Where to Buy Plus Size Swimsuits (for Big & Small Busts!)


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Finding plus size swimwear *used* to be really difficult. The options were, how shall we say, more “matronly” than what one would like. Weird dated floral prints and “swim skirts” abounded.

In the past few years, we’ve seen quite a few plus size swimsuit brands pop up! I’m a bustier babe (48H – and this is my go-to bra), so I’ve noted the brands that make more supportive tops.

Don’t see your fave brand on the list? Be sure to drop me a line so I can add it!

This blog post is all about where to buy plus size swimsuits for big and small busts!

[Heads up! This post was originally published on May 21, 2019. It was last updated August 7, 2023!]

plus size swimsuit guide
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Overall – Plus Size Swimsuits for Large & Small Busts

Ok, before I get started with alllll the details, I’ve sorted brands into different “buckets” below, so you know which brand is probably going to work for you best.

A number brands go in both buckets, so heads up!

Plus Size Swimsuits for Large Busts

Note: For plus size swimwear at Lane Bryant and Torrid, I have found that their respective websites have MANY more options for larger busts!!

Note: For plus size swimwear at Lane Bryant and Torrid, I have found that their respective websites have MANY more options for larger busts!!

Plus Size Swimsuits for Small Busts

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #1: Amazon

I did a whole photoshoot dedicated to plus size swimsuits and bikinis from Amazon! I love this black strappy plus size bikini, and his plus size red swimsuit that’s available in a variety of colors!

Check out the post on plus size swimsuits from Amazon HERE!

Here is my favorite plus size swimsuit on Amazon for larger busts.

plus size swimsuit bikini from amazon

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #2: Torrid

I love love loveeeeeee Torrid’s plus size swimsuits, because they many have UNDERWIRE. If I’m at a waterpark, I’m running around and frolicking – and mama needs that support!

Torrid has a mix of fun prints and more subdued suits, perfect for any style! They offer both underwire and non-underwire plus size bathing suits, accommodating busts of different sizes! While shopping in-person at Torrid is a blast, I have found that there are a LOT of plus size Torrid swimsuits that are only sold online.

Torrid has a number of silhouettes / patterns [the construction / cut of the swimsuit] that they remake in different prints every year, so I end up ordering different versions of the same swimsuit [bottom left in the image below] as someone with a larger bust! Smaller busted babes should check out swimsuit options with no underwire or a “shelf” built into the swimsuit.

Shop Torrid plus size swimsuits (with and without underwire!) by clicking here.

plus size swimsuit two piece and one pieces from torrid

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #3: Lane Bryant

As a plus size babe with a larger bust, Lane Bryant swimsuits with an underwire are my go-to – the brand carries up to an H cup!

The brand also has options for smaller busted babes, specifically plus size swimsuits without underwire! Heads up though, their larger cupped plus size swimsuits for bustier babes go FAST — do not wait for them to go on sale. I’ve made that mistake and missed out on some super cute plus size swimsuits (cry).

Shop plus size swimsuits at Lane Bryant here!

I recommend snagging plus size swimsuits with underwire if you’re bustier, and I love LOVEEEE Lane Bryants plus size swimsuits with underwire!

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #4: Eloquii

OMG, who also is obsessed with Eloquii? This brand makes swimsuits in up to a size 28, and they have some super cute striped one piece swimsuits.

if you’re looking for a plus size swimsuit with no underwire, Eloquii is the way to go! If you’re larger busted like me, you’ll want to size up [one or two sizes, I size up 2 sizes!]!

Shop fashion forward plus size swimsuits here.

plus size one piece swimsuit from eloquii

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #5: Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for All has plus size swim dresses, one pieces, tankinis, bikinis, cover ups, etc etc. GabiFresh doesn’t do her iconic swimwear collections with the brand any more (in 2023 she worked with Eloquii), but these were such incredible swimsuits for busty babes!

But! Keep in mind that there are wayyyy more plus size swimsuits besides the GabiFresh collection!

Shop plus size swimsuits here.

trendy plus size swimsuit from Swimsuits for All

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #6: ModCloth

Hellooo, ModCloth! I love ModCloth’s one piece swimsuits, and this year their collection has so many fun patterns and colors. Polka dots, stripes, florals, gingham, zippers – the design team really outdid themselves providing diverse options for fashionable curvy ladies!

Heads up, I’ve found that ModCloth swimwear runs small, so I would size up (and/or check the reviews to see what other folks are saying!)

Shop curvy vintage inspired plus size swimsuits here.

trendy plus size swimsuit from ModCloth

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #7: ASOS Curve

Hellooooo, animal print! ASOS Curve showed up and showed OUT this year with plus size bikinis in animal print. Leopard, cheetah, snakeskin and DALMATION?!?! – they are making statements!

Shop ASOS Curve plus size swimsuits here.

trendy plus size swimsuit from ASOS

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Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #8: CoEdition

I love CoEdition, because they have swimsuits from multiple brands all in one place! If you’re shopping for multiple plus size bikinis or swimsuits for a vacation, you can buy from CoEdition and pay one shipping fee (instead of multiple fees to different retailers).

They also have plus size rash guards and long sleeved swimsuits if you’re looking for more coverage!

Shop higher end simwsuits from CoEdition by clicking here.

trendy plus size swimsuit from CoEdition

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #9: Alpine Butterfly Swim

This brand has *quite* the cult following, and I love their editorial shoots! Their suits don’t come with underwire, but I’ve heard this suit is supportive. i haven’t tried an ABS swimsuit yet, butI hope to soon! Great for babes who want to let their boobs just do their own thing!

This brand is also great for babes who are smaller busted.

Check out more editorial shots from Alpine Butterfly Swim here.

trendy plus size swimsuit from Alpine Butterfly Swim

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #10: 11 Honoré

11 Honoré is basically a plus size version of Moda Operandi, going a step further and helping luxury fashion brands expand their size range. (11 Honore connects high end and luxury houses with pattern makers, fit models, etc.)

If you’re looking for beautiful resort wear or a whole new set of swimsuits for a rip to Ibiza, this is 11 Honoré is your new BFF!

Shop 11 Honoré plus size swim here.

trendy high fashion plus size swimsuit from 11 Honore

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #11: City Chic

City Chic is known for producing amazing plus size gowns and business suits, and their swimwear is *ALSO* amazing. Graphic detailing and pieces that really pop! Heads up, City Chic has two websites — one for their customers in Australia, and one for their customers in the USA! I’m in the USA, so I make sure I’m on the City Chic USA site (linked below)!

Shop plus size two piece swimsuits at City Chic by clicking here.

trendy plus size swimsuits high waisted and one piece

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #12: Beefcake Swimwear

This indie brand is perfect for queer folks or people who want to be a little more covered up. My bestie Suma (pictured below) rocked a Beefcake suit with their brother, Andrew!

Shop Beefcake Swimwear here.

Plus Size Swimwear from Beefcake

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #13: CHROMAT

Also queer owned, CHROMAT is known for some pretty amazing runway shows at NYFW. The brand is inclusive on all fronts, and I am such a fun of their models! I haven’t tried a CHROMAT suit yet, but they’re on my list!

This is a go-to brand for plus size babes with smaller bust.

Shop CHROMAT plus size swimsuits here.

Plus size swimsuits for smaller bust CHROMAT

Plus Size Swimsuit Brand #14: Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is a lingerie and bra company based in the UK, that also offers very supportive swimsuits. They go from a D-K cup in UK sizes, which is a D-O in US cup sizes, with up to a 44″ band size!

trendy plus size swimsuit from \

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This blog post was all about where to buy plus size swimsuits for big and small busts!

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