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As a blogger, I have a LOT of clothes. I’ve recently been trying various plus size subscription services to cut down on the amount of fashion I buy, but i still have a LOT of clothes.

I’ve tried various ways to sell my plus size clothes online, and I thought it would be fun to share tips on how to sell clothes on Instagram!

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Selling Clothes on Instagram as a Blogger

There are various websites out there that you can sell clothes on, and the highest ROI I have found is to sell clothes via a second Instagram account.

It’s also WAYYY more work than resale websites.

I did this in 2018, and I made about $1,000 selling pretty new and not-worn plus size clothes.

Pros of Selling Clothes on Instagram

There are a few things to consider, but here are my top reasons why IG sold better than other platform:

  • No need to sign up for a new platform! You an direct your readers to the secondary IG account when the sale opens, and then put it on private when you’re done selling.
  • You develop a more personal relationship with your readers! You’re sending them to an account YOU RUN
  • They can ask questions, and you’ll get notifications when you’re on IG anyways!
  • You don’t lose $$$ to extra fees
Red Velvet Top | Hell Bunny | New with Tags | 4X |$14
Comment with your PayPal email address to be invoiced. Comment “next” with your PayPal email to be next in line. You must pay within 24 hours of invoicing to receive item, otherwise will go to next person.
Shipping in the USA (up to 5 items) is $8. International shipping will be calculated at checkout. Free shipping for orders over $120.
ALL SALES FINAL. Clothing comes from smoke-free home with 1 dog

Cons of Selling Clothes on Instagram

An Instagram Closet Sale is WAYYYYY more work than selling your clothes on Poshmark or through a resale shop.

  • You have to send and track invoices
  • You have to make shipping labels
  • You have to monitor unpaid invoices and relist items

Tips for Selling Clothes on Instagram

That said, there are ways to streamline the process. Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Set shipping at $14 USD for up to 3 items. This is a priority flat rate box. Stipulate that you’ll charge more $$$ for shipping outside of the USA.
  2. Instruct people to comment “next!” if they want to be next in in case the original buyer doesn’t come through. Instruct people to leave their PayPal email addresses in the comments.
  3. Stipulate that people have 24 hours to pay an invoice before it goes to the next person.
  4. Educate your buyers as to when all items will ship. I recommend setting the closet sale to be a specific # of days, and then you ship everything at once.
  5. Use photos of you wearing the clothes, ideally! If not, take photos of the item hanging up, and take detail shots.

Setting Up Your Closet Sale Account

You can make an IG account specifically for your closet sale, and add “ClosetSale” to your regular username. I sent out the link to my closet sale to my email list first, as I want subscribers to be my .VIPs!

From there I shared on personal channels, and then I blasted the link across social media.

SCHEDULE – Planning Your Closet Sale

  1. Gather all the clothes you want to sell
  2. Launder/wash all of them
  3. Inspect clothing for tears and stains. If you wouldn’t buy it at a thrift store, don’t sell it!
  4. Photograph clothes
  5. Upload photos and descriptions (you can do pricing research on a website like Poshmark)
  6. Launch sale on a Sunday, and post teasers throughout the process to get your readers excited!
  7. I invoiced via PayPal to track everything. Some folks use Venmo or another payment processor


I think I’ve shared just about everything, but if you still have questions lmk in the comments below! <3

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