Stop Using the Dryer for Your Dang Clothes | Clothing Care Series

How to make your clothes last longer

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I think it’s safe to say we’re all spending more time inside right now, and figuring out blog posts to write has been kind of hard for me. i’m not traveling or trying a lot of new things…

So, i turned to Instagram to ask, “What kind of blog posts do you want to see right now?”

i got a lot of great responses, and I started to see a trend:

  • “How do I buy clothes online? What should I look for?”
  • “Where can I find workout leggings that keep stretch?”
  • “Where can I find clothes that will hold up in the wash?”

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Clothing Care Series

Reading through responses, it occurred to me that people may not know HOW TO TAKE CARE OF CLOTHES.

So, here’s a series! I’ll be talking about how to read clothing labels, care for clothes, and shop for clothes. Think of this as the “Adulting Class on Clothing.”

First up? The importance of hanging your clothes to dry.

Machine Dryer: What Heat Does to Your Clothes

I do my laundry every Saturday, and part of that chore means that I get out. 2 laundry racks to hang up my clothes. Sometimes 3.

Clothing Care Series
Check out this laundry rack here.
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Here’s a breakdown of why I hang up my clothes to dry:

Heat Ruins Fabric Stretch :((((

The #1 reason to STOP machine drying your clothing is because of what heat does to the stretch in your clothing.

In 2020, almost every garment you buy will have some sort of stretch material (spandex, etc) woven into the fabric. This makes clothing more comfortable and easier to wear.

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Clothing Care Series

Heat Destroys Molecular Bonds

Not to get too nerdy on you, but when you dry your clothes the molecular bonds – that. make your clothing able to stretch and compress – get broken down.

This means that your clothing doesn’t fit as well, and this is what causes your workout leggings, undergarments, etc, to lose their shape.

Heat Wears on Fabric

Heat also causes additional wear on the fabric, making rips and tears happen more quickly. It also can “suck” the color out of your clothing, making once bright and bold pieces look washed out. Ew.

How to Hang Up Your Clothes on a Drying Rack

Okay, so I’ve convinced you to start using a hanging rack to dry your clothes. How, exactly, does one hang up clothes?

Clothing Care Series
Check out this laundry rack here.

Step 1: Pants & Biggest Pieces First

Pants are going to take up the most amount of room, so I like to drape them in the middle of my drying racks. When I take them out of the washer I “flick” them out (like you’d flick a sheet out before putting it on your bed), so that there are fewer wrinkles.

You want all clothing to hang like it would in your closet, so make sure to shake out any crumpled areas.

Clothing Care Series

Step 2: Tops & Tees

Next up is tops and t-shirts. I like to hang these on the rest of the space, and sometimes I will use hangers to hang them above my laundry machines. If the top (blouse, blazer, etc) is going to need to be hung up anyways, I just put it on a hanger – it cuts down on the work!

Clothing Care Series

Step 3: Undergarments Go on the Side

Okay, so HERE’S THE REAL HOT TIP. I put undergarments on the *side* of the drying rack, where there’s little diamond like openings.

If I need more room (I always do), I’ll intersperse undergarments throughout the drying rack where I have spots.

Clothing Care Series
Drape undergarments in the areas on the side.

What *DO* I Dry?

I dry towels, socks, sheets my comforter, etc. I definitely have days where I can’t wait for something to hang dry, so I through it my dryer! It happens!

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