11+ Best Duolingo French Tips (Incredibly Helpful!!) – My BEST Tips for 2023!

Duolingo French Tips

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Today on my blog, I’m sharing my11 best Duolingo French tips! I’ve been doing French on Duolingo for a few years (there’s about 4-5 semesters of French on Duolingo), and I’ve learned a TON about how to use Duolingo to learn French.

I’ve also learned what not to do, lol!

This blog post is all about Duolingo French tips.

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Duolingo French Tips

I’m a huge Duolingo nerd (seriously, I tweet about it ALL of the time), and something I’ve learned using Duolingo to learn a language (overall) is that there are going to be ebbs and flows to your learning, or learning French on Duolingo is going to have high periods and low periods.

You’re going to have weeks and months where you’re SUPER motivated, and weeks where you’re not — and that’s ok! The goal is to just to KEEP GOING. Do not stop!

I’ll delve more into HOW To do that below, so let’s get going!

Duolingo French Tips

#1 Duolingo French Tips: Habit Stack

Ok, the top #1 tip I have for Duolingo French is to use “habit stacking” to learn a language. I first learned this term from the book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear (which is an EXCELLENT book).

In the book, Clear explains that one of the best ways to add a daily habit (like doing Duolingo) is to stack it or attach it to something you already do.

Then, the thing that you do everyday triggers the new habit.

So, for me (this is kind of embarrassing, but I’m being SUPER HONEST with my Duolingo French tips here!) is that I do a Duolingo lesson every morning on the toilet before I get into the shower.

This may be a TMI, but I’ve done some PRETTY lengthy Duolingo streaks with this method, so judge away, lol!

I also like to do this because I’m usually starting my day with my Dulingo lesson, which means I get an XP boost (my blog post on Duolingo XP hacks HERE), because I do my lesson before 12 noon.

#2 Duolingo French Tips: Do 1 Lesson a Day

Duolingo French Tips
The Pont Alexandre III is a deck arch bridge that spans the Seine in Paris. 

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucious

I know it sounds so small and miniscule, as you’re probably reading my post on Duolingo French tips when you’re AMPED UP and ready to learn French.

“I can’t wait to be FLUENT,” may be what you’re thinking.

And, while I’m here for that EXCITEMENT and this high period of learning French on Duolingo, I know that the low periods will come, because I’ve experienced it!

For this reason, I recommend that you have a rule to do one Duolingo lesson a day. It’s usually 3-4 minutes. This goal has saved me, because sometimes I really only can make myself do one lesson, and other times doing one lesson makes me do another and then another!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucious

#3 Duolingo French Tips: Duolingo French Podcast

Duolingo French Tips
That’s right, there are 12 SEASONS of the Duolingo French podcast!

I’m sharing this next Duolingo French tip, because I didn’t realize it was a thing! Duolingo has a podcast in both French and English (there’s also a Spanish version), where you hear fascinating stories from French people with a narrator chiming in for context.

It’s not a direct translation podcast (the narrator doesn’t translate exactly what the person said), but I’ve really enjoyed learning about French culture and improving my listening skills!

I aim to listen to 3 Duolingo French podcast episodes a week (they’re around 20 minutes), usually when I’m cleaning or doing housework (habit stacking FTW!).

#4 Duolingo French Tips: Start Planning Your Dream Trip to France

Duolingo French Tips
“There’s no inspiration like the deadline!”

This next tip may sound a bit like building castles in the sky, but hear me out.

One of the reasons people fail to learn a language, like French, on Duolingo is because there’s no deadline.

Learning a new language sounds fun and impressive, until the newness wears off.

Sometimes, you need a LOOMING deadline to get your butt in gear — and a great way to do that is to plan a trip to France (or other French-speaking country you want to visit).

Currently, I’m planning a trip to Paris and the South of France for 2025 with my best friend! That’s 2 years away! But doing that research and knowing that that trip is coming has made me a lot more motivated to learn French each and every day on Duolingo.

“There’s no inspiration like the deadline!”

#5 Duolingo French Tips: French Keyboard

Duolingo French Tips
In this screenshot of my phone, you can see by pressing and holding the key, various options pop up! Here, I’m snagging an accent grave for the word café

SO! When you’re learning French on Duolingo the app eventually prompts you to install the French keyboard on your phone, so you can more easily type in French.

Switching between multiple keyboards makes my brain hurt, so I use the method where you press and hold down on a letter to get a special character.

A good number of folks don’t know about this Duolingo hack, so I wanted to be sure to include it!

#6 Duolingo French Tips: Add Little Reminders Around Your Home

Duolingo French Tips
Wall art (like this travel poster!) can be a great visual reminder to practice your French on Duolingo!

My next Duolingo French Tip incorporates Tip #1 (habit stacking) and some fun HOME DECOR.

One of the best ways to learn tackle a goal is to set up different things around your home to help you. This can be actual French decor (I have a whole gift guide to French items here!), or it can be putting little charts or reminders or places you frequent.

Some ideas:

  • Do you make coffee every morning? Get an index card and write out the conjugations of a French verb for you to study while you wait.
  • Label items in your home! This can be a fun activity for you and your family if you’re all learning French on Duolingo. You can make little labels using a label maker (this one syncs to your phone!) with the French word for something, and then when you use that item (say a remote or a télécommande), you’ll note that word as you go about your day! Don’t go overboard on this one, I’d aim for 10-20 objects, max!

#7 Duolingo French Tips: Practice While Waiting

Duolingo French Tips
Ok, I couldn’t find a good photo of someone waiting in LINE for coffee while ALSO being on their phone, so this one will have to do! <3

My last Duolingo French tip? Practice while waiting in line, or when you’re on hold!

In our society, we spend a good amount of time waiting! From waiting for a plane, to waiting in line at Starbucks or the grocery store, or waiting on hold on the phone. This time can be an EXCELLENT place to learn French on Duolingo, because the lessons aren’t that long. During weeks where I travel or am running a lot of errands (like before a trip or Christmas gift shopping), I find I can do much more Duolingo French lessons, sort of sneaking them in!

#8 Duolingo French Tips: Join Friends on Duolingo

Duolingo French Tips
In this screenshot of my phone, you can see where friends have “Celebrated” me, and I’ve congratulated friends!

When I first began learning French on Duolingo, I did it in a pretty solitary (and lonely!) way. It wasn’t until started posting on my Instagram Story and Twitter about learning French on Duolingo that I learned you can add friends on Duolingo.

Your friends can cheer you on as you gain badges, move forward in the Duolingo leagues system and do other fun things!

I’ve found that knowing my online friends know how much Duolingo I’m doing to be pretty motivating!

Which brings me to my next Duolingo French Tip!

#9 Duolingo French Tips: What Motivates You?

Duolingo French Tips
Here’s a screenshot of me sharing my Duolingo streak to twitter! Over the years, I’ve learend that sharing my progress for public accountability (and celebration!) to be very helpful for me when learning French on Duolingo!

Part of figuring out how to accomplish a long term goal (like learn French) means that you need to understand what motivates you.

Duolingo has gamified the way we learn language (which is pretty cool), adding different features and challenges to appeal to different kinds of people.

And a great way to learn French on Duolingo is to figure out which of those Duolingo features and challenges appeal to you.

  • Leagues: Do you like to compete against other people with points? Then you may want to focus on leagues?
  • Bragging Rights: Do you want to be able to post to social media and share your Duolingo streak (the number of days in a row you’ve done Duolingo)? Then focusing on your streak record may be a good option.
  • Celebration: Do you want to encourage friends and bond with long distance besties (or close by besties) by tackling a language together? Then you may love to focus on the Duolingo newsfeed with your friends updates and focus on Friend Quests!

Real talk, I cycle between all of these approaches. Some weeks, I’m SUPER competitive and determined to beat other people in leagues (there may be trash talking, ahem). Other days, I’m focused on just getting to my next streak milestone (100 days on Duolingo), and, still, other days I love to celebrate my friends on Duolingo.

It’s cyclical, and I love that!

#10 Duolingo French Tips: Embrace Struggling

Duolingo French Tips
This stock photo is corny, but I love it!!

This next tip has been HARD for me when it comes to learning French on Duolingo. I love to get perfect scores on my lessons, and I usually RETREAT when I make more than 3-4 mistakes in a lesson, feeling like I’m not ready.

BUT, I’ve since learned that I learn quite a bit from making the same mistake, and those moments STICK OUT in my mind!

For the past month or so I’ve focused on repeating old lessons to get back into the groove of learning, and now I’m pushing forward.

Remember: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucious

#11 Duolingo French Tips: Learn to Play

Duolingo French Tips

One of the best ways to learn, I’ve found, is to turn it into play! I’ve been experimenting with this as I learn French (and Modern Standard Arabic!) on Duolingo, and some of the things I’m going to try include:

  • Using coloring books (for adults and kids!) to engage my brain in new ways
  • Trying out French music
  • Watching familiar (and unfamiliar!) TV shows in French

I had this realization that learning a new language doesn’t have to come through harsh discipline and bullying myself into practicing French on my Duolingo phone app — it can be FUN!

This blog post was all about Duolingo French Tips.

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