13 Big & Tall Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Bigger Guys

Outfit ideas for big and tall guys

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If you’ve landed on this blog post, chances are you’re a big and tall guy looking for business casual outfit ideas. You’re looking to level up your wardrobe, but you’re not totally sure where to start!

I got you!

Below, I’ve shared 7 business casual outfit ideas for husky guys, helping you build out a stylish wardrobe! Finding clothes and high quality wardrobe pieces as a plus size guy can be hard, and I hope this blog post helps!

[Note: This blog post was originally published on June 28, 2020. It was last updated on October 8, 2022. Items may be out of stock! Be sure to check all details with the brand before purchasing!]

Big & Tall Business Casual Outfit Ideas

In my guide below, I’ve included info on sizing, availability and other helpful info from my experience as someone who often shops for a big and tall guy.

Please note that availability varies, so don’t be afraid to click around the website if your size is sold out in a particular piece!

Big & Tall Outfit Idea #1: Classic Light Sportscoat & Dark Jeans

Ok, first up – let’s talk about one of the classic big and tall business casual outfits – featuring a sportscoat!

When building a wardrobe, you want to pick versatile pieces. The light gray sports jacket is a great pick, as you can dress it up with a collared shirt or down with a black v-neck. A high quality sportscoat is one of my top recommended wardrobe investment pieces, and people often wear a sportscoat for years! The big and tall sport coat pictured is sold out, but I found an option that is VERY close on DXL!

Check out this light gray sportscoat from DXL!

Husky Business Casual Outfit Idea #2: Dark Jeans, Cable Knit Sweater & Button Down Shirt

Next up, we have another wardrobe classic for plus size men – the cable knit sweater and button down shirt!

This is a classic outfit, with straight leg dark jeans, a navy cable knit sweater and plaid button down shirt. This is a great outfit for both spring and fall, when the weather is changing and you need layers! I couldn’t find one that buttons down like in the picture, but a regular navy plus size cableknit sweater works! (I did find this button down sweater from DXL on Amazon here!)

Check out this sweater from DXL here!

Big & Tall Biz Casual Outfit Idea #3: A Little Rock’n Roll with a Graphic Tee

Next up, let’s talk about a great big and tall outfit if you want to look more put together – but you don’t want to look too stuffy! If you work in a creative industry, you may get some chuckles if you show up in a button down shirt – but you still want to look put together.

This big and tall outfit is composed of a graphic tee and baseball hat, paired with a sportcoat. This outfit is the perfect mix of professionalism and still being cool.

Hot Tip: I would make sure to pair your dark sports coat with jeans that fit really well for a polished look. I also love how this model is styled with some rad Vans shoes. Converse chucks or other street fashion shoes woul also work!

Shop husky graphic tees here.

Husky Outfit Idea #4: Small Pattern Polo Shirt

Want to be comfy AND look stylish? Well then, my friend – I highly recommend you look into getting a big and tall men’s polo shirt with stretch in the fabric. On a men’s retailer website, you can look at the product details section and analyze what is listed for the fabric. It may take some Googling, but I look for fabric blended with different types – there’s often more stretch in blended, or “tech fabrics”, then there are in clothing that is 100% cotton.

Mix it up with patterns! Solid color polo shirts can be a little too “golf course,” so not all husky men are into them. Instead, consider snagging a few polo shirts with smaller patterns (this bigt and tall men’s polo shirt from DXL is sold out, but this one is pretty close!) into your wardrobe mix. I would pair a patterned plus size polo shirt with chinos or fitting khakis.

These are great shirts to travel with, as they’re resistant to wrinkles.

Shop big and tall men’s outfits here!

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #5: The PEACOAT!

Something that every gentleman needs in his wardrobe is the PEACOAT. A peacoat is an easy way to add in style for your daily work uniform.

For extra style, I recommend going for a peacoat in maroon and pair with a scarf for the cold months, and stay stylish in the cold.

Shop DXL for husky overcoats HERE.

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #6: Quarter Zip Pullover

Hoodies can be a little too casual for some offices, so the quarter-zip pullover is your new go-to jacket. Pair with a variety of pants, and dress up or down depending on what you put under it. For example, adding a collared dress shirt to be more uptown, or a crewneck for a more relaxed outfit.

Shop this navy quarter-pull sweater here.

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #7: Denim Jacket & Dress Slacks

I am such a fan of this big and tall outfit from DXL, as it mixes different textures. The stylist styled the plus size gray dress slacks with a dark denim jean jacket, graphic tee and white sneakers.

This is a great outfit for a guy who wants to be a bit more bold in his fashion choices, as well as get more wear out of a 3 piece suit!

I’m not sure exactly what’s pictured in this image, so here’s my best guess:

Shop this look here!

big and tall outfit idea - business slacks, jean jacket and graphic tee

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #8: Sweater with a Shawl Collar

A shawl collar makes me think of a lead character in a Hallmark movie, and this is a great GQ look for a husky guy!

Be sure that the sweater fits well (no pulling or wonky gaping). Pair it with dark denim, khakis, chinos, etc!

Shop this plus size men’s wardrobe staple here!

Husky work outfit ideas for men

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #9: Maroon pants, sweater and button down shirt

Ahhh, you can tell I really like sweaters and layering! A sweater doesn’t have to be a chunky knit to look cool and sophisticated — thin sweaters are also allowed!

This big and tall outfit idea comes from our pals at DXL! Below, I’ve linked outfit components:

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #10: Suede Sport Coat

HOW COOL does this guy look? This big and tall business casual outfit is IT! This is such a great fall look. You can show up to the office or an event with the jacket on, take pictures, and take off the jacket if you run a little hot! 😉

Snag this big and tall outfit here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #11: Dapper white trousers for spring

Okayyyy! I’ve updated this post in October of 2022, but we always want to be thinking ahead! DXL put together this rad AF outfit for spring — and I’m loving it! Pairing a baby blue sport coat with a patterned button down and white trousers? An iconic spring big and tall business casual outfit, for sure!

I’ve done my best to link similar items to the photo below!

Snag this big and tall outfit here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #12: Quilted Vest

This is a more rustic but still super styling business casual outfit! This is giving me fall corporate sales retreat vibes! Below, I’ve done my best to link each piece from this big and tall business casual outfit:

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #13: Hoodie & Longline Coat

A longline coat is a MUST HAVE fall and winter wardrobe staple. If peacoats and full winter coats make you sweat, a longline coat is a great option – these are much more thin, and, honestly, really exist for the style!

I love how the stylists at DXL put together this business casual outfit with a black longline coat, hoodie and trousers!

Snag this big and tall outfit here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #14: Classy Plaid Suit Jacket & Light Red Button Down with Dark Jeans

Get this classy big and tall business casual outfit here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #15: Button Down Shirt

I like that this big and tall button down shirt is two toned, with the rolled sleeves contrasting against the main fabric. Business casual outfits are all about showing attention to detail, and the details on this button down plus size men’s shirt are divine, in my opinion!

Check out this big and tall business casual outfit idea here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

Big & Tall Wardrobe Idea #16: Business Casual Sport Coat with Hoodie

I really love how pairing suiting or more buttoned up professional wear with athleisure can result in business casual outfits for big and tall guys!

Check out this business casual outfit here!

Big and tall fashion business  casual  outfit
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

Bonus: Statement Socks

If you want to show your individuality at work, statement socks with fun patterns can be a great way to do so! These can peek out under suiting or dark jeans, and they’re also a great conversation starter.

Shop here.

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