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2020 has been…. a year, let’s just say. In the midst of everything that has been going on, I have really enjoyed reading romance novels on my Kindle Unlimited.

And, if you’re like me, you’re not into searching forever to find a fun plus size romance to sit down with, so I’ve created this post for my fellow readers who are googling things like:

  • Plus Size Romance Authors
  • 2020 Plus Size Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited
  • Romance Books with Plus Size or Curvy Heroine

I got you!

Kindle Unlimited – Perfect for the Plus Size Romance Fan

It’s like Netflix for books, and authors get paid by pages read – not book sales, incentivizing them to write fun books. (Put another way, we don’t have to worry about authors NOT making money on this platform – they do!)

I’ve always loved reading, and I can read a LOT of books in a week – especially if I don’t have other things I can go and do! I like reading through Kindle Unlimited, because I pay a flat $9.99 a month, and I get access to millions of books – mostly self=published.

And, you don’t need a kindle device – if you have a smartphone, then you can download the Kindle app!

Check out Kindle Unlimited HERE!

Download a book and read it on your phone!

Romance Books with Plus Size Heroines

I was a little skeptical of the quality of self-published romance novels, but I’ve actually found that self-published authors are often more, well, with it when it comes to depth of characters, gender and sexuality, pronouns, etc.

Below, I’ve shared some plus size romance novels I’ve enjoyed, as well as recommendations from other romance novel fans.

Note on Feminism & Desires

Note: Not all the books listed in this blog post are, shall we say, paragons of feminism or modern politics. And that’s okay! I think that romance novels give us the ability to explore our desires and politics in a space with little to no judgement.

Plus size romance novels on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon

Contemporary Romance Books with a Plus Size Heroine

Below, I’ve shared a list of plus size romance novels that are more contemporary or “everyday” romances.

#1 Plus Size Romance: Thunder Thighs: BBW Romance (Capricorn Cove Book 1)

At 58 pages, this is more of a novella than novel – but that’s perfect for some readers who just want to check out from the world for a bit! Main characters are Ella and Gunnar, who after a chance encounter, have a steamyyyyy romance.

Check it out HERE!

Short plus size romance novel set in seaside town

Also, fun factoid! This book is part of a series:

#2 Plus Size Romance: Curves For The Prince: High Heat BBW Royalty Romance (Curvy Girl For The Alpha Book 1)

I guess we could put “plus size romance with a prince” in its own category, and I will if I find enough to fill the list, lol! This is another short read, at 75 pages.

This book uses the classic royalty trope (and we loveeeee tropes in romance!) telling the love story of Sophia and Nicholas. Sophia ended up in Nicholas’ country thanks to a humiliating experience back home, so if you’re into vulnerable plus size heroines – this is the book for you!

Snag it here.

Plus size may/december romance novel with royalty

And, wouldn’t you know it, plus size romance author, Lexie Dean, has turned this into a series!

#3: Plus Size Romance: Rebound (Curvy Seduction Saga Book 1)

It’s time for the bodyguard tropeeeee! This fun plus size romance stars Angelina as the plus size heroine, and her bodyguard, Gray.

Uh huh, we DEF know where this one is going!

Sngat this 174 page romance novel HERE!

plus size romance novel with bodyguard

And, because the romance gods continue to shine down upon us, Aidy Ward has a plus size romance series:

#4: Plus Size Romance Novel: Marshmallow

This was a fun read, as it tells the story of a plus size blogger/influencer named Marsha, who took a cruel childhood nickname to build a brand around. We love to see it!

This is a quick read, at 72 pages.

Check it out here!

Plus size model influencer romance novel

Alien & Science Fiction Romance – Plus Size Heroines

Okayyyyy, now it’s time to enter the world of space travel, fated mates and all sorts of fun! Alien & Science Fiction romance is one of my fave genres to read, combining my love of space travel with steamy scenes. Ahem.

#5 Plus Size Romance Novel: His Human Nanny (Monsters Love Curvy Girls Book 1) 

This book is a quick read at 75 pages, and it’s super fun! Michelle Mills has built a wholeee sci-fi universe with different aliens and planets (and romance genres), building up a huge backlist

This plus size romance novel tells the story of Riley, who entered into what she THOUGHT was an employment contract – more like indentured servitude.

Long story short, she ends up taking a contract to be a nanny for a guy who looks like a devil (horns, red, etc), combining a load of romance tropes!

Check it out here!

And, because Michelle Mills understands the need to spend the weekend reading plus size romance novels, she has a series about plus size and curvy heroines falling in love with aliens:

#6 Plus Size Romance Novel: Claimed by an Alien Warrior: Plus Size Alien Romance 

Most science fiction//alien romance novels take place in outer space or on an alien planet, but Tiffany Roberts, author of this plus size romance novel, decided to keep things on earth.

This plus size romance novel tells the story of Zoey, who just broke up with her mega-jerk boyfriend, and Rendash, an alien who crash landed on earth and escaped a scientific laboratory.

Not that things weren’t interesting enough, Rendash has 4 arms!

Read the book here.

Plus size alien romance

#7 Plus Size Romance Novel: Rescued by the Dragorian: A SciFi Plus Size Alien Abduction Romance

A common theme (trope?) in sci-fi and alien romance novels is abduction. Either the alien-lover-dude abducting his ~Fated Mate~ or saving her after she’s been abducted from the bad guys.

i’m more of a fan of the latter, TBH, and this book falls into it. Combining dragons, outer space, magic and technology, this is a fun read. I also appreciate how there is a larger story arc (human rights, anyone?) connecting the books in this series.

Read more, here!

Plus size alien and science fiction romance with dragons

#8 Plus Size Romance Novel: Fat Friends and Aliens

I haven’t read this book (first in a plus size alien romance series), but I have a feeling I’m going to love it!

From the description: “Molly didn’t count on being abducted by hot aliens with a broken ship. And they’re on the run! Because their ship is broken and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then she meets Kran. 

He’s hot, and he wears a kilt. Which is confusing because although he looks human, he’s a little bit purple. Are the Scottish race descended from aliens? Or is he a purple human?

The whole crew is purple, kilt wearing, and hot.

Read more, here!

Plus size alien romance abduction

Boss Romance Novels – Plus Size Heroines

Onwards to our next romance category, curvy romance in the office!

#9 Plus Size Romance Novel: Fat Friends and Aliens

This plus size romance novel is alllll about Makenzie Mayfair, a plus size woman who decides to leave her husband, get a job and get her life back!

She’s a confident and fun heroine (no self-deprecation to be found), and I really enjoyed this book!

Check it out here!

Plus Size OFfice Romance - Making Changes Office Romance

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