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best tips for beginners on tiktok

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Hey friend! Today on my blog, I’m going to share 7 tips for absolute beginners on TikTok!  I’ve really started consistently posting to my TikTok in the last couple of months, and BOY was it hard to get over the fear of posting!

I followed TikTok coach accounts and other creators offering TikTok help for months (ok, years), which was helpful.  Buuuut those accounts can be SUPER overwhelming for people who are new to TikTok, so here are a few tips that I think are most important for people who are NERVOUS AF! (For reference, you can check out my blog TikTok here and my coaching TikTok here!)

Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Brianne Huntsman (AKA “The Huntswoman”), and I’m so stoked you’ve found your way to my best tips for beginners on TikTok! Feel free to check out my TikTok here, and let me know if you have any questions! <3

My *BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

Before we dive into the tips, I want to give you a little pep talk (I love pep talks! Like feminist rants, they’re kind of my thing!!)  

At the end of the day, you are going to learn by POSTING on TikTok.  I find that research on Tiktok is really just procrastination – you’re going to learn through DOING THE DAMN THING!  You can watch 100, heck even 1,000 or 10,000 TikToks on how to film a transition, but until YOU do it – you won’t actually learn.

And, real talk, your first few dozen TikToks will probably be pretty bad! And that’s ok!  Making TikToks is like making pancakes. Your first few dozen TikToks are like your first pancake – they’re going to suck!

I know that can be scary, which is why I created (and currently run) my own 30 Day TikTok Challenge! (And run a TikTok account to share tips for it HERE!)

And, real talk, your first few dozen TikToks will probably be pretty bad! And that’s ok! 

#1 Tip for TikTok Beginners: You Need to Get **ON** TikTok

Looking over the roughly 30-40 people I have helped with their own respective TikToks thus far, I have seen this trend proved again and again:

If you are not watching TikToks, if you are not active on the app, you are going to have a HARD time creating videos.  

If you feel like you’re flailing and drowning in 2 feet of water, this is why, my friend!

My students and group participants who spend little to NO time watching TikToks are the most confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

Creating TikToks is similar to learning to ride a bike.  The first step (similar to a tricycle) is to WATCH TikToks, then you learn to comment and engage on TikToks (similar to riding a bike with training wheels, then you start making them (graduating to a “big kid” bike).

TikTok is not like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, etc.  

If you’re not willing to watch TikToks for at least a few hours a week, then this is a fruitless endeavor.  You may as well pack it in at this point! <3

If you are not watching TikToks, if you are not active on the app, you are going to have a HARD time creating videos.  

#2 Tip for TikTok Beginners: If You Feel Self-Conscious, You’re Doing It Right

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

People in 2022 can sniff out inauthenticity on the internet SUPER EASILY.  Many a neurodivergent person has made it big on TikTok for characteristics that got them bullied growing up – because they’re being authentically THEMSELVES (and connecting with other people like them).

For this reason, if you feel a bit exposed or vulnerable while making a TikTok – a bit squirmy in your seat – you’re doing it right.

NOW, I am NOT advocating for forced vulnerability or sharing more than you want.  Rather, I want you to know that it’s ok to be a little afraid! Ily!! You got this!!

If you feel a bit exposed or vulnerable while making a TikTok – a bit squirmy in your seat – you’re doing it right.

#3 Tip for TikTok Beginners: Chop Wood Carry Water

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

In Zen Buddhism, there exists the idea of “chop wood carry water.” This is basically the idea that you must larn to enjoy the pursuit of something.

Put another way, surrender yourself to the process of being a bit frustrated, self-conscious and confused during the process of learning to make TikToks.

The only way out is through, babe.  So you may as well endeavor to have a fun time!  Remember to laugh at yourself!  This is the dancing and education app – it’s not that serious!!

#4 Tip for TikTok Beginners: Ask Yourself, “What Do I Want The Viewer to Get Out of This?”

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

When creating content, it’s very easy to get obsessed with YOURSELF! What you look like, sound like, talk like, if your house is cute enough, etc.

But you know what?!


And I don’t mean that in a mean way.  That can actually be very freeing!  While I care that you are whole, happy and healthy – most people consuming your content want to know how YOUR EXPERIENCE is going to help THEM.

Before filming any video, ask yourself, “What do I want the viewer to get out of this?”

Do you want them to laugh?  Do you want them to learn how to use Notion (hi Liz)?  Do you want them to have a few new outfit ideas to try?  Do you want them to know how to grow tomatoes (hi Leslie)?

Before opening up the app to film, make it a point to jot down the #1 thing you want viewers to take away from your video.

Bonus: Doing this is also super helpful for bloggers or people who film “Day in the Life” or “Get Ready with Me” content. Make it a point to offer tips or info as people go with you throughout your day! <4  I learned this from a creator on Tiktok, and I’ll link her once I track down her account!

People only care about your experience insomuch as it helps THEM!

#5 Tip for TikTok Beginners: Film in SHORT Bursts

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

This can be challenging for folks who are new to TikTok! I’m grateful that I’ve been creating content for my Instagram Story for YEARS, as it’s made me learn how to get what I ant to say out in 15 seconds (the old time limit on IG Story).

The #1 mistake I see new creators make on TikTok is just opening up their TikTok and filming straight through.  This is TOTALLY FINE if you’re making your first 30 or so TikToks to get your feet wet, but then after that you MUST learn to toggle the film button on and off as you film.  When i’m filming a TikTok, I try not to share more than 2 sentences (absolute MAXIMUM) without stopping and then starting filming again.

Why is this?

TikTok is full of a bunch of ADHD heads (imho) who are used to things MOVING and going FAST.  If you’re seated in the same spot just talking, most folks will scroll away.

AN EXCEPTION to this rule for TikTok is folks like Elyse Meyers.  BUT what she does is use facial expressions, changes in tone and VOLUME to keep people engaged.  If you watch her videos, you will quickly realize she has a specific CADENCE to talking.

#6 Tip for TikTok Beginners: TALK QUICKLY

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

This one can be challenging for folks, which is why it’s helpful to film in short bursts.  If you’re a soft spoken individual, talking FAST can be hard.

But it’s necessary.  You may need to do a take a few times to figure out what you want to say and say it FAST ENOUGH.

It’s okay to open up tiktok and just talk – especially as you get started – but you’re going to want to work on talking quickly with diction for each video.

#7 Tip for TikTok Beginners – Comment on Other Videos

TikTok is a social media app, and it helps to be SOCIAL.  Once I made it a point to comment on every video I “favorited” things started to really move for me!

You can’t open TikTok, post, then close it — and expect to be successful!

#8 Tip for TikTok Beginners – You are NOT “Too Old” for TikTok

BEST* Tips for Beginners on TikTok 

Maybe I should’ve made this tip #1, but here we are almost at the end, lol! When I first began offering my 30 Day TikTok Challenge, a good number of friends and clients asked me things like, “Aren’t I TOO OLD for TikTok?”

UMMM NO!??!!?!? There are so many fabulous creators over 50, 60, 70, etc! Most new social media apps tend to skew younger when they first launch (young people are often, but not always, early adopters). TikTok has a ROBUST older population.

Alsooooo, real talk. If all of your peers and people in your industry or niche think they’re “too old” for TikTok, that leaves an even LARGER opportunity for you!

You are NOT too old for TikTok!!

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