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I love a good party, and I especially love to play mixologist and make various cocktails and concoctions for my guests.

From Moscow Mules to something fruity with vodka or gin, I’m the friend who could actually use a mini-bar in her house!

And, as someone who always has other people from the LGBTQ+ community at her house, I’ve really learned one of the MOST IMPORTANT rules of being a great host:

Having EANABS, or “Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages” for one’s guests.

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non-alocholic beverages at a holiday party
Welch’s FTW!

Allyship to Those in Recovery

Over the last year, I have worked with clients and had friends confide to me about their struggle with binge drinking or being in recovery for alcoholism. I became more vocal in my support for folks in this area, and as I expressed my support – more people I knew popped in my messages.

LGBTQ Community & Alcoholism

Finding credible sources on how much, exactly, LGBTQ+ people deal with alcoholism as compared to cisgender or heterosexual people proved to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought. There are a number of resources out there, but they don’t cite the studies from which they get their data or the links are broken.

A pretty common statistic I found was: “20 to 25% of the LGBTQ community have a moderate to a severe drinking problem, compared to 12.7% of the general population.”

And why is there this discrepancy? From lack of access to mental health resources to, well, just having a harder time existing in places with prejudice to most IRL LGBTQ+ spaces having alcohol – the reasons are many.

Loving Our Chosen Family

Many people in the LGBT community don’t go home for the holidays, because their biological families don’t accept them or they no longer have a relationship with them. LGBT holiday parties are often the familial celebration we all look forward to.

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How to Make Everyone Feel Welcome at Your Holiday Party

So, what are my fellow mixologists and I to do? Here’s a game plan:

#1: Equal Number of Options for EANABS and Cocktails

I usually offer 2 mixed drinks and a nice wine or champagne at parties. So, a total of 3 drinks. I also make sure to offer the same number of non-alcoholic drinks.

Don’t just offer one! Give people options! I’ll usually make alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of a cocktail, and CLEARLY label them so folks know what’s up.

#2: Sparkling Grape Juice FTW

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice is my secret weapon, because it looks very similar to champagne! People can pour it in their champagne flute, and toast without worrying about answering questions as to why they’re not drinking.

ALSO, it comes in a similar looking bottle as wine or champagne, making it feel a little extra fancy.

Love the gold foil!

#3: Create a Loving Culture of “Mind Your Own Business”

My friend group is very good at this, but if you have a mix of people coming to your party, you may want to set a educate folks before hand. In your mailed invitation or Facebook event description, you can write something like:

I am so excited to see everyone at this party! FYI, we will be offering 3 alcoholic and 3 alcoholic drinks! We love a good gin, and we also respect that there are many reasons people choose not to imbibe. Please refrain from asking others why they aren’t drinking.

Can’t wait to see you!

Making sure everyone is on their best behavior in this suit!

Diverse Drinks Makes for a Better Party!

Having alcoholic and EANABS makes it easier for folks to enjoy festivities! I will often start the night with a mixed drink or two, and then switch to a non-alcoholic beverage. Using these tips, we can all have a fabulous holiday party, and make space for all kinds of folks.

Hoping you have a joyous holiday season!

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