professional business coach (who also works with content creators!), I knew the best way to make this happen was to involve….


For the TikTok challenge I’m running, I made it so everyone who joins puts in $100. Then, for every day you post, you get $3.22 venmo’d back to you.

30 day tiktok challange
Here you can see a screenshot of where I venmo’d folks $3.22 as they posted their Tiktok for the day!

In my 30 Day TikTok Challenge, people put $100 in a pot — and earned $3.22 for each TikTok they posted!

The math gets a bit more complex at the end, but the idea here is to PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS and commit! You can make ALL the money back by posting every day.

And if you don’t post?

The leftover money in the “TikTok Pot of Gold” is split among the participants who posted the most. So, let’s say there’s 10 people who post every dang day. Those people get to split the leftover money in the pot.

Speedbump: There is an issue here, where you need a sort of facilitator or cheerleader to lead everyone on. My challenge is full of past clients and business besties, and I *professionally* cheer people on. You may find it hard to do that – the facilitator (or person in charge of the challenge) has to keep track of a lot, and also encourage people!

In my Facebook Group, I:

  • Make a separate post for each day where people have to paste a link to their TikTok
  • Use that thread to venmo people $3.22 (I also have a spreadsheet I use to track)
  • Share tips and info on how to do specific things on TikTok, as well as inviting other creators to share their tips
  • Encourage group members to network and engage/comment on each other’s posts

If you don’t have someone running a larger group, you can venmo a friend (who has agreed to help you admin your challenge) $100. This should be a loving and mean friend who doesn’t accept excuses. This friend can venmo you $3.22 a day, or in larger chunks if that’s too much work or too annoying.

I literally made the FB cover photo using Instagram Story, lol! The goal is to make it happen without fussing over every single detail!

Content Ideas – 30 Day TikTok Challenge

Ok, so I made a whole planning doc for my TikTok challenge (planning my own content). This was a great thing, as it made me feel less stressed.

But… bestie?

That’s pretty much flown out the window! I have a list of ideas, but I really just give myself permission to show up and make a TikTok. I have a personal goal in my TikTok Challenge to try something new every day / get outside of my comfort zone (today I tested a fashion transition). The keyword here is CHALLENGE, so find ways outside of your comfort zone!

Instead of looking to other people for content ideas, I recommend downloading the Google Sheets App on your phone and making notes about what content you like, what you want to do that’s similar, etc, and then plop it in! This document can act as your homepage for all of your content ideas.

Tiktok tutorial - 30 day tiktok challenge
Here’s an example of a tip I shared in my 30 Day TikTok Challenge Facebook Group!

Get creating!

I am so stoked you stopped by for this TikTok Challenge pep talk and ideas on how to run your own challenge. I encourage you to just DIVE IN and start creating! If you’d like to be part of a (potential) future Tiktok Challenge I run, feel free to drop me a line on Instagram!

This post was about TikTok 30 Day Challenge Guide.

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