7 Big & Tall Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Bigger Guys

Outfit ideas for big and tall guys

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If you’ve landed on this blog post, chances are you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe! You’re looking to level up your wardrobe, but you’re not totally sure where to start!

I got you!

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Below, I’ve shared 7 business casual outfit ideas for husky guys, helping you build out a stylish wardrobe!

Big & Tall Outfit Idea #1: Classic Light Sports Coat & Dark Jeans

When building a wardrobe, you want to pick versatile pieces. The light gray sports jacket is a great pick, as you can dress it up with a collared shirt or down.

Check out this light gray sports coat from DXL!

Big and tall fashion outfit with dark jeans and a sports coat for work

Husky Outfit Idea #2: Dark Jeans, Cable Knit Sweater & Button Down Shirt

This is a classic outfit, with straight leg dark jeans, a cable knit sweater and plaid button down shirt.

Check out this sweater from DXL here!

Outfit ideas for plus size guys

Big & Tall Outfit Idea #3: A Little Rock’n Roll with a Graphic Tee

If you work in a creative industry, you may get some chuckles if you show up in a button down shirt – but you still want to look put together.

This outfit with a graphic tee and baseball hat is the perfect mix. Make sure to pair your dark sports coat with jeans that fit really well for a polished look.

Shop husky graphic tees here.

Husky graphic tees for men

Husky Outfit Idea #4: Small Pattern Polo Shirt

Solid color polo shirts can be a little too “golf course,” so not all husky men are into them. Instead, consider snagging a few polo shirts with smaller patterns (like this one from DXL) into your wardrobe mix.

These are great shirts to travel with, as they’re resistant to wrinkles.

Shop here!

Husky polo shirt for big and tall guys in black

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #5: The PEACOAT!

Something that every gentleman needs in his wardrobe is the PEACOAT. Go for a peacoat in maroon and pair with a scarf for the cold months, and stay stylish in the cold.

Shop DXL for husky overcoats HERE.

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #6: Quarter Zip Pullover

Hoodies can be a little too casual for some offices, so the quarter-zip pullover is your new go-to jacket. Pair with a variety of pants, and dress up or down depending on what you put under it.

Shop this navy quarter-pull sweater here.

Business casual outfit ideas for husky guys

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #7: Sweater with a Shawl Collar

A shawl collar makes me think of a lead character in a Hallmark movie, and this is a great GQ look for a husky guy!

Be sure that the sweater fits well (no pulling or wonky pulling).

Shop here!

Husky work outfit ideas for men

Bonus: Statement Socks

If you want to show your individuality at work, statement socks with fun patterns can be a great way to do so! These can peek out under suiting or dark jeans, and they’re also a great conversation starter.

Shop here.

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