How to Find a Remote Job (Along with Pros/Cons on Remote Work)


Hey babes!

I’m constantly chatting with folks over on Instagram and Twitter, about career and fashion resources they’re looking for.

A few weeks ago, I started to get a LOT of questions about working remotely.  Specifically, working remotely for a company (in an hourly or salaried position).

I put this YouTube video together, and it’s honestly more like a podcast (play it and listen while you clean your kitchen!).

Key Points:

  • Working remotely can be CHALLENGING.  You’ll need to set up systems (social outings, boundaries with family, etc) to work well!
  • Working remotely isn’t a perfect solution for those struggling with mental health issues – there are pros/cons to consider!
  • Make sure to tailor your resume to include info on how you’re a self-starter, figure things out, etc.  A lot more tenacity is required for remote workers.

Do you have tips for remote work?  Share your advice in the comments below!